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In an age of stiff competition businesses all over the world coming out with innovative ways to keep their companies moving during the hard times. With dwindling revenue and wafer thin margin taking toll on working capital the scenario does not seem encouraging for organizations even in developed countries. New ways and strategies are put to practice almost every day in a hope for revival of the business but little seems to be happening. In this digital era the conventional management practices needs something extra to boost the company’s growth and that is where uKnowva the enterprise collaboration software comes in picture. Earlier the workplace culture and management practices were centered on the process improvement, cost reduction, annual revenue, quality of products etc. It did not consider team collaboration, effective communication, knowledge and idea sharing, transparency in processes, quick transfer of information etc as necessary ingredients in the eventual success of the company and as a result companies ended up with huge losses in terms of revenue and market share. The result is alarming and quick solution is a need of time.

With the changing times it becomes important to find a solution that can really work in the today’s corporate environment to bring the much needed growth and stability for companies. uKnowva the enterprise collaboration software offers rays of hope in delivering practical solution in seamless communication and team collaboration along with sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas. Below are the five ways by which a company can benefit from the use of uKnowva.

1.United we collaborate

It is a known fact that unity always stands for strength and collaboration. uKnowva helps businesses by offering a platform where the team members can come together on a common platform and contribute in the business process through knowledge and idea sharing. It also helps them to know each other better and create a familiar atmosphere in the organizations. It also helps them to organize themselves and achieve more in their work.

2.Expert knowledge at the finger tips

With plenty of knowledge at our disposal organizing them and making it available to the concerned person is always an important task which is neglected in many companies. But uKnowva offers a knowledge base that helps you to capture and retain expert knowledge and information from your employees, which can be used later by other members as per their requirements. This feature makes sure that even if employees retire from the job they don’t take away years and decades of knowledge and information with themselves. Getting right and timely knowledge always helps in effective functioning of business process and thus growth of the company.

3.Communicate to Success

Communication is a key to efficient functioning of the different business processes. It has been proved through various researches that having an effective communication channel in an organization help in getting things done faster. uKnowva offers activity stream that allows you to stay up-to-date with your team and Instant Messaging to have real-time conversation with your colleagues.

4.Capture valuable feedback

uKnowva helps you get what’s in the mind of your employees and help you design your product and services accordingly. Through polls you can get their unbiased opinion regarding certain important issues or topics. Through suggestion box they can offer you ideas or suggestions if they have any and contribute in the development of the company. World over businesses uses these kind of mechanism to capture feedback of the employees and gain valuable insight.

5.New business ecosystems

uKnowva helps you to create a new business eco system, which helps team collaboration and seamless communication across different business processes. It also helps in the free flow of concepts, ideas, feedback, suggestions allowing company to tap in the large pool of innovation and drives wealth creation for the company.

If you want any information regarding uKnowva please visit our website or drop us a mail at or call us right away at 022-25136632

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