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Wikipedia says, “In economics, a production–possibility frontier (PPF), sometimes called a production–possibility curve, production-possibility boundary, or product transformation curve, is a graph representing production tradeoffs of an economy given fixed resources.” It means that the PPF shows the combinations of output that an economy can possibly produce, given fixed inputs.

Let’s take an example of an IT company. The inputs and resources are the employees of that company. The outputs are the products and services that are produced by them. Given a fixed number of employees, the company can produce only so many products and services. If they have to increase the production of products, they might have to cut corners somewhere else. This is inefficient allocation of resources. 

One way to increase the production could be to increase the number of employees. This might not be possible for all. Another way could be to actually find out the inefficiencies in your processes and eliminate them. This is where uKnowva helps. uKnowva is an extremely extensible enterprise collaboration platform. By extensible we mean that it can be modified to suit your needs, whatever they may be. uKnowva is capable of entirely handling all of an organization’s processes be it HRM, Inventory Management, Project Management, or anything else.

uKnowva reduces the seven deadly wastes produced in any organization and increases the productivity of each employee. uKnowva’s Knowledge Forum provides a platform for users to share information, and seek & offer help. The Document Repository provides a common place to store all files while maintaining the highest level of security and accessibility control. Instant Messenger allows you to connect in an instant with a colleague and discuss matters.

The features mentioned above are the core features that any uKnowva instance has. In addition to these, uKnowva can be extended by downloading and installing many more apps or even by linking to an existing web application. uKnowva’s extensibility is what truly sets it apart from other enterprise collaboration tools. 

Other apps like HRM, Lead Management System, Project Manager, Support Ticketing System, and many more can be integrated very easily with uKnowva. Since all these useful apps can be accessed from a single location, employee connectivity and productivity increases. This streamlines and improves the processes in an organization and increases its output without having to increase the input, viz., the number of employees. All this in turn automatically push the production-possibility frontier of that organization further.

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