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Workers are working in a hybrid work model in the post-pandemic times. Remote working has become the new benchmark of the future of workplaces. People also prefer to work at their pace. So, working with flexible schedules is not something that is new now. It’s already been tapped in more often than not. What we now have to focus on are the challenges managers face while ensuring streamlining this hybrid work model. 

Not every manager is sure of how they can handle remote working teams. Communication becomes the core part of collaborating there. And managers, at times, do not have the bandwidth to connect and collaborate. So, more challenges occur without the previous being resolved on time.

Now, what managers can do is identify these challenges with utmost honesty and integrity. Because if they aren’t honest, we cannot expect them to get past these problems with the right solutions. One such smart solution for managers’ daily challenges is uKnowva HRMS. It makes working with hybrid and remote teams easier than imagined. 

The social intranet it provides makes every employee self-reliant and self-serving. There is a greater feeling of reporting to oneself before the manager. So, even the employee keeps track of their communication and work done – harnessing the true power of an entrepreneurial mind. 

However, it’s best to circle back to the challenges managers face today when implementing hybrid work models in their organisations. After you read the blog post below, we can assure you that uKnowva HRMS can be the best alternative to resolve all these issues.

Here are some challenges managers face while implementing a hybrid work model

Not having the right tools to automate daily tasks

Tasks like punching in and out, predicting leaves, filling timesheets on time, etc., can be automated to a certain level if the tool is right. Otherwise, manually entering attendance every day is a hassle for everyone. Employees waste at least 10-30 minutes of their time every day when they want to regularise their attendance and manage their leaves. 

The same happens with the manager because they are unable to allocate projects properly to their team members. They are unsure if the employee will be available at any given time to complete the task effectively. This requires constant back-and-forth communication. Again, which is a time-consuming process. 

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A solution like uKnowva HRMS is best here to automate mundane tasks every day and save everyone’s manual effort and time. 

Not knowing how to drive the culture of the firm ahead

New managers struggle to take the culture forward with their remote workers. It’s not easy to make the remote worker, especially those working in hybrid work modules, feel part of the team. They are habitual of working in silos or from off-shore locations. Most often, remote workers might also have social anxiety issues and thus are difficult to manage when it’s time to drive the essence of company culture in them.

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Enabling uKnowva HRMS is a better alternative here for managers. They can upload and announce the changes and updates in the company culture. They can see who all read the files and documents and leave comments for them on the way. This way, there is no need to make each other uncomfortable. 

Managers can easily drive the company's culture, vision, and goals while using uKnowva HRMS and its advanced document repository for remote teams to access and pursue whenever possible to reinforce the feeling of being important to the firm that employs them. 

Find it hard to track the employee and team’s progress without micromanagement

Managers depending on conventional tools and technologies find it hard to track the team’s progress. Then, they suffer at the end moment when everything has to be audited and reported back to the super senior. They end up wasting everyone’s time and money in this process. Teams also get demotivated and discouraged at times when managers are unable to perform their duties properly. 

Remote employees do not usually have that much equity in the firm. Thus they are not often connected to the organisation either. So, they lack the skill to report back to their manager with the progress of their work done. But this can’t be an excuse for either person. 

Thus, implementing uKnowva HRMS is the best solution for tracking the team’s progress and performance without disturbing anyone’s workflow. Managers know the goals, tasks, KPIs, OKRs, and projects assigned to each one of the team members. They don’t need to ask individually about updates. 

Team members also connect virtually whenever required or update the status of their work there and then. Then, there is complete transparency on what’s been done, what’s pending, and how much progress is being made in a suggested timeframe. 


What Do Managers Need To Do Next?

The key to mastering hybrid work is to make the most of its advantages, respond swiftly to its problems, and be quite deliberate about how much time is spent on-site versus at home.

Asking your team members what is and isn't working, as well as what is most effective for them, is a good place to start. After that, keep an eye on how their responses alter over time with an intelligent feedback and employee grievance management system which uKnowva provides.

Give examples of:

  • When your team gets along with other teams the best. 
  • When you've felt a part of our team's culture. 
  • Making work schedules more predictable 
  • Describe the instances in which your team gave excellent value with their contributions.


One of the greatest challenges managers face is understanding the psyche of remote workers. Everyone working remotely has a different work schedule. They are not visible to the manager, as is the in-office team. So managing them to bring them on the same page at every working hour is the real hurdle here. But uKnowva helps bring harmony in teams even when working in hybrid work modules or schedules. 

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