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Companies can no longer think of only offering basic benefits like paid time off and health insurance. They have to go above and beyond and give their employees a great experience at work. Employee experience management is the sum of everything you do to make sure of those experiences. 

It includes the company's culture, benefits, physical work environment, and the tools you give your employees to help them do their jobs well. It can also be linked to the ultimate business revenue when employees bring more conversions. 

Companies with highly engaged employees make 2.5 times as much money as companies with low levels of engagement. Use more tips below to give your workers a great employee experience and make finding and keeping good workers easier.

Employee Experience Management Tips To Improve The Same In 6 Ways

  1. Cre­ate an employ­ee jour­ney map

An employee journey map within an HRMS tool helps you measure employee experience at every stage of a worker's time at your company. By making one, you'll see each employee's steps, which will help you find places to improve.

You could start with an employee's first day and consider their probationary period, training, performance reviews, and promotions. This information helps HR and business leaders think of ways to keep employees engaged and happy at every stage of their journey through the company.

  1. Improve the way you bring people on board

When improving EX, the best place to start is with onboarding. Employees with exceptional onboarding experiences are 2.6 times more likely to be extremely satisfied with their workplace. Make sure that employees know what is expected of them from the first day they start working for you and that they have the knowledge or training they need to do their jobs.

A good onboarding experience should also include regular check-ins between managers and new employees. This shows employees that your company values honest and open communication. During these regular meetings, new employees can ask questions, voice concerns, and get to know their managers better. Management will also be able to set relevant, attainable goals and keep track of progress.

  1. Ask workers what they think is missing

What's a better way to improve employee experience management than to ask employees directly what they'd like to change? Encourage real-time feedback and use regular surveys on uKnowva to determine what's most important to your employees. 

From this feedback, you can determine what your employees need and how to give it to them. By acting on employee suggestions, you'll show them you value their opinions, engaging everyone in the organisation more.

  1. Encour­age open communication

Clear and honest communication is important for any business that cares about its employees and wants them to do well. Management and HR teams should encourage regular two-way conversations with employees to improve their experience. This line of communication is important for keeping employees engaged and building relationships with them.

An online employee engagement system like uKnowva’s social intranet is a great way to improve organisational communication. It gives you all the tools to have meaningful conversations, post content media, know who is online, befriend anyone online, make group chats, and get work done with real-time conversations.

  1. Give chances for career development

Giving people chances to advance in their careers shows that you care about them and believe in their skills. Career development plans can be made and tracked at regular meetings throughout the year. This gives employees a chance to talk about their career goals and improve their skills while getting valuable advice from their manager.

  1. Make goals that matter

Meaningful goal-setting helps employees gain confidence and improve their skills throughout their time at the company, which increases their engagement and motivation and makes them more valuable to your organisation. 

Instead of setting long-term goals that may change or become meaningless, you should focus on setting short-term goals that can be reviewed and changed often. That is one strategic approach to ramp up your employee experience management. 

Our tool helps you achieve that by setting creative and challenging goals. However, these are measurable and flexible in tweaking the weightage and deadlines later by the reporting manager or approver.


One of the biggest things that affect how employees feel about their job is their relationships, especially with their managers. When managers don't know how to motivate or talk to their employees properly, it leads to less work getting done. In the end, the employee is looking for a new job. 

Managers should learn how to delegate, work with other people, manage their time, set goals, and give praise and feedback in a good way. uKnowva helps managers sort this problem while improving the overall employee experience management system in the organisation. It is only possible with our end-to-end HRMS suite; it’s already the world's smartest one in the making. 

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