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The work dynamics are changing drastically, and the approaches to doing the work are too. Is your organisation going through the same phase? Do you want to know more about seasonal hiring and how to implement it in your organisation? Don’t worry at all; this blog will clear out all your doubts and give you the clarity to opt for seasonal employee hiring or not. 

Seasonal hiring is not much different from your normal hiring, but you have to make sure of some points. The main difference is that it is for a temporary period which can be converted into a permanent job. 

The implementation of hiring becomes easy with complete HRMS software as it automates mundane tasks and provides the best features to handle the hiring process. That’s why we give an overall view of seasonal hiring and how you can make your hiring easier with smart HRMS.

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What Is Seasonal Work?

Seasonal hiring refers to the practice of employing additional workers for a specific period, typically during peak seasons or holidays when there is a surge in demand for goods and services.

It is a temporary form of employment designed to address the fluctuating needs of businesses during certain times of the year. Companies in sectors or industries like retail, hospitality, tourism, and e-commerce, engage in seasonal hiring to meet increased consumer demand. These additional workers are typically hired on a short-term basis, ranging from a few weeks to a few months.

It provides several benefits for both employers and employees. 

For businesses, it allows them to efficiently manage their resources and ensure they have an adequate workforce to handle the heightened demand. 

On the other hand, employees can gain temporary employment, earn extra income, and gain valuable work experience. 

Overall, it serves as a flexible staffing solution that enables firms to adapt to changing market conditions while providing temporary job opportunities to individuals seeking employment during particular times of the year.

5 Best Seasonal Hiring Strategies

  1. Offer unparalleled perks and incentives

Working on holidays means the candidate needs money or is looking for a future full-time role. But overall, they want to earn well for their living. Different perks and incentives can attract employees to your company. Hourly or weekly salary can help them in choosing your company over others. The innovative HRMS payroll system helps to calculate the salary according to the given mode, and employees can receive it directly in their accounts.

  1. Focus on interview procedures

The interview is the process where you meet your future workforce for the first time. The feasibility of seasonal hiring depends on the understanding of each other’s demands and offerings. 

As an HR, you must respect the time and efforts they have been taking so far and ensure that their time doesn’t get wasted in your organisation. 

As the interview process is taken through HRMS software, it will be free from bias, and candidates get selected based on their qualifications, experience, and engagement.

  1. Treat Seasonal Employees Well

The job of seasonal employees is temporary. The work culture affects the working of an employee and the behaviour of their coworkers. 

To make this hiring smooth, you have to:

  • Encourage them to speak well of your company, 
  • Support their mental well-being, 
  • Increase the chances that they want to return next year, 
  • Avoid the possibility of discrimination claims, and 
  • Enhance satisfaction and productivity with their work. 

Treat them like your regular employees to maintain a balance in the culture.

  1. Create an engaging working environment

Seasonal workers demand engagement in their work. They may be willing to change to satisfy their current financial and personal needs. 

uKnowva HRMS platform is ideal for offering such engagement in shifts, and employers benefit from easily being able to organise the shift schedule and fill the vacant shifts. 

Seasonal employees are working only to maximise their earnings, so access to additional shifts is a bonus for them. 

Most of them are remote workers, so engagement is a big issue, but with a collaborative social intranet, employee engagement is higher during all seasons.

  1. Provide flexibility

Whether they are regular employees or seasonal, everyone wants flexibility in their work. Especially after the hit of the global pandemic, the version of a flexible environment can come in handy. It gives employees a sense of freedom to work according to their most productive time and gives the best results that help in overall success. 

Many seasonal workers do multiple freelancing gigs at a time. Thus, flexibility can help them to earn more as they can easily do work in their own choice of time. When you offer flexibility, it attracts more employees to your organisation, which helps to upgrade your brand value.


To execute successful seasonal hiring, complete and smart HRMS is there for the recruiters. It helps to streamline your recruitment and management section and can accelerate the whole process. The applicant tracking system (ATS) makes the process a lot easier. With uKnowva, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing candidates within the pipeline. Thus, start your seasonal hiring with us and have some qualified teams around.

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What are the benefits of seasonal hiring?

Seasonal hiring provides businesses with the flexibility to meet increased consumer demand during peak seasons while offering temporary job opportunities and extra income to individuals seeking employment during specific times of the year.

Why hire temporary employees?

Temporary employees are hired to address short-term staffing needs, such as seasonal peaks or special projects. They offer flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to quickly scale up or down the workforce based on demand without the long-term commitments associated with permanent employment.

How will the workload get minimised by using this technique?

Seasonal hiring helps minimise workload by providing additional staff during peak seasons, holidays, or busy periods. The influx of temporary employees allows businesses to handle increased customer demand efficiently, preventing excessive workloads on existing employees and ensuring smooth operations.

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