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Building a great onboarding process to attract top or high performers is one of the essential components of any successful organisation. Thus, it requires you to refine the onboarding process for the organisation to deal with problems such as low productivity, motivation, engagement, and work culture. 

An effective and paperless onboarding process can increase your retention rate by 82% and productivity by 70%. It means that a top-talented workforce can make an enormous impact, while on the other hand, a wrong choice can damage your bottom line and affect your entire organisation. 

To hire the best workforce, you must have great offers to present and the best services that attract their attention and make you different from others. You can opt for easy-to-use and collaborative HRMS software in India to reform your working culture and give new directions to success.

Let’s move forward and discuss some best practices that HRMS can offer to your hiring process and winning over top talent for your organisation.

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5 Steps to Refine the Onboarding Process

The aim to refine the onboarding process is to create a friendly environment and make new hires comfortable with their teams and company culture, and goals, and acknowledge them on the demand of their role. HR teams and HRMS software can do wonders together to make hiring more successful. So, read the steps below and be ready to redefine and reimagine the onboarding process flawlessly in your organisation. 

  1. Provide easy and paperless onboarding

This process is the starting of the long-term growth of the new hires. That’s why a main focus has been put on making this process bias-free, smooth, and easy for both employer and employee. 

With uKnowva HRMS, you don’t have to worry as its latest technology has sorted the process already. It makes the process easier by using an AI algorithm to select deserving candidates for the post. 

Your new hires will also be happy and satisfied with the process as they get selected in less time and get to interact with new technology with easier features. It will help in lessening the workload and bring more engagement to the organisation.

  1. Providing clear and concise instructions

Communication can make or break your organisation. Try to make yourself clear and concise to avoid any confusion. Having a good communication platform like a social intranet helps employees and employers to interact well and discuss their problems. 

When employees have a clear view of their roles and responsibilities with regular guidance, then there is no room left for error at all. 

Arrange for a quick tour and have an orientation. Otherwise, employees can easily upload their important documents on the preboarding link. The rest of the information they get to upload when the onboarding completes, and the system tells them to complete their profile itself. 

Thus, there is no dependency on the existing HR person, even when it comes to orienting and onboarding new hires. 

For remote employees, you can plan a meet-up where you can introduce them to all the employees. It will help in increasing engagement and bring a positive culture. Note that frequent meetings will attract the attention of top-talent employees to your organisation.

  1. Coordinate with other departments

Coordination between different departments is a must to increase employee engagement. Integrating different departments on a project helps a talented workforce to gain something new that helps to retain them in the company. 

It brings innovative ideas and thoughts that help the company to achieve more success. It spreads motivation and a sense of competitiveness that yields good results. 

Coordination helps employees to learn new skills and can give a new direction to their careers. 

Our HRMS offers an employee profile page. Employees fill their skills, hobbies, and other interests. Other employees can check it out and know if they can enrol a new member in their team, depending on their skill set. In fact, another employee can always endorse the previous employee. 

This boosts the credibility of the employee, and the backend data also gets this update. This information can help leaders to do extensive skill mapping and know which employee should be in which team or at which position at a given time. 

So, this overall helps in developing relations and increasing teamwork.

  1. Provide regular training sessions to employees

Training can help HRs and team leaders in various ways; it can brush their skills and ensure consistency in their behaviour when they interview new hires. Their intelligence, knowledge about their field and clear vision can impress job candidates.

Answering candidates’ doubts and assuring their future security is needed to cover in the interview. It can only be possible when they get time from their busy schedule, which can be possible only when you opt for uKnowva HRMS. It streamlines your mundane tasks and gives your employees sufficient time to prepare or attend the training.

  1. Request feedback on your organisation’s onboarding process

Lastly, to refine your onboarding process, you have to gather feedback to know in what ways you can improve your employee boarding with post-training surveys. 

Discuss with your new hires where they feel the scope of improvement and what is not needed in the process to save time. 

By having this conversation, HRs and managers must know what changes they need in their software or what’s the demand of today’s workforce. Later, they can redesign the HRMs software according to their increasing business needs. 

Our HRMS chatbots can take feedback from employees in quizzes or surveys to improve the process and increase the interactions between the organisation and employees.


An effective onboarding process that can continuously plan, assess, and implement is the key to attracting top-notch and world-renowned talent. Getting your team together to discuss and create better onboarding processes with uKnowva HRMS is exceptional. There will be an enhancement in your onboarding processes when you include this collaborative and innovative software in your organisation.

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What is the need to enhance onboarding?

Enhancing onboarding is essential to ensure a positive employee experience, reduce turnover rates, and accelerate time-to-productivity. It helps new hires feel welcomed, informed, and supported, fostering engagement and retention. Effective onboarding also aligns employees with organisational goals and promotes a sense of belonging and satisfaction.

How does HRMS help in refining the hiring process?

uKnowva HRMS helps in refining the hiring process by streamlining recruitment activities. It automates job postings, applicant tracking, and interview scheduling. It also provides analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling data-driven decision-making for more efficient and effective hiring.

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