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Constantly evolving and innovating is one of the core parts of HR leaders and decision-makers. They need to stay ahead of the curve and win over the competition to close the widening talent gap. They bring onboard the best talent and resources from across regions at the best rate possible. All that and more happens within organisations when HR leaders have an on topmost and successful HR innovations. They know what the user, employee, and other stakeholders expect when they connect to the firm. 

This exercise also helps them in making the right and on-time decision to go paperless with their daily administrative work and invite automation as many times as possible with ethical use and purpose. 

If you’re one of those HR leaders, the next year is sure to excite you with superfast, automotive, and EI-engineered tools and innovations. Read the post and get the knowledge on the same to share along. 

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What are the top 5 HR Innovations HR Leaders Must Keep an Eye on in 2024?

  • Artificial intelligence in preboarding and onboarding 

One of the HR innovation to excite HR leaders more than ever is the emergence of AI technologies in the preboarding and onboarding stages of welcoming a new talent. Most of the recruiters waste their time in endless follow-ups with their potential candidates. 

With workflow automation, they can send automated reminders, follow-up emails, and a link to preboarding to the candidate once they approve of the offer letter. 

Similarly, they can use technologies like AI Suggest and CV Parser, offered by uKnowva. With these technologies combined, recruiters can save 100s of hours of productivity and get it done within minutes. 

Using these tools, they can easily generate job descriptions, interview assessment questions, and skill sets within seconds for various job roles. 

Using a CV Parser is also useful to shortlist the CVs based on keywords and key phrases that the requisition manager is already looking for. 

It makes the job easier for the recruiter to look for the right kind of candidate to fit the culture and the job role. 

  • Retain and retrain your top talent

Another one of the top-notch human resource innovations is to know when and how to retain and retrain the top talent. Talent managers are now beginning to give importance to retaining talent more than ever in the face of a talent war at the global level. 

Employers prefer to reskill and retrain the best talent in their pool instead of replacing it with a newer one, which will obviously be a costly alternative. 

To retain and train your talent, as a reporting and talent manager, you have to work closely on the performance management module. It will give you enough data on which employee is giving you expected and delightful results on time.

Combine this module with eLMS, and you will get to retrain their skills without having to switch the app when you do uKnowva. 

  • Building a more human-centric culture

We know that artificial intelligence is making its way into HR without a doubt. Almost every recruiter is now ready to use AI tools to make their daily task of hunting for top talent easier and more automated. 

But we need to pause and realise that human resources must always be human-centric. Newer and emerging technologies can always augment our work, and yet, humans will always win over when they know how to leverage modern tech to garner better results. 

So, one of the latest innovations is to build a human-centric culture. HR managers and leaders will focus on building teams that connect well to bring better output in a shorter period. 

They will be ready to invest their time in team-bonding activities, more meet-ups, events, polls, surveys, etc. Our intranet lets you do most of that in a swipe or a click, making the connection and collaboration easier for every user on the portal. 

  • Drive purpose-driven organisations

Year 2024 will force you to be more clear on what, why, and how you will be working in an organisation. It will surely focus on making the culture and organisation more purposeful.

Cohesive, cohorts, and community-based activities will have more importance over a period. These activities solve human-centric approaches to make the HR wing more people-oriented and ensure to connect with individuals at all levels. 

With cohorts and communities within the organisation, individuals do not feel isolated, even in remote locations. They know why they are showing up at work every day and what kind of contributions they will be expected to make or deliver at the end of the day. 

Having a unified social intranet helps to deliver these experiences to the staff. They can connect, talk, discuss, and open a dialogue to know what is their contribution, career growth, and experience till now in the team or the organisation. 

Employers and recruiters will have to open these dialogues most often in the years ahead. That’s one of the smartest ways to refine the culture and the purpose of each individual they are hiring and retaining over a period. 

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  • Addressing stressed-out employees more often

Another one of the amazing HR innovations to watch over and excite decision-makers of an organisation include finding out who is sad, unhappy, burnout, and stressed out in the team. 

HRs and reporting managers have this onus. Without finding out where the problem lies, they cannot refine the culture further. 

Employees are often shy, especially if they are new and introverted. They need a helping hand to solve their daily troubles or any misconduct. 

That’s when the Happiness Meter and the Suggestion Boxes come into play. We can offer those to our clients easily with the complete suite. Using the meter, employees record their own happy, sad, tired, or bored mood at every punch-in or punch-out. 

The analytics at the background run the trend regularly to know which employee is mostly stressed out, on the brink of it, or already facing multiple emotional imbalances during work hours. 

Finding these trends helps HR leaders to be more empathetic and understanding to their staff. They talk to them directly or let the reporting managers know to coach and mentor the individual well for their progress and career growth. 

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We hope you get excited about solving the HR woes with the upcoming HR innovations and trends in 2024. You can implement uKnowva and tackle all the new HR challenges like a pro. In fact, we streamline all daily HR Ops and tasks so you can welcome more innovations in your business to scale it better in the face of uncertainty. 

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Q: How does AI benefit preboarding and onboarding?

AI streamlines paperwork and ensures a smoother integration of new hires. It automates repetitive tasks, allowing HR to focus on personalised onboarding experiences.

Q: Why is a human-centric culture important in HR?

A human-centric culture prioritises employee well-being, satisfaction, and inclusivity, leading to increased productivity and a positive work environment.

Q: How can HR foster a purpose-driven organisation?

HR can align business goals with a higher purpose, communicate a clear mission, and engage employees in purpose-driven initiatives to create a purpose-driven organisation

Q: Why is addressing employee stress crucial for HR?

Addressing employee stress is essential for maintaining a healthy work environment, preventing burnout, and ensuring long-term employee well-being.

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