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The COVID – 19 pandemic hit us quite unexpectedly. Even more so, the quarantine was the most unforeseen event, we all could have ever witnessed.

Who would have thought that suddenly, all the operations would come to a halt and power through towards an absolute paradigm shift in a matter of a few months?

Fitting into the Pandemic Present.

We had been in lockdown for over months. It’s like the year had come to a standstill. Even since the movie halls, the schools, the offices, and every other public place shut down, and we got confined to our homes, it felt like there was no hoping for normalcy again. But the show must go on, and it did. In a very short time into the confinement, schools and offices discovered the concept of “Work from home”. The students were attending their classes online, trying to make this, their new normal.

The workforce all over the country was attending their online conference calls while simultaneously cooking in the kitchen and making sure the clothes were out of the dryer. We used to look forward to our weekends, away from our mundane routines of going to the office and had to make ourselves a new routine of juggling work with household chores. We have come far in life. Came from making excuses to our bosses for taking a day off to making excuses to our bosses for not attending the online meetings. And that’s how we made our grand entry into the new Pandemic Present. 

That said, we should pat ourselves on the back for really putting in insane efforts and hard work during these tumultuous times, breaking all boundaries of time and limitations. We all really adapted to the new normal and moved on to our new ways of working in a very efficient manner. But it was not possible without our dynamic HR team. They eased us into the new normal, making it as effortless as possible.

  HR to the Rescue

The Pandemic completely disrupted the operations of companies, and there was a time when everyone thought, this was the end. But HR played the role of the modern time superhero, working around the clock to adjust us to the social distancing practices and the online working environment. From replacing face-to-face interactions with emails and video conferencing, drafting new business and communication plans, with no impact on productivity.

What’s more, they worked at keeping the employees motivated and encouraged as well. They kept the company engaged and enthused to power through towards a better future, by interacting with employees at every level throughout the lockdown. They kept the wheels moving, were the pillars of their organizations, by taking all the challenges on their shoulders and responding to every crisis, however big or small, with amicable solutions.

Throughout the pandemic, the HR division has been responsible for overseeing employee performance and communication, organizing office interactive sessions, maintaining the familial environment of the company, hiring interns, and choosing deserving candidates for attractive opportunities in the firm.  Managing the quality of work of the employees and facilitating them in every way was part of their work description, it seemed throughout this year.

Part of facilitating the employees was to make sure they all have access to Medical support insurance to support during the pandemic. Focusing on the pouring resumes of the freelancers of the workforce was yet another challenge they had taken upon themselves.

Besides these challenges, HR also had on their plate, the issue that arose during the lockdown- the mental health of all the employees, and burnouts due to excess work.

Stress and anxiety were always in the picture, but during these times, it was imperative to keep the employee's well-being in check. To facilitate that, HR had in their hands to organize online wellness programs and check-ups.

These helped the employees to a great extent and gave them a warm presence of care around that, which made them overcome their emotional problems. They also created a healthy work routine for all because work from home ended up meaning work all day and night for some, which wasn’t at all healthy for the employees. The routine had breaks and weekends scheduled which helped all in surviving the work from home phase without facing a burnout, or a breakdown due to extreme exhaustion and stress.

After the announcement of the reopening of offices with the recent unlock guidelines, the HR team put its sincerest efforts to achieve normalcy and make the offices a safe environment for the employees to return to. They oversaw every little detail, regular sanitization, restricted entries, and seating arrangements.

 In the End

In times of need, we all need someone, someone like family to hold our hands and guide us through the dark tunnel until we see the light at the end. The HR division was our hand to reach out to in these times when all was not right with the world. They guided us and made sure we were comfortable with the Pandemic Present to the utmost. They changed themselves, to make sure we returned to our familiar, comfortable environment, and that is what we call family.


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