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Business organisations go through a rapid digital transformation time and again. One such challenge they face is to adapt to the HRMS system. There are plenty out there in the market. Each software and system promise to solve all workflow automation problems. But only a few end up doing it for the companies. 

However, strategic partners like HR professionals cannot let it slide. They have to do something about just choosing the right HRMS software but also thinking about how to improve its usability. Otherwise, it is of no use to keep on subscribing to multiple HRMS tools loaded with modern and future proof tools.

To overcome this challenge in the second half of HR’s journey to streamline their employees experience, we bring you this blog post. Read it ahead to know how exactly you can improve the functionality of your existing HRMS. 

So, this blog is for everyone who is already familiar with HRMS and its benefits. We are here, bringing you ways and strategies to implement for better impact out of these smart HRMS. 

HRMS System Improvement Tips

7 HRMS System Improvement Tips:

1. Know the features you actually need

The biggest challenge for all HR professionals is bridging the gap between features-benefits-value. Most human resource managers don’t know the real value of the features they have in the HRMS. 

There needs to be more clarity as to what benefit and value each feature brings to the company. If the value is not measurable, it is a clear sign that the feature is not usable or scalable. 

However, if the feature, like uKnowva’s core HR, gives you multiple reasons to choose it time and again, you make the right choice. 

2. Start using and leveraging analytics in your HRMS

HR analytics is a critical and core feature of HRMS. uKnowva also provides real time data at the backend for all strategic partners of the company. Without the use of analytics, you will be limited to a number of features. 

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You have to think above and beyond the features to generate a major and fueling impact for the business growth. That will only be possible when you beat the tool in thinking ahead of time. However, the tool helps you to know the real time status of your employee and their productivity. 

Reading that data helps to make strict, disciplined, and control measures to refine the culture. That’s one to make the HRMS system more useful to your teams.

3. Check if you are setting up workflows for process optimisation

Your HRMS system becomes futile over time if it is not automating your mundane tasks. You need to be able to get rid of that problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, the hunt for the perfect HRMS will never stop. Once you find one tool not scalable enough, you will hop onto another. Naturally, there will be more issues because of data storage, migration, and processing. 

To avoid such a long process that leads to a wastage of resources like time and human capital, you can find a unified platform. uKnowva is that resource for you. At uKnowva, we provide you with one tool for all automation needs. 

Similarly, if you need to set up workflows in your current HRMS, uKnowva helps you do that. You can integrate uKnowva’s core features into your current system. That way, you don’t need to skip or hop onto another tool. But you get the benefits of both tools at once. 

Plus, as soon as you set up workflows, the process will be transparent to your teams. Then, they can decide which step is redundant, and they can work on automating the same.

4. Make sure your tool gives you complete employee data security

Data breaches are yet another major concern because of which HRMS tools are not able to scale up. But that’s not the case with uKnowva. Our HRMS is already GDPR compliant. And we are tested for VAPT to handle all vulnerabilities listed under the OWASP project. That’s what makes us one of the unique, all-in-one human resource management systems for all organisations in India. 

So you can improve your HRMS system when you do uKnowva. But it is stated with facts and verified security checks. Also, we offer four levels of data security for all the instances hosted on the cloud. This proves that your HRMS gets extra security for all employee data on uKnowva. 

Employees need at least this level of assurance when they use a tool. At times, they are apprehensive about using modern and AI-backed tools. They think of multiple drawbacks, and security breach or privacy issues is one of those concerns. However, that’s what you can overcome as and when you do uKnowva. 

5. Integrate your HRMS with the necessary plugins

One way to improve your HRMS system is to add the plugins it is missing to offer you better levels of business productivity. When you do uKnowva, you get a lot of options if we talk about plugins. So you don’t have to switch tabs or software. The plugins will highlight in the same network: either in the panel or in the functionality of the feature to improve and scale business productivity.

Such ease of use is hard to experience in other HRMs systems. 

6. Train your staff to use the tool to its maximum capability 

Ultimately, your team is responsible for making the best use of the available HRMS. If they don’t know how to utilise it for generating or producing the expected business outcome, the resource will be futile. 

So it is your responsibility to train your staff. Make them more tech savvy and hungry for exploring new features of HRMS like uKnowva. When teams learn to explore, they become more curious. And that curiosity fuels more productivity and growth for them to maximise the potential of that resource. 

That way, you will know the exact limit and strength of your current HRMS. But when you do uKnowva, there is no limit to growth and scalability. Our tool grows with your team and company. You can reach out to our customer support team to configure and customise the instance of the HRMS for extended support. 

However, it’s always best to train your employees to use the existing tool to its maximum capability. For example, teach them how to set up workflows and use core HR features on uKnowva. Then, they will have the right knowledge to automate their daily tasks. It will save their time as core team members of the human resource management department. 

7. Make sure the tool has the functionality to catch up on trends

To improve the existing human resource system, you need to make sure it scales and catches up on trends as you demand. As it is, there are new trends for HR space and people every 3-6 months. The period is becoming even shorter with the emergence of artificial intelligence in HR. 

So it’s high time that HR professionals start loving the concept of change management. If they do, they would want to bring necessary changes to the systems and tools they use. Otherwise, because of the fear of change, there will be continued resistance from employees to use the tool. 

To better manage human resources and its employees, you, as the strategic partner, have to make sure that the tool grows. For that, you need a tool that does not limit you with its features and customisations. 

For example, uKnowva is the ideal solution here. We offer customisations and best practices on demand to our clients. The configurations are already available to the client to tweak the network as per their branding and HRM processes. 

The Bottom Line

The above listed 7 points are not enough to improve your existing HRM system. But it gets you started to question the current HRM process. Is your HRMS working fine? Does it need more improvement? How is it effective for your team? And is your team satisfied with it? It’s better to ask these questions from time to time and learn if your team is engaging properly on the tool. The best tool, like uKnowva, will give you live reports and a dashboard to check up on employee engagement rates. It shows if the current network is effective, interactive, and interesting enough for your team. If not, you can always put up a survey mentioning the questions put up above. This way, you also prepare yourself and the company for change management whenever necessary – making the most of the HRM system consistently. 

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FAQs on HRMS System

Can the HR management system be improved?

Yes, you can improve your HRMS tool if you know how to customise and configure it right. Besides that, your team must acknowledge why they use such a tool and how to use it for the best business and process outcome. 

How do I measure the scope of the HRM tool to make it more effective?

The scope of HRM is easy to measure and evaluate when you are using smart software like uKnowva. It gives you multiple metrics like the effectiveness of the hiring portal or job portal, employee engagement rates, employee experience rates, predicting attrition or retention rates, etc. Moreover, the scope of HRM is limitless if it is easily customisable and configurable. As long as the HRM system is flexible and moulds as per the company’s brand and policies, the scope of such tools continues to grow. 


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