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With the arrival of a drastic workplace shift due to the COVID pandemic, traditional HR strategies have become less effective. More so when trying to manage millennial and Gen Z employees grown up with technology. 



Today, having the most efficient HRMS software for your company makes all the difference. 

But, more often than not, the alternatives may be overwhelming—for human resource teams juggling employee relations concerns, open enrollment, and everything else on their plate!

While each HRMS is distinctive in its own way, choosing the right software is quite a task. So HR personnel like you should pay particular attention to features in your next HRMS.

10 Top features you should explore in your next HRMS software with roles it may play in your company are:

Employee Profile Management

The most significant disadvantage of spreadsheets is that you must manually modify, amend, and update every item.

Spreadsheets do not consolidate data and do not interface with other applications. 

Every time you make a change, you must go back and make the identical modification in every document, application, and system to keep everything up to date. It's a nightmare to handle, and something is bound to go wrong at some point.

By storing information in an interactive database that can be integrated into other systems, a centralised employee database overcomes this problem. 

When information changes, it updates across the board, ensuring that everything is always up to date. You'll never have to deal with conflicting versions or multiple file editing again.

Contactless Attendance and Automated Leave Management System 

Employee attendance is critical since it makes it easy to keep track of attendance and for employees to apply for leaves and keep track of leave approval which in turn aids in the processing of payroll. 

The attendance records daily in your next HRMS, which aids the HR staff in calculating the total number of working days spent by each employee. 

It is the most visible element of any best HR software for small businesses as well as large corporations.

With an AI-enabled contactless employee attendance system, you can effectively engage the company's remote employees and with advanced softwares such as uKnowva, employees can use the chatbot to provide feedback or report issues. 

This makes smart attendance management more accessible to HR professionals and workers who work from home. 

The eLMS by uKnowva HRMS even generates reports with comprehensive filtering options. These may be used to convey data to higher-level management for reporting reasons. 

Employee Self Service

Employees nowadays expect instant access to the systems they utilise.

With HR software that includes self-service options, you may provide them access to their PTO, job information, tax paperwork, and so on. 

Employees may view their profile from anywhere with an internet connection if they choose the correct platform.

They should be able to seek time off, look over perks, keep track of training, and so on.

Take it a step further by using uKnowva HRMS and provide your employees the option of using their HRMS system using a mobile app that allows them to request time off while on the road. 

Employee Performance Management

Your next HRMS like the one by uKnowva can be effective in evaluating employee performance. The appraisal of an employee's development is heavily reliant on performance tracking. 

The traditional method was difficult to administer and error-prone due to the lack of real-time data tracking, but HRMS systems made it easier. 

The goal-setting approach is utilised in a performance monitoring application that allows managers to keep track of their employees' work and contributions.

Payroll Management

Payroll processing is often regarded as one of the most important and time-consuming administrative activities that must be handled with care. 

To manage payroll, you must build up the greatest HR department system possible. Payroll processing by your next HRMS that’s reliable and automated is a really smart solution. 

In order to fulfil all compliances, all required calculations from the employer and employee ends are computed in payroll processing.

HRMS payroll processing includes information such as salary credits and tax deductions that are shared with workers.

Recruiting and Onboarding Employees

For most of us, the first few days of joining a new company would be daunting. Employee onboarding is a vital phase for both the employee and the company.

A successful onboarding procedure familiarises the employee with the company's culture. 

An automated recruitment and onboarding process helps streamline the shortlisting and selection process, while keeping automated track of application progress.

Post selection, HRMS also helps with clear communication, employee motivation, and staff retention for a long time, as well as higher productivity.

With Uknowva HRMS you can set your new hires up for success with the best Pre-onboarding and onboarding experience with better engagement & intelligent insights for a seamless new hire experience.

Employee Workflow Automation

When it comes to managing your workflows, it's always best to go with an 'all in one' workflow automation platform that can adapt and customise both external and internal processes. 

According to research, corporate workflow automation may save 60 percent of employees 30 percent of their time. 

Workflow automation may assist employees avoid spending their time on mundane everyday chores like sending emails and following up on leads, allowing them to focus on more productive and critical duties.

Workplace Social Intranet

The lines between work and office space are blurring in today's environment. 

Flexible hours, remote working, and scattered workforces engaging in a digital workplace have ushered in a new era in which organisational cooperation and communication must adapt to fit inside this shift. 

The social intranet is at the centre of this, providing a space for meaningful interactions and real-time communication, both of which are critical in today's industry. 

A social intranet combines the finest features of social networking platforms, team sites, and portals to create a space that allows for easy collaboration, self-generated content, communication flexibility, and rapid access to those beyond your immediate sphere of influence. 

Flexible administration systems, engaging collaboration tools, and strong search capabilities are all included.

uKnowva’s social intranet allows users to share videos and images with co-workers, update their daily ideas and statuses, chat with co-workers, participate in discussions, answer surveys and polls, and a lot more!

Employee Analytics and Insights

The power of data-driven insight is changing the way businesses make smarter decisions and harness their employees' potential. 

Today's strategic workforce planning, employee efficiency, talent management, employee engagement and retention, performance management, flexibility, and mobility choices all rely on better data. 

Organisations can cut through the noise and obtain a clear view of what's working and what isn't by employing employee analytics and insights. 

It removes the guesswork from your most essential workforce choices, allowing you to better manage risk, better match personnel to roles, and be more efficient and cost-effective.

Separation & Exit Management

An employee's exit from an organisation is sometimes unavoidable, and it signals the end of a good journey. The separation procedure, on the other hand, entails a lot of formalities and involves more than simply the HR department. 

Along with the admin department, the IT and accounting departments are also engaged. With so many things to investigate and handle, it may easily take considerably longer than anticipated, causing avoidable delays. 

This can make managing employee separation difficult for HR, and there's also the risk that a delay in responsibilities would leave the employee with a negative image. 

A fully digitalized separation process helps to give the whole process structure, decreasing complexity and saving time.

Bottom Line

uKnowva HRMS provides all the features listed above and much more to put all your HR related worries at bay! 


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