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Every company is going to handle conflicts and complaints as the volume of working people increases. It does not mean that the culture is wrong or unsuitable for anyone. 

However, there has to be fine tuning of the culture with the establishment of the complaints management system

A unified system, integrated with other functionalities in the HRMS tool, brings more benefits to the HR teams. They start managing and nurturing their workforce more productively in less time. 

Understand the reasons for a unified system more from the post below.

Unified Complaints Management System


5 Ways For A Unified Complaints Management System To Resolve Queries Quickly:

Dedicated helpdesks remove the backlog of raised tickets.

The uKnowva HRMS system helps HR teams to remove the backlog of tickets as quickly as possible. That is possible because of the dedicated help desks for different or various teams. 

This includes IT, communication, finance, operations, and more. Admins and DevOps teams can talk and decide on the different levels of integrated yet special helpdesks. 

This is the core feature of the complaints management system HRs access using smart uKnowva solutions. Employees focus more on their work with a faster resolution of the raised tickets. 

There is no confusion or ambiguity left in the process after resolving queries on time. Hence, workers do not delay in meeting their goals either. The productivity remains on point or par. 

There might be exceptional cases where employees do not like the verdict in the grievance redressal system. Then, they should have the option to resubmit the complaint to the higher court. 

Multiple decision-makers overview the live status of the complaint to audit. 

An integrated complaints management software helps decision-makers check its live status. That means they can access the uKnowva smart HRMs at any time for auditing purposes. 

The admins and management have complete rights to access the system. They need to know the live status of the pending, completed, or newly raised complaints or grievances. 

From there, they get the right idea about their current company culture. They know if the culture is finetuned or not. 

If not, they get ideas from the grievance redressal system in the uKnowva HRMS to make the right adjustments. That has to be on time to motivate grieving employees to stay and trust the process. 

Bigger organisations have huge teams in HR departments. A unified system will benefit them all. The right people will get access to the grievance redressal system without consistently logging in. 

The smart uKnowva HRMS recognised the registered device. They click the link once to supervise the status without interrupting others’ workflow.

Notifications and alerts are on time for every involved party. 

A unified complaints management software sends timely alerts and notifications to involved parties. This keeps everyone in the loop and ensures no one misses important updates. 

With these alerts, even the suspects or the accused person can watch the status of their case. These live notifications and alerts are necessary for on-time reception. This will allow employees not to think about the case during free hours. 

Rather, they can focus and complete their pending work first. In short, employees can raise complaints and get back to their workstations. That is possible because they trust the uKnowva HRMS for digitally transforming people management processes. 

The grieving party is never late to check up on the raised cases. Every involved party automatically gets the alert if there is any meeting or hearing in the next few days or hours. 

This helps HR and communication teams to resolve pending requests and complaints faster. 

Such a unified system helps HR in clearing the backlog. With the faster rate of clearing the backlog, employees have clarity. They know what their company expects and if they have the potential to deliver the same.

Complainants can raise the ticket from any location with valid proof. 

Employees must be able to raise complaints from anywhere. If they can work from anywhere in the organisations, so should they raise tickets from any location. The system must not limit them to raise the query and dedicate it to separate helpdesks. 

For example, the uKnowva HRMS is agile and mobile. It allows actively registered users to access the system from any workplace. It could be from home, office, road, apartments, hotels, restaurants, etc. 

The only thing that matters is that you have a stable internet connection to login into the link provided. This increases the adjustability rate of new employees in the company culture.

Existing employees feel at ease when they raise complaints or queries on time. There are fewer delays when HR implements a unified complaints management software

Employees don’t need to wait for a specific time zone or location to file a complaint. They log in and start filling out the grievance redressal form. They must have valid proof and documents to make their case strong and legitimate. 

The uKnowva grievance redressal system will enable uploading of different formats of the video or documented evidence. It again smoothens the experience of the user as they interact. 

Helps improve the efficiency of the HR teams with insightful reports.

A unified complaints management system has analytical reports too. These are important for HR leaders and their teams. They study the insightful reports pertaining to the resolved, pending, or non-resolved queries/complaints. 

The real-time analytics indicate the effectiveness of the current grievance redressal system. HRs know if their investigative team is working objectively or not by reviewing their reports. 

They can reassign the investigating team if they are unable to solve the expected rate of queries. Hiring and talent managers also know if employees connect to their jobs. If not, they often raise multiple queries within a month or so. 

This could be a hidden warning for an upcoming attrition rate. The system can recognise that to timely inform admins or another concerned person. 


A unified complaints management system embedded in the uKnowva HRMS helps resolve all queries on time. Everyone gets important alerts on time with the help of automated e-mailers or push notifications. 

Contact us here. Know uKnowva HRMS and its effectiveness in solving complaints with ease. 


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