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The productivity and engagement of your workplace will increase when your employees are happy and have consistent job satisfaction with their roles. 

However, according to an online survey, only 45% of the employees are either satisfied or extremely satisfied with their jobs. If this number surprises you, spontaneous decisions aren’t going to help you. You need a proper and strategic approach to improve the job satisfaction rate at your workplaces.

HRs and companies, along with uKnowva HRMS software, are increasingly working on creating a collaborative work culture. So when teams interact more to complete a task, they support each other and win bigger challenges effortlessly. That’s the path to greatness and operational efficiency. After achieving that, it is easier for employees to enjoy job satisfaction consistently. However, let’s explore the blog to know more about it.

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4 Ways to Measure Job Satisfaction

  1. Employee satisfaction surveys

These surveys can give you a deep insight into how your workforce feels about your different approaches. Taking surveys, polls, feedback, and a questionnaire about common topics like job satisfaction, benefits, performance, company culture, engagement, career development, and many more gives a straightforward answer to all your doubts. Remember to make your surveys focused, short, and easy to understand so that employees can fill them up without investing much time.

  1. Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI)

It helps to answer the questions on a scale of 1 to 10; HR automation tools help to conduct ESI surveys. You can track the mean scores that provide an ESI score between 1 to 100 over time.

  1. One-on-one meetings

Employee surveys are the best way to get honest feedback as the name of the employee doesn’t get reflected, and thus, they answer the question honestly. One-to-one conversations are also the best way to gather feedback from employees, and they also make the connection between employees and employers better. 


It is easy to roll out surveys on uKnowva HRMS software. The HR professional can store the survey template in the portal. Also, they can easily schedule meetings with their employees using meeting rooms and calendars on uKnowva HRMS itself. 

  1. Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

It is the way that helps to survey the employees’ job satisfaction level on a scale of 1 to 10 and how likely they recommend your organisation as the best workplace to work in. 

4 Ways to Improve Job Satisfaction

  1. Stop micro-management

Handling the team and constantly monitoring trivial or hygiene tasks are two different things. Try to achieve a balance between supporting the teams and micromanaging them at the same time. Framing how one should do their tasks can make employees irritated and uncomfortable. It also spreads negative workplace culture in the organisation. It also results in disengagement, low morale, lack of innovation, and, ultimately, high staff turnover. 

Instead, uKnowva’s complete HRMS software in India helps to set up workflows as a collaborative approach. There, teams can set up their tasks and make sure to find ways to automate the boring and tedious tasks. They save time, and there is no need for unnecessary micromanagement. 

  1. Employee appreciation and reward

Employees want to feel and know if they have a purpose in the company and that their efforts are making a count in the business success. They want rewards and appreciation in return for their hard work and labour that help the company to reach its objectives. To give motivation and spread happiness among employees’ appreciation is extremely important. It not only helps in bringing engagement but also makes human resource management stronger.

Flashing the name of the star performers on the dashboard of the HRMS software gives motivation and encouragement to employees to do their best in their work. It makes employees feel valued and respected, which motivates them to strive for their full potential.

  1. Drive transparent corporate communication 

When a change occurs in the company, employees might panic and get confused. The situation may affect the culture of the workplace immensely. It may result in disengagement and the spread of false news that may result in conflict among employees and managers. 

To eliminate this scenario, you must adopt a transparent approach and keep your employees in the loop about any of the changes you are planning in the company.

It will help you to get the support of your employees, and you will also get great ideas to implement the change more effectively. Using our social intranet as a unified platform where everyone can connect to every other workforce is the best way to make your communication clear and transparent. 

This platform helps employees and HR professionals to make announcements, give feedback, participate in polls/surveys, and other activities for daily engagement. It encourages a collaborative culture and strengthens the bond between employees and managers.

  1. Resource automation

With the start of 2023, many manual operations are becoming automated. Most firms are transforming themselves into completely digitalised firms. It motivates employees to take on new roles and learn new skills as time is advancing at a greater pace. 

By investing in digital technology, like online HRMS tools and programs, employers are making a long-term investment that will help in upskilling and training their staff. It enhances overall job satisfaction and productivity by developing skills and learning new values.


As the working style is changing, keeping a pulse on employee job satisfaction is essential. By applying the above-listed ways with uKnowva HRMS software, you’ll create a ripple effect of employee engagement, motivation, productivity, and overall satisfaction.

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How is employee satisfaction measured?

To date, employee surveys are considered the best way to measure employee job satisfaction in several ways to gather feedback. Two common survey methods include a regular happiness metre, which measures the employee mood and another net promoter score (NPS) survey that asks about how frequently they recommend your company as a workplace.

How uKnowva helps in bringing job satisfaction to an organisation?

uKnowva makes working streamlined and automated, which helps employees in various ways. The features make the life of employees simpler, resulting in less stress and maintaining a work-life balance. It consequently brings job satisfaction to an organisation as employees are happy, satisfied, motivated, and work in a healthy culture.

Which factors cause employee satisfaction?

Factors that affect an employee’s work life include a sense of belonging, freedom to make decisions, satisfaction, workplace culture, the relationship between HRs and employees, etc.


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