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The business world never stopped, and it won’t either in the future. 

Rather, factors like effective internal HR communication and its streamlining ideas have finally come into the limelight to nurture hired talent in a firm for its long-term success. 

Companies now understand that communication is just a tap away irrespective of their size. It shows how fast the exchange of information takes place in an organisation. Or, how easy should it be even when the business and HR operations grow more complex.

Streamlining HR Communication

At times like today, where employee branding is at its peak, outdated communication tools wouldn’t be profitable. 

Team leaders have to tackle everyday human resource issues with forward-thinking approaches. For that, they must learn different streamlining internal communication ideas in 2023. 

5 Ideas To Streamline HR Communication In 2023:

Implement employee experience in company culture:

It’s a growing responsibility of HRs to bring and offer a positive experience to new and existing employees at every level. Their first and last experience in the organisation must maintain a standard and continue to grow. 

With that in mind, HRs can use HRMS suites to bring inclusivity and diversity to their company culture. Because a welcoming workplace and the right tools and technological aid to build a robust company culture together. 

When that’s in place, people look forward to working in that company – be it at any hierarchical level. 

To correctively streamline HR communications, team leaders must also check if employees are:

  • Well-informed about the company’s vision, mission, and principles.
  • Well-appointed with the right TLs, HR management systems, and learning tools.
  • It is taken into the loop with the core business discussion that requires their attentive inputs.

Further, HR must create employee experience (EE) goals to distinguish themselves from competitors and establish a favourable brand. As a result, employees can be burden-free to share their opinions and connect well with the company every day. 

Consider mobile-first communication:

60 percent of employees use mobile apps for their office tasks as per the Digital Strategy Consulting report. Whereas, an EmailMonday report concludes 47% of people use mobile for opening/checking their work emails.  

These stats matter because there is an increase in mobile phone penetration amongst the world’s most populous countries. That includes India. Therefore, companies have to continuously develop communication apps or use an HR management system that integrates with one. 

These communication apps or tools help in improving the productivity, engagement scores of each employee, and remove unnecessary scope of misunderstandings. 

It’s only possible because mobile HR communication apps are easier to access and use to exchange useful and important information. In addition, these communication channels are direct, both formal and informal, saving time with cost. 

Employees can find the company’s latest news on newsfeed like on uKnowva. In addition, they can participate in quick polls to cast their vote to change and improve the company’s existing culture. 

As we move ahead, it’s also important for companies to acknowledge that they will hire more millennials and gen-z talent. 

These generations are already quick tech-savvy, or lovers of mobile devices. They work more efficiently on text rather than on call. Which also points to the fact that HRMS suites like uKnowva must have robust:

  • One-on-one communication interface.
  • Allow surveys to be customisable.
  • Let people vote quickly and easily at the polls.
  • Generate suggestion boxes. 
  • Implement an employee directory.
  • Ease for employees to attach images, texts, and videos/audios in their posts on Social Intranet. 

Focus more on employee recognition:

Labour shortage is evident across all industries given the current crisis in the world, especially central Europe. Amidst that, it’s pressurising for HRs to continue to nurture their top-performing talent without losing calm. 

But retaining good employees can only work when HR communication focuses on giving them equal and timely recognition. As appraisal and motivation go hand in hand. 

So, when top hires feel good about working in a firm, they decide to delay their shift to the next company. But, equally, it also leads to less voluntary turnover, which means an effective retention process in place. 

However, there are metrics to decide and evaluate good performing employees’ recognition. uKnowva HRMS implements such metrics by any firm as these are:

  • Ensuring timely recognition given to each good or top-performing recruited person. 
  • Congratulating team members in front of the entire organisation’s network for their feats. 
  • Making decisions based on feedback given on polls, surveys, or discussion forums. Then, announcing the gratitude towards the hire whose suggestion churned in the funnel for execution. 

Carrying out these tasks helps build trust between employees and their immediate mentors or relationship managers. They feel that their work matters more. And as a snowball effect, they would put more effect on the next project.

Check the people analytics data regularly:

Hyperight comments that People Analytics in HR discerns further talent acquisition and management trends. Organisations can use this data from their digitally transformative HR management systemuKnowva to understand their employee behaviour in any given period. 

These data-driven insights also highlight the most preferred communication channel by employees currently working in the firm. For that, HRs can roll out a pulse survey or poll. 

Certain metrics should be presented in the HRMS companies' data for insightful reports. These are, but not bound to:

  • Happiness index or meter to know if employees feel happy and good about their work daily. 
  • The popularity of the communication channel by top performing candidates. 
  • Check the most active hours deployed by employees in the HRMS system to judge their effective and focused hours.
  • Verify how many interactions a single post or survey garners. It shows which topics are more relatable, engaging, and fun for your employees. 

Later, HR managers and admins can review the reports to take necessary actions to strengthen internal HR communication between teams and peers. 

Watch out for employees’ burnout phases:

Employees’ wellbeing is crucial for the success of a firm. If they do not feel their company satisfies their morale, ethical, professional, and societal needs, they will leave the firm sooner than expected. 

There are tight deadlines at times in the organisation. It depends on the project they handle. But HRs should use employee directory, employee data, and their profile to know if they can handle the work pressure. 

To nurture their talent and mellow down their burnout phases, it’s a must for HRs to:

Conduct team-building exercises: to strengthen their trust and value in the company and peers. 

Help them lower their stress: conduct entry, stay, and exit interviews to know the trigger points of top-performing assets overlooked by analytics. 

Set up employee assistance program: help employees achieve their monthly or weekly goals using timesheets and project management features in an HRMS software. They get better at managing stress and workload this way. 


Streamlining of HR communication is possible with the 5 effective ideas mentioned above. They are coupled with industry reports and statistics. 

HR admins can begin incorporating those ideas at the entry to exit level using future-ready uKowvva HRMS. Later it’s easier to study the changes in employee behaviour later to check the ROI of each method or idea.

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