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Employees gain more confidence and autonomy at their jobs when they have the right workforce tools and workplace culture. In the changing era of a hybrid model, flexible hours, and work from home, employees need to have more hold over what they do during their clocked in hours. Thus, in this blog, we are mainly focusing on how to gain confidence and own your tasks and let go of the decade old culture of micromanagement. 

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5 Smart Ways In Which Employees Gain More Confidence And Fight Micromanagement

Set your KRAs and KPIs with the help of the reporting manager first

You need to set clear-cut targets and goals from the first day at your work. Expectations must be clearly conveyed to both the employee and the employer. The reporting manager can help an employee like you to set your KRA or KPI right at the beginning of your tenure.

Smart human resource management software helps you do that, even without depending on the human resource professional. A tool like uKnowva is self-explanatory. You don’t need high-end tech skills to use this smart tool. The menu options lead you to the performance management module, wherein you can set your own KPI or KRA. Then the manager’s responsibility is to verify and approve the same. 

So when you know what you are to do when you log in, it gives you more confidence. You know that you own your tasks. No one can question that. You are hired on that basis initially. So having that transparency and clarity is a must for employees to gain confidence and let go of micromanagement in the long run. 

“Talk to your manager and set clear goals. It helps you gain more confidence in the long run when you share your concerns with your manager with the KRAs and KPIs to set. When you have clear and defined goals, you can manage your time and day well. And this strategy applies to every employee, irrespective of their working schedule or hours for a particular period.”

  • Arun Kumar (HR Executive at SERVE YOU BEST Manpower Recruitment W.L.L)

Arun is a hard and multitask master. He has 4-5 years of experience in the HR vertical by handling multiple projects together. He also possesses a potent 3+ years of experience in sales in the healthcare sector. He even has vivid experience garnering more leads and business for a travel firm. Currently, he is a Human Resource Executive at SERVE YOU BEST Manpower Recruitment W.L.L, Doha, Qatar, since last year (2022). 

Have a good to a great relationship with your time management

Punctuality matters a lot when you are working in a firm where no one questions your timing. Ultimately, one has to know how much work they can do in an hour or in a day. Also, when you grow in a firm, you will be closely working with more team members and other staff members from other departments. For that, your time management has to be strong. 

uKnowva is the best HRMS software in India right now. It has the feature of timesheets and projects. Employers can create different tasks and projects for their teams. It helps to streamline the process and gain more clarity as to which employees are giving how many hours to an assigned task or project. 

It makes you responsible for the projects you spearhead or lead. When you get an appreciation for quicker turnaround time, you will get another boost to your confidence to scale up your capabilities. 

Coordinate and collaborate with your peers honestly

You need a collaborative platform like a social intranet to coordinate and collaborate with different team members. This will make you confident of achieving more tasks at a time. Know that you cannot do everything on your own. You need to let your managers and peers know that. 

With time, when you create groups with your reporting managers and other staff members on a social intranet messenger, you learn to communicate with a purpose. Every conversation helps you gain more insights into what the other team member is currently working on and how you can leverage their capabilities well. 

This helps you provide real or increasing value to the team. And as you delegate trust among your team members, your projects and tasks are all back on track. This way, you have ample or more time to relax or go on a break. Otherwise, you can spend your bandwidth on research and creating strategies. 

That’s how you nurture your mind to be more confident in taking on more challenging roles in the future. Also, you need to be able to share your weaknesses and bottlenecks honestly with your teammates. Only then will they guide you to the best possible solution.

Work on the feedback you receive from your reporting managers and peers

Smart workplace culture is where employees and leaders share feedback without hesitation. This one has to be constructive feedback which the performance management system helps to initiate. There is an option to leave remarks and reviews for each project parent in uKnowva’s performance management system. 

This feedback helps you to work on the qualities you need to harp on and focus on your strengths in the long run. You can work on your weaknesses to become the best version of yourself with the objective or merit-based feedback left by your leaders. 

Also, as you keep working on the feedback you receive, you become an indispensable asset to the team and the firm. uKnowva’s performance management system also allows you to rate yourself. This way, you are more honest in rating and reviewing yourself. It gives you more autonomy and authority in knowing yourself closely as a team member or an employee for a particular business unit. 

Some workplaces allow a 360-degree performance management system. Under that, you can even rate your leader or reporting manager. So the higher or senior management will know if you are working under the right person or not. 

This is valuable learning and insight for you and the C-suite level management. Then they can reshuffle your team as per your current job roles, capabilities, and feedback.

Enrol in on the job training and learning sessions

Employees gain more confidence when they have the right skill set and capabilities, even if they are a veteran in an organisation. Today’s era is of continuous learning and growth. Thus, an organisation needs to provide you with an eLMS or electronic learning management system. Through this, teammates can upload new courses, chapters, or webinars. All team members can enrol in the specific videos or courses together. Reporting managers or course uploaders can make it offline for everyone to learn without the internet issue. uKnowva has the eLMS feature to make the journey of an employee more progressive, confident, and business-oriented in the long run.  

The Bottom Line

Employees gain more confidence when they possess or acquire the right skill sets. They need to have an exceptional experience at their job. They must not hesitate to talk their hearts out with their team members or their reporting managers. There has to be time management, project management, and leave and attendance management in the picture. These management systems help an employee be more informed about the team and organisation culture, even from remote locations. When an employee does not feel isolated or alone, they get more confidence. 

Next, they can get more ownership of their tasks when they spearhead new projects with complete transparency. So there is no room for micromanagement. Lastly, employees like you must continuously evolve themselves. 

Right now, the market is all about AI tools and technology, which we all have to adapt to. Next could be how we learn to work with automated machines and robots to get work done. So employees need to be ready for the change, and for that, they need to be aware of the latest changes in the employment sector in India. 

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What is autonomy for an employee?

By workplace autonomy, I mean an employee needs to have the authority to lead projects. They need to course correct without the external member overstepping. They need tech or workplace right tools, tech, and knowledge to complete the assigned tasks. Also, with a growth mindset, they are going to excel in whatever department they are assigned. 

How uKnowva helps employees gain more confidence in the long run?

uKnowva HRMS makes an employee confident, disciplined, and productive with its timesheets, projects, leave and attendance, and performance management modules. Plus, it boosts collaborative and coordinative workplace culture with its interactive and engaging social intranet platform. 

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