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A performance management system can be thought of as a system that helps the ongoing process that controls employees' performances to achieve desired outcomes. Performance management helps all the important stakeholders in a business by outlining precisely what must be done to achieve the desired goals. Performance management is the core of any HR process in a business since it affects all other HR roles and functions. However, performance management efforts may be ineffective without an appropriate organisational structure and procedures. 

Many successful companies realise having a performance management system is vital to growing in today’s business world. Performance management systems are a tool used by organisations to assess and track employee performance. The system typically includes setting goals, tracking progress, and providing feedback. 

A performance system has to be effective; otherwise, it becomes time-consuming and costly. With this in mind, uKnowva HRMS equips companies with the cost-effective best performance management system and helps companies possess a more advanced protocol for performance management. First, however, let’s study more below to know the top 5 prerequisites of a performance management system ideal for organisations today and tomorrow. 


5 Important Prerequisites Of A Performance Management System

Clear performance goals 

No vision is complete without having the right goals. Companies must clearly and precisely define their organisational goals and objectives, ensure that management and other staff members are aware of them, and help them understand what the firm expects. Individual, team and corporate goals must be converted into objectives for departments and divisions.  

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All levels of the company should have a clear understanding of the business's vision, mission, and goals for their efforts to be focused on achieving those objectives. With uKnowva, companies can now set key performance markers for employees to follow, so there is no miscommunication or lack of diligence from the management and employees.   

Continuous evaluation 

A performance management system doesn’t help if no action is taken on it. Traditionally companies used to have annual or bi-annual evaluations. Soon it was realised that this is ineffective because there is a long gap between performance evaluations. During this period, without assessment and appraisals, employees feel undervalued, underappreciated or unhappy. Employers can also miss signs of burnout in their employees. 

Apart from that, it would take a long time for companies to realise and rectify mistakes. All of these factors can bring up complex challenges for companies. Continuous evaluation helps companies to be proactive with their employees and identify and avoid mistakes faster, and analysing employee performance can now be an easy task with the help of uKnowva. uKnowva provides companies with fast and accurate information so that HR teams can stay ahead of challenges they might face with employee performances.  

Finding the right talent 

Strong companies are built by their top achievers. However, with constant politics and miscommunication, businesses frequently fail to pick out the top group of performers in their organisation. This can be detrimental to the organisation because onboarding the right talent for the right project is essential for a successful project, and onboarding the wrong person is just a waste of company resources. Therefore, a performance management system must help identify the right people so that no one goes unnoticed.  

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With uKnowva's performance management system, it's incredibly simple to keep track of the top talent. Companies can identify and reward their top performers for keeping them happy and motivating them to keep up with the quality of work. Then, when you find the right talent, you pay attention to them, increasing company morale and productivity in the workspace. This turns out to be a win-win scenario for all.

Managing talent  

Building a productive workforce means catering to employee needs. Employees have many needs, so a performance management system needs to keep all of these factors in its purview to ensure a successful employee experience. A very common question is, “What is talent management?

Talent management enables companies to recruit, train, and keep a workforce focused on achieving business success. This process helps companies to answer their workforce’s needs and prepare them, if necessary, to meet essential business requirements. uKnowva enables companies to manage their talent and provide their employees with opportunities for learning and growth as part of the performance management system. It already has tools or features like eLMS, PMS, Goal-tracking, team performance tracking, and more to help reporting managers to execute succession planning for their subordinates on time.

Provide metrics for quality and quantity analysis 

Last but not least, a prerequisite for a performance management system should be providing data for analysis and growth. Raw data makes it very hard to know if a workplace is thriving or needs to improve in certain areas. Therefore, qualitative data like employee engagement and mental health, as well as quantitative data like performance output, should be an essential part of a performance management system. uKnowva HRMS already has HR analytics embedded in it. HR managers, their teams, and even CHROs depend on it regularly for analysing reports on the go without external dependency on the other staff member.


With these prerequisites in mind, employees can choose the right performance management system for their company. uKnowva is regarded as India’s No.1 HRMS because of its many top-of-the-line features, and the performance management system is one of them. With uKnowva, building a successful workforce is a resourceful and time-saving venture.

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