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Managers face hurdles daily from every part of the organisation to ensure seamless workflow. These challenges faced by managers are not easy to pinpoint and tackle. 

Some challenges like minor delays might be ignored. But when managers are out of their element, everything else goes wrong.

The most credible reason is that managers engineer the progress of a team. Management also has high hopes for them. That is irrespective of their department: HR, finance, IT, operations, or elsewhere. 

For this reason, management challenges must be paid close attention to and worked upon before matters are worse. To know what are the challenges and possible solutions, continue reading.

Then you can shape the success of your manager’s roles in the firm with the proper knowledge and planning. 

List Of Challenges


List Of Challenges Faced By Managers In 2023:

Communicating rules and regulations.

Managers must continuously educate their team members, mainly new ones, about rules and regulations. In larger companies, they have a lot on their plate. It’s impossible to keep teaching employees about the latest updates. That would be quite time-consuming. 

However, without educating rules in detail, employees will underperform. Again, the manager will be responsible for lowering team productivity in front of the senior management. 

This keeps the manager under constant pressure to check up on their employees about the rules to be followed.

Smarter solution:

Incorporating uKnowva HRMS is the smarter solution here for managers of this gen and next. The tool allows the HR teams and executives to upload new rules and regulations. There is also a panel of documents having the company policy. 

Employees use it to reinforce their knowledge. They can download these documents in multiple formats if the admin allows them. Now, managers have more free time to utilise. They do not consistently worry about educating their teams on these rules and norms.

Every registered employee will receive automated announcement updates on their profile. They can receive the same on their email IDs while being away from the keyword. Managers too catch up for the same on the social messenger without delays. 

Employees raise concerns on the platform regarding the company laws and norms. That process is immediate and makes the workforce more self-reliant. They don’t necessarily seek approval from the manager to resolve their query. 

Hiring the right talent and closing the skill gap.

Finding the right talent fit for the culture, job profile, and company norms isn’t easy for HR managers. Such challenges faced by managers are highly taxing, costly, and time-consuming. 

They need the right automated tools to save up on their invested time and CTC. Otherwise, it’s pretty difficult to work on the cutting-edge features for the firm and sustain in the market. 

The right people will chisel and refine the company culture to garner more business results. However, these management challenges lower productivity, efficiency, and project delivery levels. 

In times of need, the right person is not always available to the firm. Then, digital skills develop and rise in demand abruptly with the changing trends. Managers find it hard to keep up without implementing the right recruitment and hiring tools. 

Smarter solution:

The uKnowva recruitment engine will help modern-age managers to solve team productivity issues. That is when the engine automates crucial steps from pre-boarding to onboarding. 

It will assist HR managers in rolling out various offer letters, even for the sub-companies, in bulk. There is no need to upload offer letters with numerous letterheads with each hire manually. 

It’s just a point-and-click process. Similarly, reading behavioural cues, analysis of the applicant tracking system, and Aadhaar-based digital boarding are quicker steps.

The recruitment engine by uKnowva helps create a talent pool for the organisation. That is irrespective of the selection of the candidate. This is an opportunity for hiring managers to internally hire new members without increasing the cost to the company excessively. 

Giving the right training to the most deserving employees.

Managers want to build a team to rely on to complete tasks on time and deliver outstanding results. For that, they must train their power players and employees regularly. 

They have to know which employee is the best performer and which one is the slowest. This discernment is not for creating any discrimination. However, managers need to know these statistical figures to train and empower employees on their journey to success. 

But mainly, management challenges incur in a firm when employees lack specific skills and talents. Again, often, managers take the heat or the blame. That is why managers constantly worry about optimal tool use to incorporate projects with new learning modules. 

Smarter solution:

The uKnowva projects and timesheets, along with the eLMS, are the right functions to use here. Managers discern the right numbers for completed, pending, or newly-added projects. They do so by using the projects & timesheets system enabled in the uKnowva HRMS. 

Furthermore, they upload new courses, sessions, webinars, and resources for their teams using the uKnowva eLMS function. This enables every team player to learn new skills on the go. They log in with their IDs and begin consuming the content to apply it later. 

Managers have automatic updates about their teams’ progress. They no longer need to micromanage their powerful teams. Rather, they can inform them about the new courses to learn for growth opportunities in the firm. 

So, regular talent and performance challenges faced by managers are easy to identify and resolve. 

Inability to find the right work-life balance. 

Managers are prone to forgetting about their wellness while running after the targets and manpower training. This impacts the overall wellbeing of employees. Because if the manager is demotivated, depressed, or disgruntled, employees will also lose the sense of direction. 

Employees often consider their reporting managers or team leaders as their guides or mentors. That puts unbearable pressure on managers to face and conquer. However, it’s not always easy to manage that stress and live a balanced life at and off work.

Smarter solution:

The wellbeing of employees and managers now improves with the implementation of a virtual biometric system by uKnowva. It has the happiness metre/index. Employees, including managers, use it to punch in or out with the right emotion. 

It creates an analysis of the background. Management and super admins study these figures. They are proactive in giving paid leaves to managers for unwinding and coming back completely refreshed.


The challenges faced by managers will not end. But each day, we can figure out a smarter way to deal with older problems. The same is the case when firms implement uKnowva HRMS software as a holistic solution to their evergreen managerial issues. 

The tool has HR analytics and other functionalities to predict and diagnose all such hidden yet emerging managerial issues. 

This system refines and reimagines the company culture. That’s while automating business processes to free managers’ crucial time of the day.

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