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HR outsourcing must serve the right expectations for employers and recruiters. It varies from the experiences the chosen tools and HRMS process solutions provide. To evaluate these features, employers must study the latest outsourcing trends. 

These trends help decide if tools like uKnowva HRMS can assist in automating and streamlining workforce management. Find the trends we have seen in outsourcing the HR function below backed by smart AI technologies. 

Here, uKnowva HRMS is an example of such technology. I will explain trends this tool matches to add greater value to your people process management. 

HR Outsourcing Trends in 2023 To Watch Out And Implement Effectively For Flawless People Management Operations:

Provision to deploy hybrid working culture.

Employers no longer have to invest in recurring rental expenses for building bigger offices and draw business profits regularly. With the emergence of acceptance of hybrid and asynchronous working culture, uKnowva HRMS solves that problem first-hand. 

Employers can use this tool to bring forward a collaborative environment. New and existing hires could join the firm from anywhere in the world. This outsourcing in the human resource function is what employees look forward to. 

This feature lets employees build their work around personal life and not the other way around. With hybrid working culture norms, employees can work from anywhere. They can experience life as they want to as long as they commit to their daily tasks. 

Equal employment opportunities (EEO) for new hires.

Another outsourcing HR function trend includes screening and shortlisting the most deserving candidates. Their sensitive details: gender, orientation, caste, religion, location, or educational background must not influence the hiring process. 

Rather, talent- and skill-based screening, CV parsing, interviews, and assessment are at par. It helps recruits scout the best talent for the job roles with clarity and consciousness. 

The smarter uKnowva recruitment engine can hide unnecessary information while parsing CVs. It will then provide EEO to every deserving candidate at the predefined salary packages. 

The system also automated the screening, parsing, and shortlisting of candidates. Hiring managers need not be active through this pre-boarding and staffing stage. Their role becomes more active during personal or group interviews.

Such recruitment and employment processes provide equal opportunities to hidden or STAR employees and people with disabilities. These people no longer feel unemployed when the market norms change to hire the best candidate despite their drawbacks. 

Hidden talents can be, but are not limited to: 

  • Caregivers, 
  • Applicants with yearly gaps in their professional life, 
  • Students who didn’t clear certain educational qualifications, 
  • Candidates not willing but are job-fit, and more. 

Each approval/rejection is available to employees within a click.

Another interesting HR outsourcing trend to follow and implement is focusing on developing introverted employees. 

They often find it hard to ask for approval or rejection of certain tasks. Their verbal and communication skills aren’t that skillful. Because of these low persuasion and influential skills, their work-life hampers. They are unable to voice their requests to their seniors. 

uKnowva HRMS solves the issue of unproductive communication with its interactive and intuitive interface. It allows employees, especially introverted ones, to ask for approval or rejection within a click. 


Employees can submit the request for leaves from the system itself. There is a note they can leave for their seniors to understand and not question their requests. Employees also check their leave count before applying for the same. 

The system also tells them leaves (causal, personal, maternity, etc.) count as they select the category. This interactive system clears any confusion employees have when applying for the same. 

This process helps them take care of their personal life with equal excitement at work. Such practice sharpens employees’ dedication and involvement in their job roles. They have fewer chances to burn out or feel out of space because of poor communication skills. 

The same example applies to:

  • Suggestion boxes
  • Complaint management system
  • Dedicate helpdesk
  • Project approval/rejects
  • Timely remarks on projects after completion.

Minimise employees' learning curve with eLMS.

The best HR outsourcing trend to implement using uKnowva HRMS is to help employees decrease their learning curve. They learn new things as soon as possible, especially the skills expected from them for the job.

The waiting period for new and existing employees is less with smarter and more interactive eLMS features. Managers estimate how many courses their teams should learn in a period. The percentage of reskilling and upgrades is higher in creative and/or information-based industries than in others. 

Overall, studies show that every 3-6 months, employees must learn new modules and courses. That is relevant for their job profiles or the next one to get internal promotions on time. 

We see that every 3-6 months, there is often a new trend, especially related to employee experience. That’s one first reason to prepare this blog and educate fellow readers on the emerging outsourcing in human resource trends. 

With reskilling and upskill tasks, employees commit fewer mistakes and errors to complete tougher challenges and projects. They become more tech-savvy, a need of the hour for a future-fit working generation. 

Growing familiar with smart tech tools like uKnowva puts them in an advantageous role inside the firm. Using their knowledge and skill, they automate tasks daily and save time to work on more challenging and riskier projects. 

Drive improved employee performances with resourceful engagements.

Outsourcing the HR function in 2023 is evolving employee engagement to drive home more business profits and growth. Talent and people managers must work closely with their staff members to know their inner strengths and weaknesses. 

They use the modern employee engagement tools where employees voice their opinions, drawbacks, insecurities, etc. This helps employees unwind productively and seek suggestions at the right time through an appropriate platform. 

This tool, the intranet on uKnowva, encourages employees to trust each other and value every team member’s honesty. Implementing that behaviour makes it easier to increase and improve employee performance every quarter. 


HR outsourcing trends in 2023 are here for hiring managers to study, research, evaluate and implement. uKnowva HRMS solutions make their employees' transition easier, fault-free, and automated. 

Talent scouting executives must read and share this blog with teams before implementing the tool. 

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