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India's Only Cloud Based, Mobile Enabled HRMS for Govt Organizations

Why uknowva HRMS?

Manages all HR Operations from Recruitment to Retirement as per the Government Regulations and Orders.

Accessible:Available across all platforms from desktops to mobile phones
Focus:Compliant with latest government rules & policies
Extendable:System is API driven and can be integrated with other systems
Affordable:Low cost setup & secure environment available on Cloud
Configurable & Customizable:New Govt. resolutions and orders can be configured easily
Access:User Based Access system can be configured
Reservation System Compliant:Vertical & Horizontal reservation can be configured
Multilingual System:Regional languages can be implemented along with english.
Integration:Can be integrated with other government systems like sevaarth and

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Features Specific to Govt Org

uknowva HRMS has all the core Human Resources Management features, from employee directory & self-service portal to leave management & payroll. Apart from these features, it has Govt. specific features such as:


  • Mange different transfer types
  • Configuring the eligibility based on postmaster, post vacancy and post allocation
  • Multiple rounds of transfer with report generation
  • Online transfer orders


  • Promotion roster generation by category mapping
  • Auto vacancy creation in consideration with Government Regulations
  • Promotion by precedence based on Seniority list and eligibility matrix
  • Online promotion order processing and employee profile updation


  • Online recruitment roster generation and advertisements creation
  • End to end job portal service coupled with payment integration
  • Automated hall ticket creation and exam centre management
  • Shortlist candidates online based on reservation policy and send offer letters automatically

Performance Appraisal

  • Online submission of Confidential report (CR)
  • Real Time update on assessments
  • Integrated with Promotion and Service Book
  • Automated reminders

Service Book

  • E-version of your service book maintaining entire service records
  • Edit and approval of changes made to employee profile reflecting in E-service book
  • Maintains profile log of changes made and approval matrix
  • Auto updating during promotion and transfers


  • Auto generate retirement list
  • Online application for voluntary retirement
  • Option to initiate forceful retirement
  • Online approval, Documentation and clearing of dues

Disiplinary Actions

  • Option to raise and register complaints online
  • Validate disciplinary action by updating proof documents
  • Implement various approval Matrix and stages of action to be taken
  • Allows mention of punishment and action taken report

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India's Only Cloud Based, Mobile Enabled HRMS for Govt Organizations