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If you want to bring a positive change in your workplace environment and want your workforce to be more satisfied and engaged, employee engagement surveys are one of the best choices.

These surveys help kick off positive changes and improve employee satisfaction, retention, and morale. It sends a loud and clear message to all employees that the management cares about their response and well-being and wants to make changes that make their working environment more friendly.

These surveys also help in finding the shortcomings of the company that hinders growth and increases the turnover rate that brutally affects the company’s image. 

When an employee is satisfied, they will eventually work more dedicatedly and help to achieve the company’s vision diligently. When they see that you are taking steps in their favour, they will not sit behind you and watch you sink.

To have a strong relationship with your employees, your HR team will need a smart solution that automates their daily tasks. So they can conduct the survey successfully. By switching to uKnowva HRMS, you will get the best HRMS software in India that automates and streamline all the tasks and helps HRs to conduct the survey seamlessly. 

In this blog, we’ve crafted a complete guide to employee engagement surveys. It gives you insights about the survey and the importance and benefits it will get by conducting them efficiently.

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What Is an Employee Engagement Survey?

It is a survey that is conducted to measure the willingness of employees when they do their work with full motivation to give the best results. These surveys provide an overall view of the employee’s thinking and attitude toward the workforce environment, culture, and overarching goals. 

It is the best way to find out areas that might hold the employees back from performing their best in work. It spreads the feeling of motivation among employees to do continuous hard work and increase the company’s productivity.

The Importance of Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement surveys are necessary as they provide a platform to every employee where they can put forward their concern or issue freely. When the size of the organisation increases, it is impossible to talk to every employee individually. So, there are chances that many issues get unnoticed due to a lack of communication. That is why these surveys are the best way to identify and solve any employee issue. 

It can also be seen as a way to improve the workplace by having the suggestion of employees to make them feel more connected to the company. It makes the employee feel valued, appreciated, noticed and included, which leads to job satisfaction. Overall, you will get great results as the work productivity increases and the turnover rate decreases.

Benefits of Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement surveys hold various benefits. For example, it helps the organisation to make good relations with the workforce with open and honest communication and by acting upon the feedback. 

Employee engagement improves, which has a great effect on many other factors. So, try to focus on improving your engagement, as it will result in the following:

  • Increased retention rates
  • Improved employee loyalty
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Higher employee motivation
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased levels of engagement
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased sales and higher profits
  • A more transparent company culture
  • Improvements help make your brand a great place to work

As you now know how important these surveys are, you can begin implementing them right now in your company if you want the above-listed benefits. For the best results, you can curate employee engagement surveys while using uKnowva HRMS, the world’s smartest workforce management tool, in 2023. 

How To Process The Employee Engagement Survey Activity?

  1. Share survey results and actions with your employees

These surveys are the best way to build a strong relationship of trust between HRs and employees. So, taking action based on the feedback is not enough; employees must feel the difference and your efforts of taking the feedback seriously. 

Share the result of feedback with employees, whatever it will be, and let them know what steps you are planning to execute after the results are out. It makes them satisfied, and they will participate more honestly in such surveys going forward. 

  1. Analyse key findings

Examine the survey results. From the collected data, you can easily detect the areas that are affecting morale, progression, communication, and more in the company. Before the engagement becomes difficult to achieve, HR can take valuable actions to make their team satisfied and motivated toward the company’s goal and vision.

  1. Reward employees for their participation

An employee has a lot to do in a day, and thus they think about what benefits them when they fill out the survey. So, make sure that you consider their views and have something special in return once they fill out the survey. 

It can be a simple message to thank the staff, as it will make employees feel that their feedback is valued and actions will be taken in favour of it. You can reward a small hamper in return for motivating employees to fill out such surveys in the future.

  1. Take action

Till now, you’ve got the desired numbers, analysed data to work on, and thought about the award ceremony, but don’t just stop here. Regularly monitor the progress to avoid any slumps and continue to keep an eye on the engaged workforce to see what more initiatives can be taken to improve it.


As a last note, conduct these employee engagement surveys efficiently to have an ever-lasting result for your organisation. They are extremely vital to run an organisation effectively. Do these surveys with uKnowva HRMS as we help you to accurately capture the voice of employees. 

With the powerful analytics design of our easy-to-use HRMS, you can turn your employee feedback into action points to execute immediately for better business outcomes. It tells you the drivers you need to emphasise to get the biggest impact in your employee engagement program.

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