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If you want to be productive and want to use every single minute of your day, then  are the best way to do it. Effective time tracking and management software leads to greater performance in many areas. Every organisation has its own set of needs, and HR must know it and choose the best HRMS software for the efficient working of its organisation. 

HR has a lot to do; hence they can’t keep an eye on every employee’s activity. Therefore, time tracking tools help create the exact picture of what is happening in the organisation.

uKnowva HRMS provides the best tool for timesheet management to keep track of every task and the hours invested in it by an individual employee. 

HRs and managers can improve their management skills by using this data. They can draw inferences from intelligent insights like:

  • Which project or task is taking the most time?
  • Which employee is completing projects on time or before the deadline?
  • Which employee is not performing tasks on time?
  • How many projects are in the pipeline to complete?

With this knowledge, it’s easier for HRs and reporting managers to create a legacy of high-performance teams. To know more, continue to read the post. We have more to share as you scroll through it.

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7 Ways For Time-Tracking Tools Boost Your Productivity:

With the best HRMS software in India, you get an overview of where your team stands and in which area you have to work more. It gives you insights into employees’ activities that directly affect productivity. It spreads a sense of togetherness as everyone is working together and supporting each other to finish their work on time. Let’s dive in and see what all it holds for you.

  1. Boosts knowledge management

The time-tracking software provides deep insights into the employee’s performance as an individual and as a team member. These insights help in knowing the areas where the employee is doing great and where they require help. According to the insights, various seminars and career development programs get planned to make employees excel in the field they lack. The tools can manage invoicing, scheduling, expenses, and time off that infuse decision-makers to operate at maximum capacity.

  1. Stay focused

Time tracking helps you to concentrate on your work by setting regular reminders to update your to-do list. In this way, you remain focused, and it saves you from piling your work for tomorrow. 

The gentle reminder helps you to retain yourself from wasting your time on social media sites, as once you start surfing, you can't stop yourself. It allows employees to choose their break time to enjoy their break without any stress. It helps them to come up with more energy and dedication towards work.

  1. Experience a sense of satisfaction

The project list shows all the completed and pending tasks and projects. Thus, you can feel amazed by your victory by completing projects on time. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and motivation to complete the rest of the project within the set deadline, resulting in improved productivity.

  1. Protection Against Burnout

A higher turnover rate is the cause of burnout, where an employee feels overloaded with work. Overworking can lead to anxiety, sleep disorder, depression, and stress. To fight these problems, HRMS provides a sticky note like a to-do list. You can write down your specific tasks there, and all you have to do is to stick to them. It motivates employees to work more effectively without going through any unnecessary mental stress.

  1. Eliminate Potential Setbacks from the Project

Some employees can complete their work at a faster rate, while others may take longer. It can be due to peculiarities in tasks and also due to unique personalities. 

All this gets recorded in time tracking software so that HRs can understand each employee’s time and workflow. 

By knowing all this, you can now allocate tasks accordingly. It helps in improving performance and helps to set reasonable deadlines.

  1. Overcome scheduling conflicts

When the size of the organisation increases, schedules can become challenging to handle. Increasing workload and multiple projects can cause clashes between employees. 

Workplace productivity is a combination of schedule coordination and workload management. 

Using a smart HRMS for time tracking tools efficiently aligns every project and employee, saving a lot of time. It has visual calendars that show the status of work done, due dates of projects, holidays, etc.

  1. Reduces costs

Lastly, time tracking tools help in reducing costs by providing detailed insights about the data and resource allocation in the organisation. It is a personalised software to solve the needs of the end user with a better understanding of the utilisation of resources. It eliminates the extra cost by cutting unnecessary tasks by replacing them with smarter resource allocation decisions.


Having the right time tracking tools with the appropriate features can enhance your work culture. With uKnowva HRMS, you can easily track where your employee has spent the day. The most loved part is its easy implementation. By implementing our HRM software, you can get more done and stay focused on your goals. It not only boosts your productivity but also increases your employee satisfaction.

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What is a time tracking tool?

A time-tracking tool is a software application used to monitor and record the time spent on various tasks and activities. It allows individuals and teams to efficiently track their work hours, analyse productivity, and manage time effectively for better project management and resource allocation.

What type of businesses get benefitted from time-tracking tools?

Time-tracking tools benefit different types of businesses by enhancing productivity, streamlining project management, and improving employee accountability. Industries such as consulting, software development, freelancing, and professional services can optimise their operations, monitor billable hours, and make informed decisions based on accurate time data.

What are the features of the time tracking tool?

Time tracking tools typically offer features such as automated time logging, task management, timesheet generation, and reporting. They enable users to track billable hours, monitor project progress, set reminders, analyse productivity trends, and generate insightful reports for efficient time management in professional settings.

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