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Your employees need the experience to remember from the workplace to take back home. With people analytics, such practice to deliver exceptional experiences is becoming more favourable. 

The tool gives unlimited features to use and measure the level of current employee experience. Each company can set their own distinct standards in this HR tech software. 

They judge how their employees perform over a period while analysing these reports. These standards for measuring apt employee experience need revisions. Not every tool can provide you with that flexibility. 

With uKnowva HRMS and performance management system, that balance and advantage are possible to leverage. HR leaders must read this post and understand measures they can follow to implement in their respective organisations. 

Such measures will help identify the role and contribution of your employees and justify their compensations. 

6 Measures To Define Employee Experience with People Analytics Tool:


  • Brand awareness


Your business campaigns have to be attentive and addressing to a purpose. Every activity on social media gives you insights reflected in the software. It shows how efficient each activity is in the long run for increasing your brand awareness. 

Queries like employee engagement, including whether teams and individuals are on point or not, can be met. Then, you can check if your potential employees or candidates are filling job vacancies on time. 

Other HR trends for employee experience through the tool include the referral program. From these programs, you get an idea of your brand awareness propelled ahead because of your employees. 

A people analytics tool is useful in controlling and configuring your brand awareness. This could be for internal and external branding. The more the score, the more is the impact of your employees paying attention to the company culture. 

If results are positive, your employees are continuously involved with their job and roles to expand business reach. 


  • Smooth recruitment


Another aspect of HR analytics includes promising and delivering a smoothened recruitment process. The cycle of talent acquisition, from talent hunt to talent onboarding, must be transparent, confusion- and chaos-free. 

Candidates must find your job openings where these matter the most. The job openings must be relevant, functional, and have clear CTA buttons for them to apply. A people analytics tool ensures that your HR leaders use efficient and cost-effective hiring sources and channels. 

It warns and hints to you about the changes in the workforce efficiency over time. These insights help decide whether you must utilise the hiring portal next time. Otherwise, you can switch to another portal to promise a better candidate and employee experience. 

Each new and potential employee must know what they’re applying for. With the uKnowva recruitment engine, it’s undoubtedly possible. They get automated reminders of completing their job applications, regular updates on job openings, and more. 

HR leaders follow such HR tech trends to know the quality of their workforce, especially the new ones. 


  • Automated screening


Collecting applicant status information isn’t the only work for the system. It automated CV parsing and screening to reduce required HR leaders’ work hours. Instead, it sorts the needs of different employees.

The people analytics decisions and recommendations are based on the data entered into the system. Admins can change, configure, or tweak the triggered responses after the management’s consent, though. 

Anyways, the overall time is saved in multiple chunks for HR leaders to screen and staff the right talent for the company. 


  • Effective and transparent onboarding


The uKnowva recruitment engine and its analytical live dashboard smoothly take care of preboarding and onboarding. It assists HRs in sending out bulk offer letters, introduction and follow-up emails to potential employees. 

Within minutes, effective bulk-hiring is possible using the data and analytics embedded in the system. This feature is promising and quite sorted. Employees get timely updates. They know if they are getting hired or not. 

You candidates can use the ESS portal to be self-reliant as they are boarded to the firm. HR dependency is lesser with each passing working day for them. Instead, the system itself is too directive, informative and mentoring.

They can download company policies, check their salary slips and pay grade information, along with leaves and attendance themselves. The panel is clear and shows the correct information in each category. 

Such categorical names can be tweaked. It depends on the company’s vision for delivering better EX or employee experience. 

Each team member on the people analytics tool also gets notified about the new employee on the system. Teams can time and introduce themselves to the employee without switching tabs or windows to save time and bond better. 


  • Continuous employee development 


After introducing employees to the organisation, the next crucial step is to develop the right. HR leaders and RMs must be proactive and visionary in nurturing their hired talent. 

With developing HR technology, strategies to level up team and individual performances are becoming more feasible. HR executives can share learning and development content on the platform. 

Employees will not miss out on this information. Instead, they get timely notifications about new courses, learning material, certification exams and modules uploaded on the server. 

This leaves a thought-provoking impression on the employee wanting to increase their worth and value to the firm. Now, they have equal and balancing opportunities to outgrow their own records. 

That is more impactful when HR leaders show them the importance of completing each course on time. It boosts engagement, trust, and reliability factors amongst teams and employees. 


  • Reliable retention strategies


A people analytics software retains your employees more with an experience that doesn’t demand their special attention. In short, the experience is fault-free and doesn’t lag. 

Employees quickly get used to the modern uKnowva HRMS. Actions and responses are easy to follow. 

It also offers an employee collaboration platform. Using it, teams connect at a deeper and more transparent level. 

They share their queries, suggestions, worries, and new ideas promptly. Truly, the workforce works in tandem using the feature of streams without losing the essence of relationship build and management.

The more employees connect and complete projects using this messenger tool, the more is their retention. With its increased rate, employees continuously receive better and more enriching experiences needed for higher business growth.


Six measures explained above show you the real picture of people analytics software helping you redefine employee experience. Using the uKnowva HRMS is the core platform you can use today for measuring the right employee experience. 

Contact us today and book your uKnowva instance.


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