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HRs are always juggling between one task to another to finish everything on time. But the workload is increasing daily, making them exhausted and unproductive at the end of the day. 

We bring modern and user-friendly HRMS technology to save your HR team from this headache. 

Smart human resource management software is the best alternative in the company for automating daily tasks for the HR department. If you want to make your workforce more productive and engaged, do uKnowva today and give yourself and your employees a present they will never forget. In this blog, you will learn how HRMS simplifies the daily tasks of the human resource department.

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8 Ways in Which HRMS Simplifies HR Tasks

  1. Provides Scalability

When the company grows, the responsibilities also increase by manifolds on HR. If the work is done manually, the chances of error and late submission increase. On the other hand, if you opt for automation, HRMS software solves all these problems and gives you the best results. 

The best HRMS software in India has scalability as its main feature. The software adapts to the company's complexity and increasing size and assists the HR managers in handling all the HR operations. Remember that not every HRMS available in the market offers the same feature, so study well before you choose one.

  1. Performance Management

Conducting regular reviews and feedback processes helps in identifying employees’ performance. This process will become much simpler with the help of innovative software. 

All the employees get their performance reviewed monthly through KRA, OKRs, and KPIs. Managers and team leaders analyse the submitted achieved target and give feedback accordingly. 

With the HRMS software, you can link the performance with employees’ payroll calculations and revise their CTCs accordingly. It helps boost morale, motivates their efforts, and encourages them to perform much better next time.

Existing managers can use the AI Suggest feature by uKnowva to create a better KRA template for their employees. It doesn’t take more than 2-3 seconds to give you the entire data on the new KRA template according to the job title and description. This template includes not only the KRAs but also the core competencies. It also suggests the total weightage to be given to each such task or competency. 

Because of this feature, HR and leaders save at least an hour on setting up new KRAs and KPIs for their teammates. 

  1. Employee Management

It is referred to as “core HR” as it stores all the information about the employees. Employee management is a central portal for supporting reporting, analysis, and processes. It is connected to all the other management, and you can access any feature from here, whether payroll, leaves, or attendance. It holds the personal details of every employee and maintains them safely to enhance reporting and HR service delivery.

  1. Recruitment & Onboarding

With this feature, smart human resource management software helps you to connect to various job portals and help you to publish a job posting for vacant job positions. Using its AI algorithm, it scans the keywords in a CV required by HR, produces offer letters, and schedules interviews from a single platform to attract the best talent. 

It also has an onboarding platform that simplifies onboarding for candidates and employees, as it eliminates paperwork by storing employee data securely in a centralised place. It has different sections to inform employees of the company’s goals, vision, and mission.

With the upcoming generative artificial intelligence named AI Suggest at uKnowva, HRs can complete job descriptions within seconds. They do not have to search online or talk to the leader to know the appropriate role to be added to the complete J.D. Rather, they can fill it up, send it for approval, and quickly post the J.D. online with the job opening/vacancy posts. 

This saves at least 1-2 hours of the HRs time when they are trying to complete the roles and responsibilities of the profile they want to hire the person for. 

  1. Offers Data Storage & Safety

HR professionals' most tedious task is storing and managing data on paper. Storing sensitive data like bank details, addresses, and phone no. is always vulnerable to risks. Their misplacement, theft, or any other thing leads to so much confusion and leads to a bad image of the company. 

Thus, cloud-based HRMS software is the best replacement for all manual tasks. It makes data storage easier and secures all the data in the cloud that is protected by a password. 

It can be accessed by the assigned authorities only who have the credentials. It can be accessed anywhere (remotely) and at any time. All the data is organised systematically and can be located, viewed, or processed by the authorised employee in seconds.

  1. Time & Attendance

As the demand for remote work increases, the difficulty of handling their log-in and log-out time also increases. To enable HR to capture every employee's punch-in and punch-out times, a smart HRMS is much needed. With it, you can effectively create a biometric that records every workforce action and keeps HR tension free. The software works anywhere and anytime, so having an exact location is not a big task for HR now.

  1. Leave Management

Leave management is also as important as attendance management. With HRMS, an employee can easily apply for leave by entering their leave type and the number of days. 

With a single click, the request is transferred to the HR and manager, who can approve or reject the application based on availability. 

Employees can check their pending leaves on their mobile phones and apply for them without going through the time-consuming tasks of writing long emails.

  1. Employee exits ‍

HRMS software looks after the hire-to-retire process of an employee. It helps in the easy exit or termination of the employee. As all the dues get calculated by the payroll system, the dues are clearly not an issue with this software. HRs or employees can easily place a request for the exit. It can effectively handle a sudden termination at your workplace and help you with exit interviews to collect the feedback of the departing employee on time.


A clear mindset and plans must be laid out to increase employee engagement and productivity. Your HR teams must be free from performing mundane and repetitive tasks to increase them. uKnowva HRMS automates and frees up time for HRs to build talent strategies, train people, plan high-value activities, provide flexibility, and create talent experiences for the workforce. Therefore, explaining how HRMS simplifies daily HR tasks within minutes or even seconds is justifiable. 

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What is the role of HR in an organisation?

The role of HR in an organisation is to manage and develop its workforce. HR oversees recruitment, employee relations, performance management, training and development, compensation and benefits, and ensures compliance with employment laws, fostering a positive work environment and supporting the organisation's strategic goals.

How HRMS helps HR professionals in simplifying the workload?

HRMS (Human Resource Management System) helps HR professionals simplify their workload by automating administrative tasks such as employee data management, payroll processing, leave management and performance evaluations. It centralises information, provides employee self-service options, streamlines processes, and generates insightful reports for informed decision-making.

What are the benefits of having a great HR team?

A strong HR team brings numerous benefits to an organisation. They enhance employee engagement and satisfaction, foster a positive workplace culture, attract high-profile and top-notch talent, ensure legal compliance, drive effective performance management, and contribute to strategic decision-making for long-term success.

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