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A good employee experience guide is the key to successful employee engagement and experiences in any organisation. Employees today already crave workplaces with noteworthy experiences, including flexibility, customisations, and self-serving portals. For this reason, HRs have already started making the UI/UX better for their employees with tools like uKnowva HRMS, that help automate daily mundane tasks. 

According to online research, companies that combine their employee experience strategy with training and benefits see a 56% rise in revenue. Those who invested in better management usually see a 143% increase in headcount. So, companies know that investing in improving the management and workplace experience is more rewarding than expected. 

For this reason, we collated the employee experience guide below. Check it out and see how you can incorporate the same in your corporate culture and provide the best employee experience for delightful business results. 

Improve Employee Experience Consistently

Best Practices To Improve Employee Experience Consistently:

Offer excellent communication

The key to improving employee relations is the same as any other relationship: communication. Most HR managers and business professionals agree that communication is important, but ultimately, they fail to communicate with employees. 

Improving communication with employees is easy when firms do uKnowva. This tool has a comprehensive package of a social intranet that provides features like publishing rights, polls/surveys, birthday/work anniversary wishes, etc. 

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This sort of communication is open to all. Employees and C-suite level managers connect over this tool in one interface. Everyone has an opinion, and they are not sacred to share. That’s when employees get to their CEOs, CHROs, and leaders better. The same is through the top-down approach. 

This kind of communication is often purposeful and collaborative. A business unit or team becomes one extended family when they connect more and are on the same page to collaborate. The chances to improve employee experience are high when employees use the uKnowva social intranet daily in their work life. 

Respond to feedback

The best way to find out what your employees need from you is to ask them and then listen as they respond. Many tools are available today to capture continuous employee feedback, such as pulse surveys, open surveys, and performance reviews. Using them regularly, you can understand what employees in your organisation like.

However, to receive honest feedback, it is essential that a culture of respect and open communication already exists in the organisation. If your employees feel neglected or disrespected in their day-to-day communications, chances are they won't take the time to communicate honestly with you.

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uKnowva’s social intranet is the best tool for receiving honest feedback on certain instances or incidents. Employees or leaders can publish polls and surveys there. Everyone can participate in casting their vote or leaving their opinion in surveys. It helps decision-makers know if their culture is fit for all. If not, they will have the right pointers to evaluate and begin reshaping the culture before the attrition rate shoots up. 

Focus on improving the entire employees' lifecycle

This strategy may seem obvious, but focusing on the employee experience at every stage of the employee lifecycle is important. From onboarding to exit management, treat every interaction as an opportunity to create a positive employee experience.

For example, looking at the employee experience through the lens of the entire employee lifecycle can lead to questions such as:

  • Does our hiring process seem fair to you? Do new hires experience our values ​​during onboarding?
  • Do employees feel like they are growing and developing with us?
  • What do people think of their stay with us when they leave us?

The answers to these queries help you identify your work environment from an employee's point of view and point out areas that require improvement.

Create a positive work environment

A positive work environment is the result of a combination of factors such as:

  • Flexibility
  • Inclusiveness
  • Diversity

A flexible work environment allows employees to work their preferred hours in their preferred environment. Allowing flexibility at work has increased productivity, health, and job satisfaction while reducing stress, costs, and absenteeism.

Additionally, it is important to encourage diversity and inclusiveness by observing employee interactions and then recognising and rewarding inclusive behaviours. Providing unconscious bias training to all managers and taking steps to reduce hostile interactions in the workplace are equally helpful steps. 

Finally, a culture of recognition is a great way to make employees feel valued while motivating others to achieve similar accomplishments. Creating peer-to-peer rewards, having employees write blog posts on the organisation's website, or even sharing their success on company social media are great ways to show off organisational accomplishments to all.

uKnowva HRMS is a tool that helps to promote flexibility, diversity, and inclusion. Employees can log into the system from anywhere in India. It’s headed to become the world's smartest and most cost-effective HRMS. 

So, employees connect well with this tool with their teammates. Everyone gets notified with important messages on the chat messenger if the organisation chooses to integrate the same in their uKnowva instance. uKnowva also allows team leaders to perform a resource allocation strategy. It helps them bring different people together based on their skills and experiences to work on new projects. It helps to boost diversity and inclusion between teams. 

Plus, the instance is highly customisable, so the implementation team can tweak it as per the internal branding theme for all employees. It is also useful for employees with special needs to help them be more self-reliant and complete mundane tasks every day on time. That happens without depending on any other resource, making them even more important assets to the team. 


Implementing best practices to improve the overall employee experience is necessary for growing and maturing organisations. Indian employees are becoming more aware and active. They need workstations where they easily communicate and collaborate with others without feeling any ounce of disrespect or being outcasted. 

uKnowva HRMs is the tool that organisations need today. This tool binds teams together for a purpose. It helps the leader track the team-wise progress report. Leaders know if their employees are valuable together. They can change the dynamics of the groups by allocating different projects to different teammates. The tool is self-serving, so employers don’t need to indulge in back-and-forth communication. Whenever an employee has a new task or project, they get an instant notification. The system also allows everyone to leave reviews on time. Hence, communication is open to all at any time. 

Every organisation today must inculcate or implement such a tool for providing seamless workplace experiences to their employees. 

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