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With usual conventional tools like emails, papered documents, and excel sheets, HRs are prone to missteps. These include payroll processing errors, resource crunch, and compliance issues. 

Even Google Forms are not efficient to periodically measure, monitor, and manage employees’ leaves.

So, it’s imperative to know the benefits of an online leave management system. Additionally, such knowledge simplifies the decision to invest in SaaS solutions to manage employee leaves without human errors.


7 Benefits Of An Online Leave Management System Are:

1. Secured data:

Physical records are prone to accidents like loss of information due to negligence, mismanagement, or other hazardous reasons. But digital employee data overcomes these challenges.

Server time and backup security are guaranteed when using an online leave management portal. In addition, HRs then don’t have to worry about their employees' leave and attendance data. 

Whenever an employee punches in the system, it’s recorded as long as the login ID and password are maintained. 

That’s one core advantage of using leave management software available on the cloud. Its best example right now is uKnowva HRMS. It’s accessible anywhere with four layers of security to protect attendance and leave management data sets. 

2. Access real-time analytics:

Another growing advantage of online leave management tools is this one. HRs and employers get ready-made analytical reports integrated with regular check-ins and check-outs of their employees. 

From there, they can get knowledge about their punctual employees. It sets the ground for noting those employees who are habitually late or are applying for unnecessary leaves. 

Afterwards, HRs can take corrective measures to resolve issues like an increase in absenteeism before the attrition rate spikes in the firm. But, again, that’s majorly possible with real-time analytics reports only. Because then the figures posted in those reports will not be stale. 

HRs or TLs can take corrective measures to overcome absenteeism by conducting interviews and surveys. They must know why it is happening or what is troubling their employees to the extent of applying for consequent leaves. 

3. Smartly manage employee vacations:

A smart and streamlining leave management system like uKnowva helps HRs to manage their employees’ vacations. 

They can list restricted, compulsory, public, sick, and other emergency leaves in the system beforehand. These leaves are entered into the system as per the company’s policies. 

Afterwards, employees can check the leaves they are entitled to from the system without HRs’ external help. This practice invites more transparency between employers and employees. 

Each hired employee – remote worker or otherwise, would know their entitled leaves. So, there’s no room for ambiguity or confusion. If there is any, they can go to the “my leaves” section to check the leaves left for the month/year. 

Besides that, HRs allot leaves to different employees accordingly to regularly manage the overall workforce and attendance. 

4. Easy audits for all leaves:

One of the most important benefits of an online leave management system is to audit the total number of leaves. In addition, HRs need to keep a check on rejected, applied, and/or approved leaves. 

From the stats generated from these categories, leaders know which employee is a job fit for the firm. Other than that, they know how many days are getting clocked in by the employee at the cost of the company. 

Further, auditing the leaves helps team leaders manage their teams effectively. This way, no more than certain people can be absent on the same day. 

That is to maintain the smoothness of deliverables expected from a team, especially when projects are in the pipeline. 

Besides that, these reports are forwarded to the audit team later on. They need to check whether the company is rightly paying their employees as per the day and efforts put in. 

Moreover, with the leave management portal, the data is never lost. So, auditing of leaves to be measured and managed can be done at a point in time with simple log-in details from the admin account. 

5. Enhanced accessibility of the leave management system:

HRs can access online leave and attendance management systems from anywhere – using any smart device. This gives them plus points of accessibility. So, they can access their employees’ leave details whenever there is an issue or demand from the management. 

It does not hinder their daily auditing or operational activities from tracking employee workflow and leaves allotted. 

This practice makes HR admins' and team leaders' activities smoother than before. For example, they wouldn’t have to ask their employees to send their leaves data on excel or paper. Rather, it’s already available in the system without bias.

The same is for employees’ perspectives. They can track their leaves: rejected, allotted, and pending. That is for every given month, quarter, or year. 

Afterwards, they can play their vacations effectively to maintain their wellbeing and happiness factor throughout their tenure. 

Besides that, employees have features to regularise their attendance markings to manage their leaves and half-days in an online leave management system. This practice welcomes more transparency and trust factor between team leaders and their subordinates.

6. Improvement in admin experience:

Leave management can be cumbersome for HRs and admins in a growing company. It’s too tough to monitor leaves of 100-500 employees every day using conventional methods explained in the introduction. 

That’s why the benefits of an online leave management system include this point. Because one of the focal points of on-cloud systems is to streamline, automate, and fasten up admin operations. 

HR admins can remove or add bulk employees using these tools or software within a few clicks. 

Their history of leaves would remain in the system for audit purposes. But admins find it easy to configure leaves of multiple employees at once. It saves their money, efforts, and total time investment in tracking employees’ leaves and affected efficiency rates. 

7. No paperwork as such!

HRs and employees enjoy the interactive and immersive experience of an online leave management portal. Using that means they are no longer dependent on highly vulnerable methods: paper, excel, or outdated apps. 

Instead, within a point-and-click system on the cloud, HRs and organisation’s employees supervise their leaves. 

They no longer have to stack documents of leaves and attendances in a corner. Instead, all important data on employee leaves and attendances gets stored in the system with regular backups and guaranteed server uptime. 

The system is highly accessible, dependable, reliable, and scalable. In other words, the company can continue to hire more people. In addition, the system would not overload – depending upon the plans taken as well. 


Next-gen HR executives and employers need to acknowledge the increasing benefits of an online leave management system. Because only then they will execute the system properly in their firms to provide their employees an automated, immersive, and helpful experience. 

For new HRs and managers, the 7 benefits explained above give a basic understanding of leave management portals online. Afterwards, they can surmise whether they are ready for the HRMS or not – in the purview of their workforce bandwidth. 


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