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Generative AI is the latest wave of automated technologies across industries that are heavily operating online, especially with the commencement of ChatGPT and other AI-backed tools. Team uKnowva is not far behind in this AI revolution. We have come up with this exciting new feature: AI Suggest. You will know about it in details below. Within the 5 points listed below, discover how AI Suggest is successful in helping the HR professionals, reporting managers, and recruiters. This is the new era of digitally transforming workplaces and automating daily tasks for HRs and senior professionals. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this topic!

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5 Surefire Ways for AI Suggest by uKnowva To Empower HR Teams And Reporting Managers:

Suggests skills needed for a designation at the click of a button:

When recruiters type a designation in the “Designation Name” in the Add/Edit Designation form under Designation Master, they can add a “Designation Category” and then click “AI Suggest.”

AI Suggest is a generative AI tool, extracting data from the GPT model when anyone is using it on uKnowva. As soon as anyone clicks the button, it fills the section named “Skills based on Designation.”


AI Suggest Video

Now, recruiters have one less thing to watch out for when creating a job description for potential or existing hires. The feature will list at least 4-5 top skills needed for this position. 

Recruiters or reporting managers can remove the skills that are not needed. Most of the time, results are accurate. It helps recruiters get ahead with the job description of the designation either they need to add/edit in the system first or assign it to an existing employee. 

For those of you who are not aware, these skills are important to lock the right candidate for a job. It helps recruiters in candidate matching when they are scouting for the talent who can bring justice to the designation. So, when AI Suggest helps them to list down the top skills for a job role or designation, they do not have to depend on another resource or invest time in searching online.

Helps to shortlist the interview assessment questions within seconds:

When recruiters or reporting managers go to Designation Master, under the HR Manager menu option, they have the ability to use AI Suggest on uKnowva. They need to choose a Designation and click AI Suggest for it to work and provide Interview Assessment questions immediately. 

Now recruiters or the reporting managers, who are taking interviews of new hires, don’t have to depend on any other source. They get the right set of questions to ask the candidate during a job interview. They can delete the questions of the provided bank if they want to. 

Further, they can edit the questions suggested by AI Suggest. 

It becomes an effective and efficient feature for recruiters and interviewers to shortlist important and relevant questions for the upcoming interviews. This is more helpful because this feature provides a lot of new questions for every other profession. The recruiter or interviewer cannot have that much knowledge when interviewing diverse candidates. 

We can say that AI Suggest can reduce the workload of searching job-related questions for recruiters or interviewers by at least 30-60 minutes. 

Helps reporting managers in setting up new KRAs and competencies:

AI Suggest, the next best thing at uKnowva in the space of generative AI tools, is here. It is helping reporting managers and talent managers to set the most appropriate KRAs and competencies for their talents in a snap. 

This removes any scope of confusion because this feature extracts data from the internet and summarises it well for the concerned person. It also categorises the KRAs and competencies into qualitative or quantitative for the manager. 

That’s not all. It also provides the average weightage a manager should give to a particular KRA or competency to be posted in the Job Description or J.D. 

Again, this feature saves at least an hour of back-and-forth communication for the manager. Besides that, it removes the scope of any human error or miscalculation. The KRA template is then easy to format, edit, and assign to a candidate or an existing employee for further performance evaluation. 

Helps to fasten the probation evaluation:

AI Suggest adds “attributes” in the probation evaluation menu for reporting managers to fasten the transition of an employee in the company. With the help of these attributes, managers know what kind of behaviour, operational excellence, and competencies were expected out of the employee. Then, they can rate the employee based on these attributes to check whether they are making the cut or not to be permanent in the company. 

Again, at least an hour of the manager’s time gets saved by speeding up the probation evaluation attributes in one tab. Managers no longer have to get back to HR or other stakeholders to set these attributes. The same is with the HR professional when designing a new job role or designation. 

It's easier to define job roles in detail with AI Suggest:

Another benefit to factor in when we talk about AI Suggest by uKnowva is that it helps to detail out the job roles of a designation entered before clicking it for assistance. It, again, proves its worth by helping the recruiters to know the job roles in detail for the candidates to interview and onboard.

The Bottom Line

We have only talked about 5 amazing benefits of AI Suggest, the latest generative AI feature embedded in uKnowva for its users and clients. Going forward, team uKnowva is going to test and implement AI Suggest in more modules for HRs to make their lives simpler and more impactful. Stay tuned to our page; we will be posting more such updates related to AI tools and their integrations with uKnowva!

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How are generative AI tools changing the HR landscape?

Generative AI tools are revolutionising the HR landscape by streamlining various processes. These tools, like AI Suggest by uKnowva, improve hiring efficiency and reduce learned bias. AI algorithms help match candidates with job requirements, saving time and enhancing candidate selection. 

How is uKnowva helping to automate HR recruiter’s tasks before they post a job vacancy?

uKnowva is coming up with AI Suggest, which is currently modelled into HR Manager and Designation Master. It helps recruiters to complete the J.D. within seconds and saves at least 2-4 hours for them, which they otherwise waste in searching, scrolling, and communicating back-and-forth to shortlist what to write and publish in a particular job vacancy. 

What more can the generative AI feature like AI Suggest do for uKnowva users?

AI Suggest is going to be the next big revolution at uKnowva to make HRs’ and other users’ life easy and intelligent at workplaces. Stay tuned to our blog page to know more about the increasing functionalities of AI Suggest. 

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