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The latest and upcoming technologies are bringing tremendous changes in the growth of the market. The time has gone when employees are working robotically from 9 to 5 without any breaks and changes. But as time changes and people realise the value of time, they want to spend it carefully. Doing the same thing in the repeat mode becomes boring and less productive at one point. To save your organisation from this stage, employee shift management is introduced. The management brings different changes in the working pattern of the employee, saving them from getting bored and feeling dejected.

An HR manager takes care of the employee shift in the organisation. HR takes the help of uKnowva HRMS software to deal with software configuration, roster/schedule management, and many more strategies to enhance workflow. The shifts or rotation in the working schedule helps to maintain productivity and encourage or motivate employees to work in the organisation.

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Why employee shift management?

Employee shift management is an important aspect of running a business smoothly. HRMS software India helps in implementing it in the organisation. 

It helps in organising and scheduling employees' work hours effectively. By managing shifts, a company can ensure that the exact number of employees is present at the right time to meet the demands of the business. 

It ensures that tasks are completed efficiently, and customer needs are met promptly. Additionally, shift management allows businesses to balance the workload among employees and prevent overburdening or underutilisation of the workforce. It also helps in maintaining a fair and equitable distribution of work hours among employees.

Furthermore, proper shift management improves employee satisfaction and reduces conflicts by providing clarity and transparency in work schedules. It ensures that employees have enough time for rest and work-life balance.

A well-planned employee shift is essential for the smooth operation of a business, ensuring productivity, customer satisfaction, and a harmonious work environment.

Top 5 Perks of Employee Shift Management

A good employee shift helps HR to take full advantage of all the perks of the deployed resource. It saves a lot of time for HRs, managers, and employees by reducing the workload. 

Given below are the top 5 perks that efficient shift management can provide to employees and your organisation:

  1. Effective workload management

As the demand for remote working is increasing tremendously, give your workforce a choice to choose their most productive working hours and thus decide their shift start and end time. 

Therefore, HRs can divide the teams into batches that share the workload. It helps to manage all the employees and improves the efficiency of the workflow as they are more productive during their selected time. It also cuts down unnecessary costs.

  1. Improvise company growth

A company can grow better when its employees feel valued, listened to, and motivated. Giving importance to employees’ needs and listening to their ideas before implementing shift management helps in providing higher results. 

Giving them a choice to choose their working hours, the team they want to work with, and the duration to complete the project. Having proper communication through the social intranet makes employees feel a part of the company and motivates them to give their best. It not only enhances the company’s growth but also reduces the turnover rate.

  1. Increase flexibility

An increase in workflow and workplace flexibility directly affects your company’s goals. It is hard to manage flexibility on your own when the size of your organisation is big. 

Smart HRMS software is the best and most reliable option for you. It lets employees log in and log out at their convenience or according to their roster. All they need is a smart device and a trusted internet connection. 

They can always convey the message to HR that they are logging in late and completing their working hours. They do so by conveying the message on the social intranet and connecting with HR by clicking the “talk to HR” option in the left-side menu. 

It makes an employee's journey easier to embrace workplace flexibility. They can then strike the necessary balance between their professional and personal life. 

  1. Improved overall productivity

Employee shift management is effective to manage with the help of HRMS. Thus the company gets the benefit in terms of a hardworking workforce, higher retention rates, lower absenteeism, improved workplace culture, etc. You can say that you will get overall productivity in your company.

  1. Reducing labour costs

Well-planned shift management helps in reducing labour costs as they help companies to save the overtime budgets from their annual budget. Now the employees get their shifts according to their comfort level, so the employees who want to work the night shift can opt for it without including day shift hours in their scheduled working hours. 

When your company requires a large number of employees, accommodate a maximum number of employees in that shift without compromising efficiency and productivity.


If your organisation is also looking for something that can help in employee shift management, uKnowva is the one-stop solution for all your needs. It helps you to efficiently balance your employee shifts and produce happier and more productive employees. We provide advanced shift management features that include attendance management, automatic shift rotation, time zone setting, productivity monitoring, and many more.

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Why do organisations need employee shift management?

Organisations require employee shift management to ensure efficient utilisation of the workforce, streamline operational processes, meet customer demand around the clock, and maintain smooth coordination among employees. Effective shift management maximizes productivity and minimises scheduling conflicts, enhancing overall organisational performance.

How uKnowva HRMS helps in the efficient management of employee shifts?

uKnowva HRMS facilitates efficient employee shift management by automating scheduling, ensuring proper resource allocation, tracking attendance, and enabling real-time communication. It streamlines processes, minimises errors, and enhances productivity, ultimately leading to improved workforce management.

What measures are to be taken care of before making employee shift management?

Before making employee shift management, several measures need to be taken care such as conducting thorough workforce analysis, ensuring fair scheduling practices, providing adequate training and resources, maintaining open communication channels, and regularly evaluating and adjusting the shift system.

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