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Do you have a team to drive? Are you a first-time manager? Maybe you’re considering scaling your team, especially the ones working in a hybrid working environment. Then, read this post to mentor your team to success

As you scale, coach, and mentor your team, you will improve your people and change management skills. Know your most stressed out employees on time and fix their moods and unproductive habits. 

Get them to meet their deliverables on time and come across as the team in your business unit. Even when there is a workforce management system and AI tools like AI Suggest, make use of those to the maximum potential. 

Show your team members your care, vision, and support. Lead them with examples and show what it means to succeed with autonomy, authority, and differences in opinions. Help them set the best KRA template possible to achieve breakthroughs and outperform their individual potential every quarter. 

Yes, that’s possible. Read the blog copy to know more in detail when you are smarter tech in your organisation without switching back and forth between apps or interfaces. 

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How will you mentor your team to success without burning out in times of uncertainty?

Build a purposeful relationship with your team.

When you mentor your team, you’re the first one to transfer your knowledge and skills. It happens continuously. You need to have the same level of energy every day as a responsible and inclusive leader to teach each one of those in your team. 

Build trust, open communication channels, become a scrum master and develop your own learning and teaching skills. Enroll in a course together using features like eLMS at uKnowva. 

Leverage the social intranet at uKnowva to open dialogue and discussion boxes for fearless discussions on uncomfortable issues at work. Smoothen the wrinkles and clear the misunderstandings. That is one way to encourage people in your team to be more excited to learn together despite their dissimilar backgrounds and experiences. 

Provide support as a catalyst to challenge team members to break their mental barriers.

You’re a changemaker, a thought leader; at least many of your team members consider that if you’re inspiring them to show up at work daily. You need to be a catalyst to them and support them, not spoon-feed their paths to success. 

Make them self-reliant, and use smarter tools like uKnowva so that they can set their own goals and check their progress without depending on you. They grow more disciplined to log in on time, and show their emotions on the Happiness Meter more openly and confidently when they trust you and the business process. 

With such an open and fearless process and job roles, employees will be looking forward to breaking their mental barriers. They will know that you’re there to support them, and they will try their best to solve their hurdles by their best efforts first. 

Evaluate your team’s progress and reward them accordingly.

To mentor your drive to success, you need to give them a beacon or a source of motivation. Talk to them first. Know what are their innermost strengths and weaknesses. What do they want to achieve in their tenure at work? Give them the opportunity to design their career paths in the firm. 

Use the future-forward, AI-driven, and mobile-enabled performance management system at uKnowva. Design their KRA templates within seconds. Let employees review it and request the changes, if any. 

Keep tracking their progress in the projects at uKnowva. Know how many hours they invest in each project and the mini tasks they perform. Take updates regularly, but do not micromanage. Dive deeper into analytics to know their punctuality, discipline, sentiments, and engagement rates. 

Such data helps you to know if you’re building the right team culture. Otherwise, you have time to coach and mentor each one of those when the time is right. Don’t be afraid to readjust their goals and KRAs if employees can do way better in one profile than another. 

When employees are breaking records, push forward their rewards and incentives on time. Make sure that the rewards and incentives are integrated into the pay slips. Implement uKnowva and never get to worry about the arrears that are due to be disbursed to your high-performing team players.

Celebrate smaller and bigger rewards by posting on the social intranet’s news feed. Let other teams and departments know about the go-getters of your team. This gives them a sense of achievement, belonging, and worth like never before. 

Help your teams win the race. 

A true mentor not only leads or guides. The mentor has to be there with their team members at every step of the way. It doesn’t mean you have to handhold them. Rather, fix their inner battles and self-image over a period. Show your mentees that you believe in them. Prove them the same with their achievements over the period. 

Have all the data of your team’s progress in the analytics and dashboard by uKnowva. Know whom to mentor next and who can be the protege to your roles in the firm. Develop their skills, help them overcome daily obstacles, and discuss challenging conversations without hassle. 

Those are a few strategies on how you can help the employee develop their own roadmap to success. 

Show them who is their immediate competition and how they can beat the same with a competitive edge. Provide them with the right HR tech tools like uKnowva to automate their repetitive tasks of the day. Let them focus on more humanised approaches to their work to drive unprecedented results. 


To mentor your team to success sounds pleasing to the reader’s eyes, but achieving the same is equally difficult. You can do so despite all hurdles when you have the grit, vision, and clarity in mind. Trust the process as long as you help your teams align with the common organisational goals. Implement uKnowva to streamline your team’s workday and help them go green with sustainable and scalable workflow management solutions. 

Contact uKnowva experts today to know more. 

FAQs on Mentoring Your Team To Success

How will you know if you’re a good mentor to your team?

Track KPIs and goals achieved in the dashboard by uKnowva. Check-in with your team. Check their sentiments. If the team talks to you openly without doubts and they are open to committing mistakes, accepting failures, and learning from each such episode of their work life, you know you’re doing great as a mentor. 

Can uKnowva help me mentor my team seamlessly?

Yes, it can. With online features from eLMS, workflow automation, manpower planning, succession planning, probation confirmation, evaluating sentiments, social intranet, etc., you can really mentor, monitor, and motivate your team to success.

What is the golden rule that I must follow as a purpose-driven mentor?

Never be a boss to your mentees. Ask them good and thought-provoking questions. Challenge their old beliefs, experiences, and processes. Show them new ways and perspectives. Help them automate repetitive tasks with uKnowva. Make their workdays smarter with the EI driven features we offer. Help them fulfil their long-term goals, aligning the same with the organisation’s vision. 

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