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India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Building an effective performance management system can be daunting for a country on a growth trajectory. India is already pretty diverse and vast, with a population of over 1.3 billion. Many languages are spoken, and the culture and expectations vary from region to region. With all these factors to keep in mind, performance management in India must meet all the essential needs of the company’s workforce. uKnowva is driven to help the Indian workforce thrive by providing companies with the most advanced performance management system. 

From collecting employee information to measuring employee mental health and setting the right OKRs for projects, uKnowva’s HRMS allows companies to build the right system for their employees. Some basic things can be applied to have an effective performance management system in India. By following these ways, you can develop a system that will be fairer, more efficient, and more effective. Learn about these strategies below and start implementing them in your organisations flawlessly. 

Build An Effective Performance System


5 Ways To Build An Effective Performance System In India 

  1. Build clear objectives

Everything about an effective performance management process depends on the company's goals. Overambitious goals can overwhelm your teams and their momentum with each other. On the other hand, objectives that aren’t challenging makes the company stagnant and unable to move forward in its market space. 

The best way to go about this is by setting OKRs. Teams, managers, and employee levels can all use OKRs, and each level can be designed to achieve goals and vital quarterly results. Key objectives are measurable, quantifiable milestones for attaining the best results. Any employee's goals and primary outcomes are now easily accessible with uKnowva’s performance management system.  

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Employees can now identify areas they need to concentrate on and understand how they will contribute to the overall corporate goals thanks to this increased clarity and communication provided by uKnowva. Employees and teams can now be evaluated based on their performance after setting goals and objectives. uKnowva has a 360-degree approach in its performance management system. It keeps progress transparent and boosts team morale to do well every time.

  1. Set up opportunities for employee collaboration and communication

Competition in the workspace can, at times, turn out to be unhealthy. To avoid this, it helps to increase employees' chances to collaborate. Instead of only focusing on unhealthy competition, uKnowva Social Intranet assists businesses in fostering communication and collaboration amongst their employees. The platform encourages employees to share data, work together despite differences, and use these employees to set an example for the rest of the workforce. 

Additionally, uKnowva makes employees interact with their peers and management for training, learning, and support and measure success-fostering activities instead of measuring success after the fact. With an effective performance management system in India like uKnowva, it is now easier to access employee data and pair up employees that contribute to each other's skills. 

  1. Development and growth of all employees

HR teams have realised that for workforce success, it needs to implement a performance management process with opportunities for learning and development for employees. Companies now have an effective performance system with uKnowva that can support employee development because uKnowva is flexible, personalised, and firmly centred on sustaining continuous productivity. 

Companies can now give their employees new chances for career growth and learning with the help of uKnowva’s eLMS extension. This provides employees with trustworthy sources of knowledge pertinent to their line of work to upskill and increase their value in the workspace. uKnowva is an efficient system that supports learning and enables employees to develop their skills.

  1. Train managers on how to effectively manage and motivate employees

Performance management benefits include chucking out the ineffectiveness when managers aren't aware of how to leverage the system to manage and motivate their employees.  

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Managers use the live dashboard data and reports from the uKnowva performance management system to find weak points in the teams and help employees improve in these areas while using their strengths to their advantage. This process will be ongoing to build stronger teams in the long run that deliver promising results. 

  1. Continuously monitor and review employees through a performance management system

Annual performance management evaluations that provide employee feedback may be unproductive since goals diminish with time.

uKnowva’s performance management system in India provides feedback in real-time, making it more feasible to make changes to projects without wasting resources like time and money and giving staff members a chance to make corrections. uKnowva uses data gathered from its operational systems of the organisation to measure KPIs in real-time. Companies can now enable valuable regular feedback, which helps build an effective performance system.


With the five methods mentioned above, companies can now easily build an effective performance management system in India. Furthermore, with uKnowva HRMS, companies also have the advantage of building an automatic workflow system and keeping the process and progress transparent at every touchpoint. 

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