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The future of recruitment will be skills-based and more strategic in nature in 2024. According to various online reports, 44% of workers will be going through a drastic change in their skills in the next five years. In the middle of this talent upskilling revolution in a highly competitive and tight budget market, it’s important for recruiters to prepare for recruitment in 2024 with a forward-thinking approach. They need to be adept, be more empathetic, and use the right HRMS software like uKnowva, to make data-driven hiring decisions. 

If you’re a recruiter, your time is here and now to become a strategic leader in the year ahead. Follow the steps to prepare your recruitment plan for the next year with all the smarts, digital literacy, emotional intelligence, and valuable connections on the move. 

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What are the AI and EI driven steps to prepare for recruitment in 2024?

Focus on providing positive and proactive candidate experience

Deliver exponentially well CX to your candidates in 2024 by:

  • Smoother communication
  • Automated calendar scheduling
  • Prompt follow-up and feedback

Candidates who receive faster replies build better relationships with the organisation that is hiring. So, here, the role of the recruiter to be prompt, proactive, and empathetic comes into the picture. 

Providing a seamless candidate experience will also help recruiters to add new and positive brand positioning for the company they work for. 

Prioritise skills over degrees

To prepare for recruitment in 2024, recruiters need to think ahead and move from role-based hiring to skills-based hiring. To do so:

  • Use AI Suggest to generate a skills checklist for your next hire.
  • Check if the candidate is reskilling and upskilling regularly. 
  • Be a better matchmaker by using CV Parser to equate skills with employer expectations.

Now is the trend for high-performing and highly skilled labour and workforce to be at the top of their game. So recruiters can’t stay behind. They have to level up their strategies to score the right talent for the firm in less time, with minimum manual efforts, and improve the ROI in the long run for hiring the best talent in a competitive market. 

More of the focus must be to build a rapport with the candidate. When recruiters do so, candidates open up more. They can candidly confess about their talent and skills, which might be of use to the current and future growth of the firm. That’s how recruiters will need to put skills over degrees. 

Dive deeper into data-driven decision-making approaches

Making informed decisions was the norm of yesteryear. In 2024, recruiters have to make their hiring more precise, specific, and future-proof. For that, they need to be aware of the latest hiring trends and delve into predictive and prescriptive insights about their candidates and new hires. 

They can do so and leverage real-time insights while using recruitment analytics in the analytical engine of uKnowva. Furthermore, they need to:

  • Understand the candidate's persona and personality. 
  • Get the basics of tactical metrics right from the get-go. 
  • Develop an executable candidate’s talent strategy.

By making a checklist of insights and predicting the talent the employer will require in the future, recruiters are more agile. They can start hunting for the talent beforehand and not panic when the hiring goes live. 

With such a strategic and proactive approach to hiring, they save on hiring and scouring costs. In fact, they can leverage the manpower planning we provide to set the budgets for hiring new talent in the year ahead and then connect regularly with the requisition managers to know what kind of talent they will be hiring in the next financial year. 

Welcome AI hiring to optimise recruitment processes

2023 has taught every HR leader, including recruiters, to welcome and embrace the mechanism of artificial intelligence in the HR department. Recruitment is not left behind either. In fact, in 2024, recruiting without the use of AI tools will seem impossible for the following reasons:

  • It fastens the process by 10 to 20 times.
  • It removes gender or other kinds of bias from the process. 
  • It frees time for recruiters to work on their strategic leadership skills. 
  • It will simplify your daily staffing or talent-hunting, scouting, and interviewing tasks. 

Recruiters need to create and manage high-tech and high-touch candidates and employee pipelines in 2024. Welcoming AI in the process allows recruiters to increase the pipelines and be better at matching candidates with employer expectations at any time. 

uKnowva, an end-to-end HR platform, has suitable tools for recruiters for the new age and world. It includes HR Chatbots, CV Parser, and AI Suggest. It will make recruiters heroes in their vertical for automating repetitive tasks and doing what matters the most to supercharge expected business outcomes and better at skills-based hiring capabilities. 

Engage with the candidate at various stages of recruitment

One of the most common practices has been to engage with high-performing candidates when hiring them for C-suite positions. This was never or seldom a practice for entry or middle-level positions. 

But the scenario is completely revamping now in 2024. According to an online survey on the famous professional network LinkedIn, recruiters now claim to engage proactively and positively with low, middle or fresh-level job seekers to create an ever-lasting impression on the new-gen workforce. 

This engagement with top-notch candidates helps recruiters to create a better funnel of the most qualified talent in the long run. 

Meet Gen-Z expectations proactively

Gen-Z workers are now entering the low-level or entry-level job market. They have certain expectations from the jobs they want to work for in India or in the future. 

The recruitment process now has to be automated. It must be easier to process, apply for, and access even on the mobile phone or other smart devices for the candidate. Engagement with the candidate to answer their questions and queries must be important and considered a high-priority task. 

Be a recruitment leader who thinks ahead of time

To prepare for recruitment in 2024, recruiters need to excel in the above stated strategies. uKnowva helps them stay ahead of the competition and the curve. So follow those steps and be the best at hiring, retaining, and maintaining the best relationship with your candidate at all stages of the recruitment next year. 

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FAQs on preparing for recruitment next year

Q: When should we start planning for recruitment next year?

A: It's advisable to begin recruitment planning at least 3-6 months in advance to ensure a strategic and well-prepared hiring process.

Q: How can we enhance our employer brand to attract top talent in the next recruitment cycle?

A: Focus on showcasing your company culture, values, and employee success stories through various platforms to build a strong and attractive employer brand.

Q: Are there any emerging trends or technologies in recruitment that we should be aware of for the upcoming year?

A: Stay updated on industry trends, such as AI-driven recruitment tools, virtual hiring events, and innovative candidate assessment methods, to stay ahead in the competitive talent market.

Q: What steps can we take to streamline and improve our recruitment process in the coming year?

A: Evaluate your current recruitment workflow, identify bottlenecks, and explore opportunities to incorporate automation and technology for a more efficient and candidate-friendly experience.

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