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During a growth phase, it seems difficult to scale your hiring process. You have to transcend the conventional ways of hiring talent from the market. Adopting AI and automation is going to be a mainstream approach for faster, cost-effective, and agile outcomes. 

In 2023, we already saw the influx of AI and machine learning algorithms taking charge of how we scout, hire, and onboard talent. If you’re still unaware of this mechanism, this blog is for you to explore. 

Make your hiring game strong, scalable, and sustainable with an AI-driven hiring process. Learn more about it below right away as you scroll down. 

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What are the 8 steps to scale your hiring process right now?

  • Generate job description and responsibilities within seconds. 

To hire fast and the best in the growth phase of your firm, exercise and leverage the availability of AI tools. For example, create a job description in seconds when you want to publish various job vacancies online for bulk hire.

It saves at least hours of your time at once. You just have to select the Designation category in the tool. It will auto-populate the JD in seconds. 

  • Parse resumes without bias for a skills-based approach. 

Fasten the process of your resume filtering when you have a CV Parser embedded in the HRM suite. This scales your hiring and recruiting process and doubles up your efficiency in hiring the best person. 

The tool allows you to filter the CV according to the skill sets required. 

So, you remove the learned and unconscious bias from the process. It also helps to reduce the emotional labour invested in the process. You get ample time and energy to focus on other important tasks to scale and speed up the hiring in the growth phase of your organisation. 

  • Get a checklist of top skills before you initiate the first conversation.

Leverage AI tools like AI Suggest right away to generate a checklist of top-notch skills relevant to a job description or profile. Keep generating these one after another for multiple job profiles and categories. 

The tool uses the GPT model to provide you with an updated list of skills. So, it removes the need to crosscheck from the internet and waste the efforts. 

The generation of the checklist of the new skills happens within seconds of using the tool. Again, this is super productive for an average recruiter to get away from manually putting efforts into this process. 

  • Integrate job portals with your organisation’s career page. 

Recruiters can literally save hours of their manual labour when they integrate job portals with the organisation’s career page. That way, the applicant will reach the company page automatically to fill out the resume application. 

Recruiters need not waste their time collecting the CVs at once when they are hiring at scale. Rather, they will start receiving these on the backend of the HRM suite which we provide. 

All the received resumes will be highlighted in the candidate or talent pool. There, the recruiter can use the CV Parser to filter out and carry on with the next step in the process seamlessly. 

  • Automate offer letter management with auto-save and scheduler. 

Recruiters can send offer letters in bulk to various people using our HRMS platform. They can auto-save the template and details when hiring for the same position and role but in bulk. 

At the same time, they can schedule these emails to remove themselves from the process itself. It allows them to have enough time to create a rapport with other talent in the pipeline. 

  • Generate the preboarding link automatically. 

One way of scaling the hiring process for recruiters and talent acquisition experts is to generate automated pre-boarding links. They can send it easily after the offer letter is accepted on the email by the applicant or selected candidate. 

So, now the recruiter does not have to manually intervene. The candidate gets an automated preboarding link as the next process, or the recruiter can send it along with the offer letter. 

They can set the logic in the system that if the candidate clicks accept on the offer letter, they will get another email with the pre-boarding link. Otherwise, they will get redirected to the KYC page to upload the necessary documents to complete the preboarding link. 

Now imagine 10-100 candidates doing that at scale. Recruiters have no role in this process other than acting as a guide, consultant, or help for the candidate who reaches them personally.

  • Send scheduled reminders to your shortlisted candidates. 

To scale your hiring process, engage with the candidate when required the most. It will happen automatically when you can schedule 3,5,7, or 10-day reminders to the candidate. 

This is an example. It depends on how many emails your organisation will allow you to send as reminders for them to fill out and complete their job application, assignment/test, or KYCs. 

Again, by automating this process, you can engage and follow up with the candidate without manually having to be there. Moreover, the system will record the trend of sending emails and analyse if certain types of sources are efficient for faster hiring of employees. 

Later, using this data, recruiters can make better decisions and plan how to engage and schedule emails to potential candidates at scale. 

  • Leverage the personalised candidate pool for networking and references. 

While using uKnowva, recruiters get the functionality of the candidate and talent pool. They can also open up employee references to keep the references flowing in. For that, first, the recruiter must talk to the management to set up a referral program. 

Moving on, the existing candidate pool is helpful for recruiters to stay in touch with the relevant candidates. They can send them company news, announcements, and live job vacancy emails to reapply in the organisation in the future. 

So, the candidate will also know if their dream company is currently hiring. That way, recruiters can indulge in recruitment marketing techniques easily and create a positive rapport and experience with the candidate, even if not selected this time. 


You read 8 steps to scale your hiring process in the growth phase of your organisation. Stay ahead of the competitive job providers in the talent market with these steps. Do not waste your budgets on annual maintenance charges of various tools when you can automate and streamline these steps by yourself in a unified tool: uKnowva.

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Q: How can we maintain the quality of hires while scaling rapidly?

A: Maintaining quality involves refining job descriptions, implementing robust screening processes, and investing in employee referrals. A strong employer brand also attracts high-quality candidates during rapid scaling.

Q: What technology can aid in scaling the hiring process effectively?

A: Leveraging applicant tracking systems, AI-driven recruitment tools, and video interviewing platforms can significantly enhance efficiency and accuracy, ensuring a streamlined and scalable hiring process.

Q: How can we create a scalable interview process without sacrificing thoroughness?

A: Standardise interview templates, train interviewers, and implement competency-based assessments. This ensures consistency and thorough evaluation while accommodating a higher volume of candidates.

Q: What steps can we take to reduce time-to-fill during a growth phase?

A: Streamline the recruitment pipeline by setting clear timelines, utilising technology for quick screening, and empowering hiring managers with the tools and resources needed to make timely decisions.

Q: How can we adapt the onboarding process to accommodate a rapidly growing team?

A: Create a scalable onboarding program with a mix of online and in-person components. Utilise technology for paperwork and orientation while assigning mentors to facilitate a smooth integration into the team.


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