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The role of employee training, from onboarding to promotion, impacts the company culture an employee experiences. To make your organisation stand out from your competitors in terms of providing exceptional learning opportunities, invest in collaborative HRMS software in India. 

The training sessions from onboarding to promotions help clear confusion, make a new hire more knowledgeable, and bring culture closer to the workforce. In the long run, if the training continues, it is a good way to refresh everyone’s memory as to why they are working the way they do in a firm and what is the collective vision they strive for while working together in teams. 

In the long run, these sessions help to upskill employees, coach high-performance teams, and improve retention rates organically. 

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Why are training and development essential for an employee?

Employees want to succeed and progress in their careers, and this can be possible only when you have a smart HRMS to automate your daily tasks. The enhancement in the employee’s career life brings value to the organisation. 

During onboarding, employees analyse the company and see their career growth in the company within 90 days of their hiring. In the initial phase, training is provided to all the employees who got selected so that they can understand the company’s work, and their job, and make them fit for the assigned tasks.

In the starting phase, the employees are inclined towards self-development and demonstrating the best team spirit in the company. Slowly, they acquire these traits and want to develop them to perform great in the future. 

As the job position changes, the job dynamics and responsibilities also change; thus, here, training plays a significant role. The training at different levels differs as the position changes, and employees need to focus on the critical aspects to deliver value to the business. 

Role of Employee Training and development in Career Growth

Training employees from time to time spreads a positive message that the organisation cares about them when it comes to their career growth. We have listed 4 points below to give you an idea about why training is essential for your organisation.

  1. Improved performance

Productivity of work enhances when an employee gets timely training on their upcoming projects. When they have prior knowledge about what they have to do, it enhances the quality of the work. 

Employee training also boosts employee confidence and motivates them to understand their role and responsibilities in depth to drive business results constantly.

  1. Employee satisfaction

Employees who receive greater learning opportunities regularly remain happier and stay focused. 

Through proper training, employees explore new fields and take different job positions within the company. When they get opportunities to climb the ladder of success, they tend to be more involved in the company.

With an increase in job involvement and piqued interest, employees get to satisfy their needs to stay often. Their job satisfaction also increases when their performance evaluation rolls out the balanced scorecard based on their recent learning sessions. Furthermore, they take up projects based on these learning experiences and never fall behind in chiselling their craft.

  1. Bridges the skill gap 

A gap is seen in every sector between the skills of an employee and the job demand. These gaps bring hindrance in the growth of the employee work cycle. If they are not trained properly, they won’t be able to perform their work up to the team leader’s expectations. 

It can cost the employee in several ways, like slow growth, no promotion, no raise in salary, etc. To bridge this gap, proper training is needed. It enhances their skill and knowledge to perform their tasks efficiently.

  1. Boosts collaboration

To increase your workplace culture and improve communication between your employees, training is the best option. When employees explore new topics, they have doubts, which they discuss among themselves and thus create a bond. 

It helps employees to know each other and help one another to tackle the problems that spread positivity in the company. This collaboration during learning enhances retention and employee engagement. It also brings stability to an employee’s career as they find a long-term future with the company. Thus, making them an indispensable asset for the company.


The role of employee training is the best to pave the way for constant career growth for the workforce. uKnowva HRMS helps HR professionals to manage their daily tasks and plan training sessions for employees to sharpen their knowledge. Later, everyone consumes content through the eLMS, where the training modules are stored for endless consumption or revisits. The process of online learning with uKnowva’s eLMS is seamless, and efficient, and builds strong relationships within the organisation.

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What is employee training?

Employee training refers to the systematic process of imparting knowledge, skills, and competencies to individuals within an organisation. It aims to enhance employee performance, productivity, and job satisfaction by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to perform their roles effectively.

What are the benefits of employee training?

Employee training enhances employee skills, knowledge, and productivity, resulting in improved job performance. Training cultivates a competent workforce, reduces errors, and increases efficiency. It enables organisations to adapt to industry changes, innovate, and maintain a competitive edge. Lastly, it contributes to organisational growth and success.

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