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In the growing period, an organisation typically faces many problems, such as process optimisation, scaling, workflow management, etc. As the number of employees increases, so does the work pressure on HR. To handle them efficiently, your organisation must opt for smart HRMS software

Don’t consider it an extra expense for your organisation, whereas a good and innovative HRMS software in India is a pack of all the necessary tools and features that look after all the mandatory tasks. 

When focusing on your growth in every direction, having a smart partner at the workplace is necessary. It saves your HR team from getting exhausted. The best HRMS software in India helps HR professionals accomplish their goals and objectives by streamlining mundane tasks from hiring to retiring.

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What is a Smart HRMS Software?

In simple terms, smart HRMS helps HR professionals speed up their tasks and eliminate repetitive ad manual work from the organisation. It is an integrated system that helps HRs in strategic decision-making. The HRMS handles everything from storing the employees’ details to maintaining their payroll, activities, growth, and much more. 

It gives the employees the freedom to work from anywhere and makes handling tasks easier for HRs and managers. It saves time to utilise in planning for organisation benefits and growth.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Smart HRMS Software

The benefits are countless, but to make it easy and comfortable for you, we have listed the best 5 reasons why you should use uKnowva HRMS software in your organisation:

  1. Drives Productivity

The core and most focused area of HRMS is productivity for your business. It focuses on augmenting your business objective, thus, helping you drive workplace productivity. It helps in standardising the process and automating the tasks. 

It reduces daily workload smartly and motivates the workforce to maintain their work-life balance. 

With it, employees don’t have to go to HRs for anything and everything. Now, they can do many things on their own. 

This software gives full transparency to the employees, and they can easily connect with their colleagues directly for the required work. It reduces the amount of transactional inflow and therefore improves productivity.

  1. Time-saving Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is the most time-consuming activity in HR work life. Many things must be taken care of when hiring new employees for the company. HRMS comes into the picture to make it simpler and easier for both employees and employers. It streamlines the tasks and helps HR to choose the most deserving candidate for the job. 

From posting an ad to the first hired employee, HRMS looks after everything. Its customisable applicant tracking system can help recruiters to eliminate bias and choose candidates based on their qualifications and experience. 

It also guides the hired employee on their first day by customisations like filling up the survey form, PF/ESIC details, and other pre-boarding information required. So, they no longer need the human resource professional's intervention. 

  1. Improved Transparency and Increased Frequency of Reviews

Rather than piling up the employees' mistakes to tell them at the end of the year, you can give feedback and suggestions at regular intervals to make them more productive and save yourself from hiring new employees. 

HRMS software facilitates frequent feedback on performance. It provides all the analytics and updates on employees’ performance so that HRs and managers can provide feedback to employees in real time with proper guidance. 

It helps employees improve themselves and gives them sufficient time to brush themselves up accordingly. 

When there is transparency about working, it promotes engagement and motivation among employees to perform well. 

Transparency helps to develop stronger relationships with employees as it is a 2-way road. When your employees know about your working style and goals, they will work hard and in the right direction to achieve them.

  1. Accurate Evaluation and Appreciation

HRs have much to do daily. Thus it is difficult to overlook every employee’s performance personally. It results in reduced appreciation and lowers the work culture and engagement. 

To solve this, HRMS monitors the performance and reviews them occasionally. It can provide HR with the result that helps to announce the best performers of the month, team, or under other categories. 

It brings engagement as recognition can boost the morale of employees. It assists employees in their journey in the organisation from day one to the last, making them self-reliant at every click. When employees’ problems are addressed and their efforts are noticed, their productivity improves.

  1. Tracks the happiness of your employees 

It also asks employees about their mood after working the whole day through the ‘happiness parameter’. Employees punch in their mood with the emoji of their choice on the happiness meter. 

The data gets assembled and collected at the backend. HR professionals need this data to know if their employees are happy while working there. This helps them to course correct and make necessary changes to their culture. 

Employees also feel they have ownership of their emotions when they click on happy, awesome, sad, or tired emojis. Plus, it’s fun to interact with the system with the help of these emojis. 


If you go on searching more deeper, you will get numerous reasons why an organisation should have effective and smart HRMS software for their HR process. HRMS tools ensure effective communication, streamlining of productivity, workflow management, promoting positive, healthy work culture, and so on. It leaves no scope for distress and eliminates disputes effectively from the organisation. uKnowva is one such HRMS tool that automates HR processes and promotes overall productivity.

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Why is HRMS important in an organisation?

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is vital in organisations as it streamlines HR processes, automates administrative tasks, centralises employee data, enhances employee engagement, facilitates performance management, supports strategic decision-making, ensures compliance, and improves overall efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness of the HR department.

How does uKnowva HRMS help HRs accomplish their goal?

uKnowva HRMS aids HR professionals in achieving their goals by providing a centralised platform for managing employee data, automating routine tasks, facilitating efficient recruitment and onboarding, enabling performance management, ensuring compliance, and generating comprehensive reports for informed decision-making, thereby enhancing HR effectiveness.

In what ways HRMS helps the organisation in increasing its overall productivity?

HRMS contributes to increased organisational productivity by streamlining HR processes, automating administrative tasks, improving employee data accuracy, enabling efficient workforce planning, facilitating effective performance management, enhancing employee engagement, and providing insights for informed decision-making, all leading to improved productivity levels.

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