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A paperless HR department is the dream of many HRs and managers. The HR department has various procedures, processes, and legal requirements that require much paper-based. From offering appointment letters to the company’s handbook to ensure smooth onboarding, paper is an essential element of HR functioning. For turning your HR department paperless, collaborative HRMS software in India needs to be there to manage, capture, and protect critical HR data that impact productivity.

According to a report, only 12% of Indian organisations are working towards going paperless; that’s why there is much to achieve. If you are quite daunted by this big move of going paperless, we have a list of some top challenges. Let’s dive in and look at the challenges to prepare yourself before the time.

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5 Top Challenges Faced While Turning Your HR Department Paperless

This decision to turn your HR department paperless is rather challenging. So to eliminate this perception, we list down 6 common challenges that you will face in the journey. Once you read these challenges, know that uKnowva HRMS helps you recover from all those at a click.

  1. Implementation of an effective document management system

A document management system holds information about the company and ensures that every employee is working with the latest and best information. 

The copies of the essential documents get distributed to all the signed authorities so that they all are well aware of the decisions taken. 

Now, the question arises, if you make your HR department paperless, how does all the paperwork finish?

For this, you need an effective Database Management System to help you in controlling and managing your documents, which includes steps like:

  • Importing
  • Storing
  • Processing
  • Exportin
  • Viewing
  • Auditing
  • Sharing
  • Acknowledging
  • Deleting the document when required.

It automates all the document-centric processes that usually take a lot of time to be completed. Thus, saving time for HRs and employees and increasing overall productivity.

  1. Minimising the risk of data loss

Financial violation, legal liability, and reputation damage can all surround the company due to minimal data loss. Various threats can harm the company’s data and put the company’s image at stake while going paperless. Thus, ensure that you invest well in data protection strategies and take all the appropriate measures to safeguard your company’s data and image against potential threats. A reliable HRMS must ensure the top security measures to reduce and eliminate data breaches.

For example, uKnowva HRMS is GDPR compliant and passes the VAPT-2 report to fight off all the vulnerabilities listed in the same guidelines. 

  1. Dealing with electronic documents

As the digital revolution is at its peak, it brought an unfathomable amount of data from all corners of the world. Managing all the data without the use of paper is tough for companies. 

To remain updated with the digital era, opting for HRMS is the best choice. 

It not only makes your HR department paperless but also keeps you updated with all the coming technology on the market. 

The software helps to deal with endless paperwork by creating an efficient workflow and a way to handle workforce documents. Employees can use this software anywhere and at any time without external help because this is user-friendly and easy to use. 

  1. Need to store and process a single document in multiple formats 

One of the increasing challenges that make you think of turning your HR HR department paperless is this one. Not every system or tool will have the features and feasibility to upload a single document available in multiple formats. The traditional HRM system does not let you view or download it in multiple formats. This leads to endless delays in processing the information at the right time when required the most. 

With uKnowva and its excellent file and data repository, you never worry about this challenge. HR professionals download their most important documents in 100+ formats. Most of these include doc, pdf, xls, and others. So there is no delay in accessing the information at the exact moment when it is needed. HR professionals do not have to depend on any other tool to download their files on time. It saves hundreds of hours every year for them if they are heavily dealing with employee and company documentation. 

  1. Plan change management

Modern technologies help companies in saving a lot of money and also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of documents. Without proper training, your employees will not utilise these new methods and operate them. 

The change management has to be addressed openly to engage employees in the new methods of working and make proper arrangements to make them skilled in it. Make your employees comfortable with using new technologies. Otherwise, any paperless initiatives may fail.


Turning your HR department paperless is a daunting task but a win-win situation for every organisation. Going paperless improves efficiency, helps in building brand and morale, and saves office space. Switching to paperless requires a good and smart HRMS like uKnowva that helps in automating tasks. The software helps in the seamless transition of the process, making it easy for HRs and employees.

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Why turn your HR department paperless?

Turning your HR department paperless offers cost savings, time efficiency, improved productivity, enhanced data security, and environmentally friendly practices. It eliminates the need for physical storage, reduces printing expenses, and streamlines document management processes for increased efficiency and accuracy.

How uKnowva HRMS helps HR departments to go paperless?

uKnowva HRMS helps HR departments go paperless by providing a centralised platform for managing employee information, documents, and processes digitally. It enables electronic document storage, automated workflows, online employee self-service, and seamless data integration, eliminating the need for paper-based processes.

How does the paperless HR department affect employees?

A paperless HR department positively affects employees by enhancing accessibility to HR information and services, allowing them to access and update their records, submit requests electronically, and receive faster responses. It promotes efficiency, transparency, and self-service, improving overall employee experience and satisfaction.

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