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HR technology is ever-changing and improving the way we approach human resources. The human resource department handles the company's important needs like recruiting, onboarding, talent management, conflict mediation, payroll, employee satisfaction and strategy. 

These tasks are challenging and require time and effort, so while you would find an HR executive preparing a strategy for employee engagement or hiring top talent, you would find the same HR executive trying to organise employees on leave or payroll and manage resources according to the workforce requirement. 

Many of these tasks handled administrative work and involved a lot of hours and paperwork. Although HR ought to spend their time on challenging and important things in the company, they can’t escape these tasks no matter how mundane they are because they are important for the company's functionality. 

HR technology was created to handle these tasks with the least hassle so that HR executives could have more time to focus on the company's needs. However, companies with HR software started noticing many HR technology challenges

Some of these challenges made the job more difficult than needed at times. uKnowva HRMS was created to lighten the burdens of the HR department and help the HR department flow without any challenges by offering real-time solutions in their product. 


4 HR Technology Challenges And Solutions To Tackle Them 

Multiple systems for different tasks   

There is a paradox of choice when it comes to HR technology because there are so many companies and software in the field offering various services to help HR departments. So this meant recruiting companies had to get the software for payroll and then leave management another. Among all the HR tech challenges, this seems to be the most difficult because switching between multiple software is time-consuming. 


uKnowva HRMS is India’s No.1 HRMS because of how simple it makes processes for HRs. Instead of offering you multiple platforms for multiple tasks, uKnowva lets you handle workflow automation, leave management, recruitment and many other features from one platform.  

Expensive HRMS systems

HR digital platforms are not viable for many companies because of their pricing. Now granted, they offer an important service (s), but with some of these high quotations, it looks like the means do not justify the ends. Also, it does seem like a risky investment because companies still perform their day-to-day activities without the need for HR technology.  

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With all these expenses, HR technology might not make sense, but in reality, the world is moving forward and becoming technologically dependent. So it’s not smart not to invest in HR technology because it will ultimately help your company grow into this new era. But how can a company invest in HR technology without shelling out exuberant amounts of money? That’s where the real HR tech challenge lies: balancing the benefits and costs involved in the implementation.


uKnowva HRMS provides companies with all the best features to strengthen their HR team, all at a cost-effective price. Price can vary with the size of your enterprise and workforce. With uKnowva, you get the best HR SaaS that works within your company budget. Small teams with ten or fewer members can set up their own free uKnowva HRMS instance before scaling up to a paid plan. 

Difficult to understand interfaces 

A major problem when starting with HR technology is that their software interfaces are not the most user-friendly. The difficulty in understanding and operating these interfaces leads to a wastage of time and effort because it's not an easy-to-use interface.  


Choose an interface that will most likely be compatible with your entire organisation. The best alternative here is that the interface should be simple, easy to understand and provide the maximum benefit. At uKnowva, simplicity is the key to our HRMS. uKnowva provides companies with an easy-to-understand demo, and it doesn’t waste time to kickstart.  

Lack of improvement and updates 

Technology needs to evolve constantly, but often HR technology doesn’t update itself with the market or offers minimal improvement. This leaves companies in a very difficult place and stagnates the HR department.  

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Invest in a technology you know will constantly improve to help its clients. It seems difficult to find companies like that, but now our developers at uKnowva are driven to provide the best quality service we can, and that means constantly improving our interface, updating and innovating our services and providing the best. uKnowva is already regarded as India’s No.1 HRMS service because of its exceptional quality and service to its clientele.   


These HR technology challenges make it difficult for companies to trust and adopt the available HR tech. uKnowva has addressed these challenges and improved its HRMS to stand out from the rest. Now, companies can build an effective workforce that the 21st century needs. 

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