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The HR function has seen many changes since its start, but none has been as transformative and radical as the fusion of HR with technology (HR digital transformation). This fusion has resulted in a great enabler called HRMS (Human resource management system).

Many organizations of different sizes and industries have implemented HRMS and made themselves much more efficient, faster and effective. Why should government organizations be behind?

An HRMS is a big opportunity to add immense value to the HR function in government organizations.

uKnowva has HRMS specifically designed for Government organizations in India. Read on to know how it does a tremendous value addition. Plus, know about the features of HRMS from this blog post. You will know how uKnowva is amazingly benefiting all organisations with its latest updates and upgrades. 

10 Features of HRMS which uKnowva Provides:

Read about the features of HRMS to boost HR digital transformation in the context of government agencies and similar organisations in India at this moment. We have further, introduced a case study to solve the data management issue for govt. agencies swiftly. 

The on-cloud HRMS helps all those agencies to automate and secure daily data entry and HR management work like a prop. But know about it in steps through the HR tech features uKnowva provides. 

Digitalized paperless solution such as E-Service book

HRMS digitalize the data and processes. All the data such as employee details, attendance details, leave history, reimbursement details etc. is maintained in digital format. This digitalized paperless solution eliminates the mistakes such as missing papers/ files.

Our HRMS for government organizations, also has the provision of E-version of service books which maintains entire service records. Any changes such as edit in employee profile or actions such as transfer and promotion, are auto updated in the E-service books. Government organizations immensely benefit from this feature.

Effortless Compliance with latest government rules & policies

HRMS provides an excellent way to effortlessly comply with government rules & policies through its built-in features.

For e.g. our HRMS system is reservation system compliant. The vertical reservation and horizontal reservation can be configured in the system. There is no need for HR department to spend lot of time in doing various maths related to the reservation, the system is there for them!

Features such as shortlisting candidates online based on reservation policy, are delighting the HR teams of govt. organizations.

Handling new government rules

Suppose you have got the HRMS implementation with the latest government rules… And just after 1 month a new government rule comes! What to do in such a case? Go back to manual work for the new rule?

With uKnowva HRMS, you can sit back and relax. It is easily configurable for new government rules and those easy configurations will always keep you on track.

Let us take an example


Government introduces a new rule i.e. Paternity leave of 5 days.


In uKnowva HRMS, you can just setup this new leave type. Choose gender as male, no. of leaves as 5 days & approval flow as desired. Easy as pie!

Employee confidentiality reports for appraisals.

Annual confidentiality reports of government employees are an important feature of performance management in govt. organizations as it is a way to adjudge employees’ performance every year in the areas of their work, conduct, character and capabilities.

uKnowva HRMS has provided excellent features for this also. It provides provision for - Online submission of Confidential report (CR), Real Time update on assessments, Integration with Promotion and Service Book & Automated reminders to ensure on time completion.

Multilingual System

Government organizations have to follow the rule of government related to mandatory usage of regional-language / state-language along with English.

uKnowva HRMS provides the Multilingual system and fully support the implementation of features such as multilingual letters generation.


Online systems bring a lot of transparency in the system. Accountabilities, execution, compliance etc. can be monitored easily. This enhanced transparency ensures drastic reduction of any charges of wrongdoing/ corruption etc.

Integration with other Govt. systems

Another feature specially designed for govt. organizations!

uKnowva HRMS can be seamlessly integrated with various government systems such as Aadhar authentication, Sevaarth, etc.

Efficiency Boost & high Productivity through features such as Speedy pension payments

With digitalization and various automations, there is a dramatic boost in the efficiency of the HR function. A lot of processes can be automated – such as approval matrix based workflow, Time management, Calculation of benefits such as Gratuity, PF, pension etc. Automation not only reduces the manual work but also speeds up the processes.

We keep getting customer accolades for the Speedy pension processing that is possible using uKnowva!

The automation of repetitive tasks remove the administrative load from the HR Team. A big relief!

The same HR team can get done a lot more, resulting an overall boost in Productivity & Efficiency.

Accuracy of data

All relevant data is updated through HRMS, in a central database. There are validations & auto-checking on the data entered in HRMS. It results in reduction in wrong data.

Systematic data management results in multiple benefits. Data is not only much more accurate, but also much more easily maintainable through in-built HRMS actions.

Accuracy of data provides far-reaching benefits for any organization – right from saving of man-hours that may be caused by confusion, to assisting in the right decisions.

Excellent Report generation

Through HRMS you can generate various customized reports quickly.

You can see any report in a few clicks – Manpower numbers, Employee benefits, Eligibility for promotions, Attendance summary, Confidential report status, Online recruitment roster generation , Shortlisted candidates’ list based on reservation policy, Online transfer & promotions orders and so on… This is especially useful for government organizations as they have to generate a lot of reports.

Well-organized reports from uKnowva HRMS make it a breeze to turn data into information, information into insight and insight into decisions.

In addition to increasing the productivity and efficiency of HR, our HRMS provides a lot of value to the employees also. The employees can access information quickly – be it their salary slips, leave data, or reimbursement approval status. It improves employees’ experience with HR and results in increase in overall employee satisfaction levels.


uKnowva govt. HRMS is be a powerful tool to empower the HR team & transform the functioning of HR in govt. organizations. It manages all HR Operations from Recruitment to Retirement as per the Government Regulations and Orders. Check all the amazing features of uKnowva HRMS for govt. organizations here -

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