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The impact of payroll errors is often an increase in employee turnover. This is the worst-case scenario HR teams should prevent. At the same time, retaining an employee is also a continuous effort. But that does not mean payroll mistakes should not be looked after.

HRs must have an HRMS system that allows them freedom from their daily HR tasks. Employees also enjoy their home-life flexibility when their salaries are on time. 

Otherwise, many case studies conclude: the impact of payroll errors is as negative as your outperforming employee wanting to quit. 

In reality, HR teams are not aware of other dire consequences, as demotivating as employees leaving your firm. But you can read about them in detail below. 

Note: you can resolve possible payroll horrors with a uKnowva payroll management software in your HR department. 

The Impact of Payroll Errors on Employees & the Company in 5 Troublesome Ways:

1. Financial difficulty:

The first impact of payroll errors is none other than financial difficulty or disability. Employees work at your firm for monetary purposes, keeping other factors constant. If your firm delays or errors in payroll generation, employees won’t get their salaries on time. 

Delays in salaries mean non-payment of their EMIs, other personal life commitments, and unfulfillment of their dreams. 

On the flip side, delays or errors in salaries are a complete payroll horror for the firm. It can end up underpaying or overpaying its dedicated employees. It would lead to imbalances in the company’s financial statements.

Even the finance department wouldn’t be able to resolve the issues without a reliable payroll management system. 

When these errors are continuous, companies feel the compulsion to lay off or wind up the affected business unit. It’s all due to either non-functioning or non-optimised financial stability.

2. Higher employee turnover rate:

The Workforce Institute ran a survey around payroll errors and their impact on employees. It found that:

  • 49% employees look for new jobs after two sequential payroll errors.
  • 24% employees decide to leave and look for a new job after the first payroll error.
  • Permanent or on payroll employees would switch more than freelancers after payroll errors.
  • Even employed parents will look for a new job if there is any payroll error in the organisation. 

These statistical numbers only depict employee turnover rate hikes as the first impact of the payroll errors. 

That means companies cannot take mistakes in salary generation or payroll lightly. They only end up losing their fit and high-performing employees. 

After all, employees have their own home-life financial commitments. Companies are their only right and stable source of income. If that falters, they are compelled to look for another company with better and stable pay.

3. Mass exit from the firm:

This impact is strongly related to the previous one. At times, companies can afford the loss of an employee or two. But the mass exit is a crisis. It’s the ultimate doom for the firm. And with continuous payroll errors, that is bound to happen. 

To avoid this mess, HRs must start using an HR management system they can depend on. 

Such a tool like uKnowva’s automated payroll system streamlines salary slip generation. It’s integrated with registered employees’ data. Therefore, there’s no chance of human neglect, bias, or manipulation. 

Companies might face the mass exit without automated software to rectify and prevent payroll horrors. This will ruin their operational and financial stability. 

The overall impact would make new hiring challenging for HRs. Hiring a talent pool of workforce in bulk at once is not easy. It takes time, cost, analytical, and technical skill set. That is why the right tech tools must be available from day one to the last in the firm. 

4. Bad internal reputation:

HRs have to maintain a reputation: both externally and internally. Employees are the most important internal stakeholders for a firm. 

They become loyalists, brand ambassadors, and evangelists for the outsiders. But that happens in due time. They have to receive an exceptional experience from the firm first. 

However, payroll mistakes here lead to a bad and even worse internal reputation. If one or two employees don’t get paid on time, others are still observing this behaviour. So employees will start talking about it internally with their informal groups. 

That would create anxiety, tension, and worry amongst the remaining employees about their monthly payments. Eventually, if payroll errors occur more often, employees lose trust in HR and the overall company policy. 

Once that impression is created, employees start to:

  • Switch to other firms,
  • Leave bad reviews on the business listing websites, and 
  • Prohibit themselves from recommending the company to their social circle for new hiring.

5. Waste of time and other resources in inquiries:

The HR teams responsible for payroll and salary roll-outs will have to audit the errors. They will invest more time and ask around for documentation. It will only waste every other employee’s time and effort. 

If more than necessary time and effort are given to audits and unnecessary inquiries for payroll, remaining projects get delayed. This could lead to a bad reputation with clients. And then, it could impact another appraisal cycle of the employee. 

The entire regularisation cycle only wastes the time and effort needed for another cycle of new employee deliverables. 

This could also frustrate employees at one point. They will have to go back to their previous months’ emails, projects, and timesheets. That is quite a tedious task without HR management software used by the firm.

Eventually, the pre-defined productivity levels slow down because of this inquiry to justify/rectify payroll errors. 


The impact of payroll errors is like the worst nightmare for an HR team. Both employees and the company get impacted adversely. From the five pain points discussed above, it’s clear how important it is for payroll to be accurate. 

There could be many more impacts of a payroll error, as previously stated in the introduction. This depends on the company’s situation at the moment. In any case, HR and their teams must learn to rectify it first and then prevent it later. 

Using uKnowva could be helpful for streamlining the payroll and expenses system in your firm. 

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