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A rapidly changing workforce means modern HRMS needs an upgrade to solve complex daily problems. With time, companies recognise that their traditional HRMS wouldn’t work to solve the issues in the VUCA world. 

The best HRMS in India, uKnowva, has to be smart, agile, flexible, and converging. To know if uKnowva’s HRMS is the best management tool for your firm, read ten issues it helps solve for HRs daily. 

Read the post carefully and proceed to decide on a purposeful and immersive demo.

Modern HRMS uKnowva Solves Your Every HR Team Issues

10 Ways Modern HRMS uKnowva Solves Your Every HR Team Issues:

Change management

A modern HRMS initiates the process of change management in a firm. It has enough capabilities for HR managers to welcome purposeful changes. It also ensures that the workforce is aware of these changes to grow habitual. 

Changemakers and value creators have the best use of the uKnowva HRMS. They make the software more flexible and customised for their teams, rendering them with an improved UI and UX. 

Admins can track changes and evaluate the impact at any point for an improved process of change management throughout.

Leadership development

Leadership develops fastest in the modern HRMS software.

It offers features like projects, timesheets, attendance, and KPIs management. Employees can turn into a complete ESS portal to serve themselves well without micromanagement. 

Additionally, they can improve their efficiency rates by self-evaluating themselves. This will improve their leadership mindset over the years or months. 

When employees see that management appreciates their efforts and value-adding contributions, they get the boost to lead. 

Measure HR effectiveness

HRMS software lets HR managers measure their progress while on the move.

They can read the real-time reports to discern the real effectiveness of their processes. From such reports, they also know that their workforce is effective and proficient. 

With time, they use the modern HRMS to diagnose and predict their HR process maturity levels. These measurements are necessary to develop a favourable culture in the firm. 

Despite that, HR effectiveness ensures that they hire the best workers and develop rightly for rapid business growth. 

Organisational effectiveness

uKnowva HRMS lets managers know how effective and profitable their organisation is in hiring to the retiring workforce without hiccups.

These reports are important for reporting managers and HR executives to finetune their existing company culture. 

These measurements also encourage HR leaders to nurture their workers right, despite their current or next work location.

When they pay equal attention to their team members, the organisational effectiveness starts to reset and reimagine. 

This shift in the firm’s effectiveness from one point to another is necessary. Regular revisions must be made as new trends emerge with changing employee expectations and preferences.

Rightly evaluate the compensation

HRs must compensate their workers without delays or errors. A single error creates a negative effect and impression, which is hard to remove or undo. With a modern HRMS, such human errors are removed.

HR leaders can now compensate workers on time and disburse payments directly to their bank accounts in bulk. There is no mismanagement or misclassification. 

The system automatically adjusts the compensation categories for each employee based on their registered profile. HR leaders only vet the reports and invoices once. There isn’t much manual input needed from their end anymore. 

Recruit right and the best

A modern HRMS software, uKnowva, helps HR managers and executives staff and recruit right from the first to the last.

It has provisions to automate lengthy but important processes like parsing and shortlisting of job-fit CVs of the potential candidates. 

The recruitment engine in the HRMS reads behavioural cues if the admin allows during the video interviews. This helps managers know if the candidate has the potential to work at their organisations or not. 

The system also reads previous recruitment data and continues to improve recommendations given to the hiring managers. 

It acts like a virtual assistant to these managers to ease their daily tasks. These include scheduling interviewing, following up with candidates, and rolling out offer letters in bulk. 

Succession planning

HR managers need to map out the successful journey of their best hires in the firm. The planning helps retain outperforming employees without many failures.

Employees also know if they perform well and according to the plan, their scope for a powerful position is achievable. 

Succession planning is mandatory and is tough without the use of HRMS management tools nowadays. The best HRMS in the firm will provide the right features to evaluate each employee’s performance. 

It creates a roadmap for each employee to achieve by predicting their performance based on the current and historical data. 

Following this path, HR managers improve goal settings for their team members. They encourage their teams better by showing them the same path for increased and fine tuned scope in the firm. 

Learning and development

Employees need to upskill and upgrade to be employable long-term continuously. This is a mandatory process for modern firms in the VUCA world. Every 3-6 months, new trends or technical skills become more prominent. 

Today it is automation, process handling, and management like a true multitasker in multiple modernised firms. Tomorrow it could be anything else.

We literally never know without the use of the modern HRMS, which predicts the right steps to develop the workforce. 

This platform also enables coherent learning and talent development opportunities. HR leaders launch webinars, paid/discounted courses, modules, and training sessions. 

Employees attend it for life-changing and -learning lessons. They become more important to the firm with value-added courses and skills that might be hard or soft. 

Epic retention strategies

The modern HRMS uKnowva helps in retaining outperforming employees in your firm. Developers continuously improve its UI and UX.

Admins are happy to update and overview their company policies, floated to everyone actively registered workers in minutes. 

Employees collaborate and connect at a deeper level using the employee engagement tool embedded in the system.

It makes every day at work more purposeful for them. They get features like suggestion boxes, polls, surveys, dedicated help desks, and grievance systems. 

Using these functionalities in the ESS portals makes an employee stay longer in the firm without the overburdening nature of their managers.

Tracking of employee well-being

One of the most important challenges a modern HRMS solves for HR leaders is to help track employees’ happiness. These reports on employees’ happiness or job satisfaction are necessary. It shows employees’ rate of punctuality and discipline with the system. 

HR leaders get the right data on whether their employees connect to their assigned job roles. If not, they can finetune their KPIs as much as possible without further possible losses like delays in costly projects. 


Using the uKnowva HRMS is the best solution today for emerging HR leaders in new and modern firms. The modern HRMS helps solve all ten issues and tasks listed above. 

This tool converts each such challenge into an advantage to leverage. 

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