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In today's rapidly changing business landscape, Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) play a crucial role in driving organisational growth and success. As businesses evolve, so must the responsibilities and skill sets of CHROs. To effectively navigate the challenges and seize opportunities, CHROs need to embrace new roles that align with the evolving demands of the business environment. In this article, let's explore and read 10 new roles that CHROs must adopt for business growth.

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10 New Roles CHROs Must Adopt for Consistent Business Growth

The Strategic Business Partner

As a strategic business partner, CHROs need to align HR strategies with the overall business objectives. They must have a deep understanding of the organisation's goals and work closely with the executive team to develop and execute HR initiatives that drive business growth. By linking HR strategies to business outcomes, CHROs can effectively contribute to the organisation's success.

The Culture Champion

CHROs should take on the role of a culture champion and actively shape the organisational culture. They need to foster an inclusive and high-performance culture that supports the company's values, mission, and vision. By creating a positive work environment and nurturing a strong culture, CHROs can enhance employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

The Talent Acquisition Expert

Attracting and retaining top performers is crucial for business growth. CHROs must excel in talent acquisition, leveraging innovative strategies to attract the right talent. They should focus on building a strong employer brand, implementing effective recruitment processes, and leveraging HRMS software to streamline hiring and onboarding tasks efficiently. By securing top talent, CHROs contribute to the organisation's success.

The Employee Experience Advocate

CHROs need to prioritize the employee experience and ensure that employees are engaged, satisfied, and motivated. They should implement initiatives that enhance the employee experience, such as flexible work arrangements, career development programs, and recognition schemes. By fostering a positive employee experience, CHROs can drive employee productivity, loyalty, and overall business performance.

The Change Management Leader

Change is inevitable in today's dynamic business landscape. CHROs must lead change management efforts by effectively communicating and managing organisational transitions. They should develop change management strategies, provide guidance and support to employees during periods of change, and foster a culture of adaptability and resilience.

The Data-driven Decision Maker

Data-driven decision-making is essential for driving business growth. CHROs should leverage HR analytics and data to make informed decisions related to talent management, performance evaluation, workforce planning, and employee engagement. By analysing relevant data, CHROs can identify trends, predict future needs, and make strategic HR decisions that contribute to business success.

The Leadership Developer

CHROs must take on the role of leadership developers and nurture the next generation of leaders within the organisation. They should implement leadership development programs, provide coaching and mentoring opportunities, and identify high-potential employees for future leadership positions. By developing strong leaders, CHROs contribute to a sustainable talent pipeline and ensure the organisation's long-term success.

The Diversity and Inclusion Advocate

Diversity and inclusion drive innovation and business growth. CHROs should champion diversity and inclusion initiatives, ensuring that the organisation embraces diversity in all its forms. They should implement inclusive policies and practices, promote diversity in hiring and promotions, and foster an inclusive work culture for the entire staff to have a valuable and respectable position.

The Employee Well-being Promoter

Employee well-being is vital for productivity and business success. CHROs should prioritise employee well-being by implementing initiatives that support physical, mental, and emotional health. They should promote work-life balance, offer wellness programs, and create a supportive work environment. By prioritizing employee well-being, CHROs contribute to a motivated and engaged workforce.

The Technology Enabler

In today's digital age, CHROs must embrace technology and leverage HRMS software to streamline HR processes and enhance efficiency. They should stay updated on the latest HR technology trends and leverage them to automate administrative tasks, improve data management, and provide self-service options for employees. By being technology enablers, CHROs can optimise HR operations and focus on strategic initiatives.


As the role of CHROs evolves, they must embrace new responsibilities and adapt to the changing business landscape. By adopting these 10 new roles - from being a strategic business partner to a technology enabler - CHROs can drive business growth, foster a positive work culture, attract top talent, and ensure the organisation's success in the long run.

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