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Employee engagement and retention are two significant challenges HR leaders face today. It’s hard for them to retain dedicated employees without harnessing the power of employee retention tactics.

Their employees no longer want to stay in a firm just for higher salary packages. They look beyond these monetary benefits associated with their job roles. 

How they contribute to their work profile matters to the young generation. 

They want to see the changes they bring to firms hiring them. Such insights motivate them to continue working as sincere and outperforming employees. 

The best option for HR leaders is to focus on the 3 Cs of employee retention. These strategies will expand their knowledge of what new-gen workers want and how to deliver the same. 

It’s more prominent when implementing uKnowva HRMS solutions as a medium of exceptional employee experience. 

Employee Retention & Engagement Strategies


Famous 3 Cs Of Employee Retention & Engagement Strategies Are:

1) Career

Employees join an organisation to establish and evolve their professional careers. Employers and hiring managers can help them settle down at gradual learning by offering various opportunities. 

It’s up to each management to offer career growth and succession planning when employees come aboard. This career mapping and planning helps in employee retention at multiple stages. Know it clearly from the pointers below. 

Encourage autonomy for individuals and teams.

Smart uKnowva HRMS tool lets employees work without micromanagement. Team leaders act as guides, mentors, or coaches when implementing this HRMS in their firms. Individuals and teams learn to automate their daily tasks. 

This activity makes employees more involved in their daily work. They have the proper tech-tool support to save invested time. This time can be used for accomplishing challenging projects instead. 

Let employees grow professionally through job rotations. 

uKnowva HRMS allows managers to overview each employee’s roster. They can shift and rotate each team member’s tasks for the week. This helps each worker in the team to learn new capabilities, responsibilities, and roles. 

Exercise time management with timesheets tools. 

Advancing one’s career helps only after building a solid relationship with time. Without respecting time, it’s challenging to complete projects before the deadline. When teams complete their assigned tasks on time, they earn all the trust, reputation, and goodwill. 

Employers encourage and recognise their efforts on the uKnowva Intranet platform. This encourages the team to stay and work on more demanding challenges for bonus rewards: cash or kind.

Assign ground-breaking tasks to pull employees out of comfort zones.

Career, one of the 3 Cs of employee retention strategies, focuses on making the team tougher daily. This happens with people managers assign them duties and roles that are usually time-taking and thought-provoking to complete. 

Accepting and accomplishing complex tasks helps teams to develop a sense of belonging, cohesiveness, and togetherness as a unit. 

2) Competence

Competency is another crucial part of the 3 Cs of employee retention strategies. It relates to employees’ ability to prosper and grow in a company.

Employees extend their lifecycle at a company of their choice if it offers them the right career path and learning opportunities. 

That could be in terms of:

Rewarding and recognising efforts on time.

Competence is somehow attached to the validation from the super seniors and C-suite management. But it should be in front of the entire organisation to feel more responsible and answerable to their assigned roles. 

The uKnowva social intranet is a platform which offers on-time employee performance data. Depending on this data, management knows about the completed projects and their effectiveness or overall impact. 

If they find the growth and progress outstanding, they encourage their high-achieving employees to break more records. That’s possible by recognising and rewarding them for their timely and outperforming efforts on the intranet.

The employee retention rates drastically shoot up with this strategic move. Employees feel that their contribution is noted and is worthy of a grandeur appreciation.

This message makes them stay and creatively evolve their performance to newer heights. 

Compensating employees for outstanding results.

Employees need exceptional rewards for their outstanding efforts to stay and prefer the existing firm over another. Managers must be proactive in listening and acting upon employees' demands, referring to their compensations. 

That would be incentivised bonuses, free coupons, discounted gift cards, free learning, travel, and staycations. Team managers can take their mates out on luncheons or dinners to boost morale and confidence. 

They can also release a cover story on their uKnowva social intranet tool. It will state every milestone of that employee over a period. 

This practice is a massive ego boost for outperforming employees and leaders. They feel confident about their skills and address their urge to level up by seeing their value-adding roles in the firm.

Offering them opportunities to upgrade their portfolio. 

Another way to build competence for overachievers is to let them level up.

That is possible for talent managers who upload new learning modules and sessions on the uKnowva eLMS. It will enable teams to learn on the move at their pace. 

Each earned certificate for the training module and session will be a plus point for learners’ CVs. They can get internal job promotions or apply for better work opportunities with higher pay and responsibility later. 

3) Care

The final pillar of the 3 Cs of employee retention practices is genuine care for an employee like an extended family member. Employees are genuinely an asset to a firm. 

We have heard it multiple times. But if managers fail to care for their employees, they become destructive and start inviting negativity into the corporate workspaces. 

However, ways to boost genuine care for employees to connect them back to their job roles and responsibilities include:

Check up on their mental health during working hours.

Implementing the uKnowva happiness meter enclosed in its virtual biometric system is pretty helpful here. It helps diagnose the real-time mental health scores of each employee working for the firm. 

Employers know how each employee is performing as far as their moods are considered.

When employees are happy, the culture is fruitful for boosting their productivity. However, when the happiness metre score dips, it’s an alarming episode for the talent managers. 

So, they study the data regularly. They then connect with their hard-working employees immediately and resolve their work-related complexities. 

That is helpful in employee retention because workers do not feel an unnecessary burden then. They achieve more in less time and deliver what matters the most without spoiling their happiness. 

Catch up with them frequently to avoid the fear of missing out. 

Remote working and other hybrid styles can instill a fear of missing out in employees. They do not regularly talk to their seniors and sometimes feel disrespectful or unheard. 

The uKnowva social intranet as an employee engagement tool resolves that problem from employee day one to the last. 

Hiring and talent managers are always in touch with their employees using the intranet. But they do not interfere with the work process their teams follow. Instead, they act as trusted guides over the network. 

They are available within a few clicks or calls. Employees also see the latest news, announcements, and events happening in their firms using the intranet. They have less anxiety and more sense of belonging and celebration as a unit. 

These feelings unite teams to purposefully achieve shared goals and anticipated growth levels. They do not think of switching to other companies when their mental peace is intact at the existing firm. 


Employee retention and engagement are two interesting topics to explore. That’s what you get to experience while reading the blog post above. 

Notice how care, career, and competence bring back employees to a state of empowering engagement from utter boredom.

These scenarios for improving employee retention and engagement are more promising with uKnowva’s innovative solutions. 

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