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Human resources can revamp and redefine the landscape for companies to operate and structure themselves. We live in a constantly developing world. Fifty years ago, computers were not as advanced as we see today. Similarly, companies had different ways of operating. HR as a department only started getting prominence a few decades ago. 

With all these changes around us, HRM, too, had to change to meet the demands of businesses of today’s age. Gone are the days of intense paperwork and unnecessary administrative duties. With the development of software and AI (artificial intelligence), the way human resources operated was completely changed with the implementation of HRM software. 

There were mainly types of software that took prominence - HRIS (Human Resource Information Software), HCM (Human Capital Management) and HRMS (Human Resource Management Software). Cloud-based HRMS is currently at the forefront of changing human resources, and uKnowva HRMS is an industry leader everyone looks up to. From features like workflow automation and leave management to over 100+ extensions to help companies with their workforce, uKnowva is regarded as India’s No.1 HRMS.  

However, let’s explore what more reasons you must have to start investing in a cloud-based HR software for your organisation. 

Cloud-Based HRMS


10 Reasons To Switch To A Cloud-Based HRMS

Reduce Costs 

HR has many functions and responsibilities to take care of. For this, there is a lot of need for personnel and resources. HRMS software can handle all core important HR tasks without additional expenditure. However, it is understandable to be sceptical about investing money in HRM software because it can have expensive rates. With uKnowva, companies get all the major features of a cloud-based HRMS at a cost-effective budget.  

Time Management 

When tasks are repetitive, and of low value, HRs tend to waste time in the absence of HRMS and workflow automation functionalities. With uKnowva’s HRMS, you not only save time, but companies also manage their workforce's time and energy. uKnowva’s timesheet feature helps monitor and track employees' work and improves their time management skills.   

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Secure Storage of Information 

Back in the day, important files and company information would be stored physically. Sometimes, this would make information liable to lose, theft, misplacement and even espionage. uKnowva, a cloud-based HR management tool, stores all

company and employee information securely on a cloud which can be accessed easily anywhere. There is no fear of losing out on information or espionage when you have uKnowva. 


With cloud-based HR software, companies not only have their work simple and automated, but they are also doing their part in helping the environment. This is because uKnowva HRMS makes companies less paper-dependent since everything is now stored on the cloud. With less demand for paper, companies reduce their carbon footprint. 

Easier Management for the Organisation 

One of the greatest perks of cloud-based HR management tools is the flexibility to organise company procedures and protocols seamlessly. uKnowva features provide organisations with leave management, work management, performance management and time management, so they easily organise the workflow and estimate its output.   

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With uKnowva, companies communicate transparently. Organisations have many structures and departments in place, and communicating with all of them can be tedious. With uKnowva, different parts of the company can now communicate through one platform. It means there is less to-and-fro with other interfaces and tools. All teams and business units can use the same messenger with different streams for meeting a purpose with a shared mindset. They all do so without switching tabs and wasting time. 

 Collects Data 

With a cloud-based HR management tool or software, companies can collect data from their workforce through surveys and draw proper analysis. HR leaders figure out their attrition rates, retention rates and employee engagement from these reports. They further evaluate, control, and direct the business goals depending on the numbers already achieved and the newer benchmark to set within minutes. 

Workflow Automation 

Employees can sometimes feel like they don’t have enough time to complete their tasks. With uKnowva HRMS, companies save time and automate workflows to complete tasks without diminishing the expected quality.

Talent Recruitment and Management 

HRM software can make processes like recruitment and onboarding easier and implement a good talent management strategy. With uKnowva, companies can call for open positions from a single dashboard. This helps you get a lot of reach with talents from different spaces of the internet. Once companies hire their most suitable talent, they can initiate their onboarding process and then manage their communication, workload, development and time, all thanks to one software.  

Better Collaboration 

With a platform where all company employees can connect, HRM software allows employees to work with other departments and remote workers. Hiring remote employees has never been easier because uKnowva HRMS automated the entire process from pre-boarding to onboarding. The social intranet by uKnowva also connects remote workers to on-site employees within one instance. So, everyone knows what the other person does in the team, which leads to better coordination for faster deliverables.


These are the top reasons for switching to a cloud-based HRMS like uKnowva HRMS. Moving your company to a digital age of automation and organisation has never been easier. At uKnowva, we provide all clients with the best services to fulfil their HR needs within the timeframe.

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