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An organisation transforms critically to higher HR maturity levels with the presence of the right tech tools. For new and emerging HR leaders, it’s quite important that they learn about these maturity levels. 

With that knowledge, they use the uKnowva HRMS better and improve their processes on the move. For the same reason, know the 5 right stages of the HR process maturity in detail in this blog below. 


5 Common Stages of An HR Maturity Model To Drive Automated Business Growth:

Stage one:

Your talent’s learning and development are two separate silos at this stage. There is not much collaboration between employees at this stage.

The two major functions of learning and development are working distinctively without using teams’ synergies as much. 

Employees isolate themselves from others while working in these two functional areas. The learning function is rigid or less agile at the stage of the HR maturity levels. 

However, HR leaders use the uKnowva HRMS to overcome these challenges at stage one. Features embedded in the HRMS allow managers and employees to collaborate without meddling with others’ workflow. 

Teams can work in isolation and collaborate on-demand using modern HRMS. This helps teams promptly move up to the next stage of the HR process maturity. 

Projects are also on time when employees connect for the ultimate purpose of learning and developing talent from each other. 

Stage two:

At this stage, we refer to firms as talent organisations. There are more opportunities for talents to develop within the company culture and hierarchy. Executives and management show more interest in developing the right talent on time at this stage. 

They shift their focus on employee engagement tools and software like uKnowva social intranet. Now they know that employees and management have to build a proactive relationship.

That is possible when an intranet and collaborative tool is in place. With this intranet, employees deliver expected goals on time.

Their efficiency rises above the estimated level. More business problems resolve rapidly with this proactive relationship at the 2nd stage of the HR maturity level.

With the help of the employee engagement tool at level two, HR leaders and managers start to plan better. They ask for employees’ opinions and vote, which shows them the real picture of their existing company culture. 

From there, they reform the executable plans to improve the employee experience.

The uKnowva HRMS works advantageously here for both managers and employees. It has enough capabilities to build deep and integrated relationships.

Stage three:

Stage three of the HR maturity model is quite transformative for the workforce. This stage removes the compartmentalisation of each department or function. These information silos become more cohesive and conclusive.

Employees get the right boost of encouragement from their management to continuously collaborate with one another. HR leaders show them the importance of engaging with the HRMS systems for their higher scope and growth in the business firm. 

We can say that this stage shifts the style of management from command and control to sustain and support. Employees get enough opportunities at this stage to put matters in their hands. 

They have the right features on the HR tech tool to deliver their projects more smoothly. 

Setting up goals and KPIs is one example for employees to take control of their progress in the firm. They take help from their managers to set up creative, challenging, and transformation goals. 

Managers also are ready to work with their team members at this stage of the HR process maturity to reform their career paths.

The learning and leadership styles here are more supportive. Every superior-subordinate relationship becomes more authentic, trusted, and reliable. 

Employees seek their leaders and managers to enhance their problem-solving powers at this stage. There is a true mentor-mentee relationship between them that develops over time using the uKnowva HRMS.

Stage four:

This is the stage for continuous development and learning in the firm.

HR leaders recognise and implement automated and transformative technologies in their organisations. They see that employee engagement programs are working effectively over a period. 

Employees get habitual of using the smart HRMS solutions in India to automate their workflow. The overall learning and development become continuous and more cohesive. 

Employees are given privileges to set newer professional and personal development goals. Their contributions to the firm start to add value and attract more business opportunities for the management. 

The workforce, despite their working locations, is accepting new changes in the organisation. They love taking up new challenges with the help of the uKnowva HRMS platform. 

HR leaders at this HR maturity level become architects of their team productivity. They understand the right calibre of each individual they manage. Employees start to seek their HR only for necessary tasks. 

Later, employees start having the sense of responsibility to complete their deliverables on time without micromanagement. 

Stage five:

The final stage of the HR maturity model is where organisations become self-serving and self-reliant. 

It is possible only when workers make the best use of the automated ESS portals. Employees have the power to control and drive their career paths with more autonomy at this stage. 

HR leaders and reporting managers only supervise their growth to meet strategic milestones. At this stage, it’s easy for HR teams to develop numerous short-term and long-term KPIs as their self-awareness is quite strong. 

Each employee knows about their core strengths without complications or complexities. They get better at time and project management at this stage by automating mundane tasks in the HRMS. 

The management and C-level executives build satisfactory employee experiences at this HR process maturity stage. The end-to-end employee journey gets mapped out with better prospects to profitably develop and nurture their talents. 


An organisation’s emerging HR maturity levels can be leveraged to develop better learning and development programs. The culture and quality of the workforce enrich as the people management moves closer to stage five. 

After implementing the uKnowva HRMS, HR leaders are capable enough to meet their strategic goals on time. They develop and nurture their teams with automation and streamlining features aligned with daily business goals. 

Contact us here to launch your first HRMS instance.


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