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A CEO is a guiding light for any organisation. These CEOs must be proactive, insightful, visionary, and action-oriented to achieve common goals. Without active participation, the entire bandwidth of a business collapses or suffers to sustain. 

That is why it is imperative to understand at least five things every CEO should do in support of HR

Support of HR

Because HR is the heart of an organisation, a CEO has to work in tandem with the HR function. Only then can a CEO for HR lead in hiring, managing, engaging, and developing the right talent. 

Most Creative, Tomorrow-ready & Effective Five Things Every CEO Should Do In Support Of HR Are As Followed:

Advocate digital transformation.

Digital HR solutions like uKnowva HRMS efficiently assists HRs to acquire, manage, engage, and develop their employees proactively. Plus, such transformation tools are paperless and on the cloud.

So, the cost involved with incorporating these tools within the workplace is within the budget. Besides that, the CEO and HR relationship takes a new course by introducing scalable, flexible, and customisable HRMS. 

CEOs can work with HR managers or functional heads to automate the mundane and cumbersome tasks for the entire team. This ends up saving heaps of time, human efforts, skill, and talent. 

Rather, top-performers can then use their time and skillset to complete more complex milestones before deadlines. But that’s not all. Transforming HR activities digitally can:

  • Ease and fasten the recruitment process.
  • Ensure that the right candidates are working for the firm.
  • Double-check when employees are working proactively.
  • Surveillance on the timesheets, workflow automation, and project management functions of HR.
  • Motivate employees to engage on the Social Intranet UI, which helps them feel more connected to a working environment. 

Be open to bringing new changes to the organisation.

Things every CEO should do in support of HR includes them being proactive, agile, and adaptive to changes in the market. This could mean constantly keeping an eye on the internal environment or company culture.

With that, CEO and HR communication will also strengthen as they will constantly be in touch with HR leaders or executives. 

They must discuss new ways to deal with their employees at every stage of their work lifecycle. Together CEOs and HRs can establish benchmarks for employees. By following that, their team ensures that:

  • Right changes are incorporated to grasp the opportunity.
  • Right number of employees are assigned the capable project.
  • Prompt discussions are held on disruptive topics about the HR industry and people management skills and tech. 
  • There’s a constant watch on how employees adapt to company culture changes and their feedback.
  • Implementing what employees suggested to strengthen and embolden company culture for successfully achieving common goals. 

Recognise true efforts put in by hardworking and engaging employees.

This is amongst the most important things every CEO should do in support of HR. When CEOs initiate a module like Social Intranet on uKnowva HRMS, they open doors for employees to feel important and valued for their daily contribution. 

Employees can like, share, comment, and post their opinion on the Social Intranet system. This sparks their confidence, connection, and contribution to the firm’s achievement. 

Plus, when top-performing employees know that the CEO and HR relationship favours their hardworking efforts, they become charged-up. 

So, they want to showcase their talent more when they realise that management and C-suite executives are recognising their work on time. 

Besides that, using Social Intranet UI promotes better user or employee engagement. 

With a high rate of that ratio, retention improves, employees’ tenures are longer – they are happier, more satisfied, and in alignment with company culture. 

Additionally, recognising team efforts on time in front of users registered in the HRMS persuades employees to have a positive perspective on the workplace environment. 

That, in return, strengthens the company’s internal or employer branding tactics. Furthermore, it leads to positive word-of-mouth and the scope of loyal employees turning into true brand ambassadors. 

Overall, CEO and HR communication should be strong and transparent in recognising team efforts. After all, companies reap multiple benefits from this activity when performed timely. 

CEOs cannot expect employees to stay forever. 

Employees cannot stay in a firm forever. That isn’t healthy for either of them. What employees can do more smartly and creatively is to focus on building better company culture and revolutionise brand image/value. 

With a positive and strong branding: internal and external, employees would turn up to work every day. Even if ex-employees would want to return to the company after exploring their talent outside the workplace. 

However, the CEO for HR can advise hiring managers to read insights on employee behaviour. These are easier to read and decipher when generated in real-time from HRMS tools. From there, data sets on registered employees are easily accessible. 

CEOs and HRs can check facts and figures related to:

  • Happiness mood of each employee throughout their tenure or for a chosen period. 
  • Leaves allotted out of the total numbers applied for in a given time frame. 
  • Punctuality of employees from various locations to use the Virtual Biometric to check in and check out. 
  • Efficiency graph of each team or employee ensures that they are completing their allotted tasks, events, and projects on time. 

Such insights prepare CEOs and their HRs beforehand when an employee is likely to leave the organisation. The analytics would alert them before that happens.

They together can work on formulating a corrective measure like stay or exit interviews. From these surveys or discussions, it’s clearer to HRs and CEOs about the ground on which an employee makes a tough decision to exit the firm.

Keep inventing ways to motivate, empower, and engage employees.

Nurturing, managing, and developing employees is a constant cycle. So, when studying five things every CEO should do in support of HR, this hits the list. 

Because without nurturing top-performers, they would eventually get bored and feel left out. If that emotion kicks in, employees might start taking leaves unnecessarily and eventually depart. 

But with constantly improving CEO and HR communication, such adversaries could be halted. For that, CEOs have to keep investing in new ideas, tactics, strategies, and HRMS tools for boosting engagement, development, and management. 

For instance, employees can share learning content, modules: video/audio/text, and others on the network. It will be delivered to employees in the firm instantly. 

They can begin reading and perusing the course. Later, they can be assigned projects that demand employee execution of those skills. If this cycle keeps repeating, employees in a firm would never be who they were on the first day. That’s a big achievement for CEOs and HRs. 


From the five things every CEO should do in support of HR explained above, it’s clear that entrepreneurs have to up their game. 

They can no longer think hiring and recruiting is the only task of an HR function. Now, their strategies go beyond just acquiring, nurturing, and managing. 

It’s also about how people engage with the company and to what depth. Acknowledgement of this statement makes HRs better executives and CEOs better leaders.


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