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Today's businesses align their HR strategies to strengthen workforces to be successful. Modern businesses need reliable HRMS software to organise their employees' workload. Managers frequently have the challenge of growing their operations swiftly to adapt to the market conditions, which are constantly changing. 

Companies can become stuck using less functional, time-consuming, and expensive software because of the HRMS's speed. There are countless feature possibilities, but selecting one as a resource requires a thorough understanding of the qualities that might strengthen your organisation. The top characteristics of each modern applicant tracking system (ATS) have been compiled. Refer to the blog post to know more.

Important ATS Features In An HRMS Software:

Distribution of Jobs

To ensure that many people apply to their company, an applicant tracking system distributes the job posting to as many job search portals as is practical. Expanding the search allows more opportunities to find the ideal and qualified candidates for the position. Numerous important recruiting websites in India use these applicant tracking systems. After generating the job, a recruiter stress-freely uploads the same to various recruitment platforms. 

An applicant tracking system (ATS) on uKnowva HRMS helps recruiters publish job postings on many websites and job boards. In addition, it lets talent hunters and HR recruiters receive applications from around the world, including qualified applicants. This greatly facilitates the distribution process.

Organising and planning Interviews

The ability to create and manage interviews is another characteristic of an ATS. The applicant tracking system (ATS) by uKnowva HRMS gathers CVs and resumes from all candidates after publishing the job requirement across numerous venues. It helps to automate the process of shortlisting the candidates based on such keywords or keyphrases. HR recruiters can communicate with the shortlisted candidate through the streamlined ATS. 

That is by sending out follow-up emails on one-on-one meetings, assessment tests, and telephonic interviews. Additionally, uKnowva’s ATS automatically sends a reminder to the recruiter and the candidate when it's time for the interview, saving time and energy. Therefore, scheduling interviews with ATS became more simple. ATSs by uKnowva HRMS makes it simple to send emails from your work Gmail, schedule interviews in Google Meet, and mark events in Google Calendar.

Automated onboarding of the talented resources

Onboarding can start as soon as the candidate accepts the offer through workforce management software like uKnowva. The ATS can shorten the hiring process, fill in all the relevant data for the new role, and improve workforce engagement from day one.


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Welcoming new employees to the team will likely result in them asking a lot of questions about the organisation and what they can expect to gain from working there. Because of this, uKnowva’s ATS offers a system that automatically welcomes these new employees and helps them acquaint themselves with the company culture. 

The desire to begin working immediately may inspire the new hire to complete the required documentation. These workforce solutions are possible only through integrated HRMS solutions.

Track and store the employee data

ATS aids in the storage of each applicant's data, such as their resume. It applies to all submitted applications for the purpose of future reference. This is due to the possibility that it will be helpful in the event when more workers are required, or the candidate turns out to be an excellent fit for another position. This applicant tracking system ensures that the business never loses track of a candidate like that.

Work together as a team

ATS aids in resolving the issue of teammate selection. Selecting the ideal candidate to work closely with as a team after hiring new employees could be challenging. You can still assign other team members different tasks and maintain the data's secrecy using the applicant's details. 

This makes it possible for the dedicated team to participate in the selection process. Additionally, we can exchange feedback across the team using an ATS after each set of interviews. Moving a candidate from one selection or interview process to another will be simpler and less time-consuming.


A web-based programme called an applicant tracking system (ATS) assists businesses with their recruiting and recruitment procedures. By automating time-consuming tasks, this artificial intelligence-based HRMS software is renowned for optimising, organizing, and centralising the recruitment process. For example, businesses can use ATS to screen and choose applicants, monitor and assess candidates, find new employees, and keep track of employee information. Such workforce strategies aligned with an ATS make the preboarding to onboarding journey easy to track and implement. 

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Many firms now utilise a combination of both local and cloud hosting for their applicant tracking systems. An ATS integration with digital HR solutions results in a recruitment process that enables recruiters, hiring managers, and HR staff to work more successfully together, save time, and minimise manual labour. In essence, HR and recruiters effortlessly manage the entire recruitment and onboarding process with an integrated uKnowva HRMS. 

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