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The role of recruiters is going to reshape and redefine itself as we enter 2024 with the confluence of AI and talent acquisition. From the various online studies, I can tell you that the role of recruiters is going to be more strategic and proactive. They need to become the enablers of an organisation to bring on the best talent at predefined rates or budgets. 

Recruiters in 2024 need to pull up their socks and level up their game in scouting favourable talent. They have to tap into uncharted paths and carve a learning curve for themselves. The world is going to be more non-linear, and so will the expectations of a candidate. 

So, the recruiter of tomorrow has to prepare to take on diverse roles today. Let’s discuss those in more detail to be better at acquiring world-class talent despite skill gaps, talent wars, greater recession, and resignation. 

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What role of recruiters in 2024 is most likely to become mandatory?

  • Carving a business-oriented mindset. 

Recruiters have to have a business-oriented mindset when they are hiring someone. They have to look for talent in the most budgeted manner, with a vision that the selected candidate must continue to add value to the organisation. 

For that, recruiters need to become more visionaries. They need to free up their time for genuine efforts and building a strategic mindset. Once they analyse what type of talent they want to acquire, manage, develop, and engage with, their role as a recruiter will multiply. 

They will become enablers of long-term business profit if they successfully hire the right person at the right time, from the best source possible, and without losing out on the budgets. 

  • Becoming more empathetic to candidates. 

The role of recruiters has to be more empathetic. They need to be smart enough to analyse the interaction and engagement of the candidate. For that, they also need to depend on the analysis at the backend. 

From there, they draw inferences as to whether the candidate is eager to join the firm. If not, the recruiter can find better candidates in no time if they have the integrated job portal and candidate pool. 

We provide all these features when you implement uKnowva to smarten up as a recruiter. 

  • A linchpin to the successful talent acquisition outcomes. 

Talent acquisition experts can now acquire talent literally from any corner of the globe. It makes the job harder to scout the talent fit for the company culture and long-term vision. 

However, recruiters have to become the linchpins and go the extra mile. They have to learn new skill sets like transferable skills, allowing them the power to acquire and attract top-class talent shortly. 

However, they get time only to attract the best talent when they automate their redundant activities. uKnowva helps them automate the workflow with specific and required logic and algorithms. 

We have a configurable and customisable module that can automate 100+ modules for the HR or the recruiter. 

Once they start implementing that, they can formulate strategies to attract talent from any corner of the world. 

  • Ambassadors of good talent, culture, and work. 

Recruiters need to promote the employer or the organisation as the top choice of candidates. They must clearly understand the hiring, employee, and culture policies. They have to become the culture police as well in the long run to promote the culture that everyone favours. 

At the same time, they have to raise their own expectations to attract the best talent at justifiable cost to the company. They have to build a rapport with the candidate not once but twice or even further, if need be. 

Recruiters need to act smart to keep in touch with the potential talent, even if they are not selected after the interview loop at once. They can continue to engage with their candidates by sending follow-up emails directly from the recruitment engine or the ATS by uKnowva. 

It empowers recruiters of this age and time to incorporate branding in emails while engaging with external stakeholders like top-notch candidates.

Plus, recruiters can easily schedule and automate these emails to send them out at a particular time. They will focus on purposeful tasks that way and extract better outcomes from their initiatives to do smart work in less time for greater business impact. 

  • Trend-spotters like never before. 

The job market is volatile and incomprehensible as ever. So one of the new roles of recruiters is going to be a trend spotter. They have to know what type of talent is coming of age in the market. 

Otherwise, they have to do constant research about different job positions. For that, they must indulge themselves in regular sessions and interviews with seasoned professionals and freshers. They will get more insights directly from job seekers and job providers. 

There is a very good chance for such recruiters to open a content channel and portal of their own in 2024 to get as many collaborations as possible from both ends. 

  • Be mentors for the candidates unaware of their skill sets. 

Recruiters can read their company's analytical data using our portal when implemented thoroughly. They can create a checklist of the top-notch skill sets required by the requisition managers, the new skills their existing employees are learning, and the skill sets generated from AI tools like AI Suggest

This in-depth research and data analysis enables them to mentor deserving candidates to reskill and upskill themselves. They can stay in touch with the underperforming candidate and mentor them to learn new skills and reapply for the position after certain months. 

They can keep informing the candidate about the latest job opportunities through automated emails by leveraging the ATS. 

  • Data-driven decision makers for hiring talent effectively.

Recruiters have to become the masters of data-driven decision-making to acquire the best talent. The live and real-time data shows them past trends and recommends suggestions for hiring in the future. 

This analytical dashboard is fully configurable and customisable as per the changing business and organisational norms. 

So, the role of recruiters in 2024 will be to stay ahead of their current competition in the market as a job provider. They have to come across as the best person to be in touch with by providing exceptional experiences and insights. 

That is possible when recruiters leverage the given data and make inferences on the move. They can become strategic partners to CHROs, CEOs, CPOs, and CFOs. Their recommendations on adjusting the budget would be justifiable if their inferences are backed with the data-driven insights. 

  • Freedom fighters at work, conquering acquisition battles with automation. 

The most prominent role of recruiters in 2024 is going to be the fighter at work to welcome automation like a pro. They need to be freer, more human, and more agile in terms of bringing automation and AI at the centre of talent acquisition approaches. 

It is fairly possible with tools like HR chatbots, AI Suggest, and CV Parser. They reduce the workload by 2 to 10 times at least by using these tools and integrating these into their workflows when the hiring drive goes live. 


Find the list of 8 role of recruiters that you will see taking a shape in the future. To be ready for this kind of future and come across as the best recruiter for your firm, implement uKnowva now. 

Contact us here to know more. 


Q: What skills are recruiters prioritising to stay effective in their role this year?

A: Recruiters are honing skills such as data analysis, digital literacy, and interpersonal communication. Additionally, they are developing a deep understanding of industry trends and the evolving job market to make informed decisions.

Q: How are recruiters leveraging social media in 2024 for talent acquisition?

A: Recruiters are utilising social media platforms not only for posting job openings but also for proactive sourcing, building talent communities, and showcasing the company culture. Social media has become a powerful tool for employer branding and candidate engagement.

Q: In what ways are recruiters adapting to the remote work trend in 2024?

A: Recruiters are embracing virtual hiring processes, using video interviews and collaborative online platforms. They are also placing emphasis on assessing candidates for remote work skills and adaptability to ensure successful integration into remote teams.

Q: How does the recruiter's role contribute to employer branding strategies?

A: Recruiters are actively involved in shaping and promoting employer branding. They highlight the company's values, culture, and opportunities, creating a positive image that attracts top talent and retains existing employees.

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