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Before you adopt your business into social platform, planning must be there and plays a huge part in the process. In fact, it would be like any other new aspect for the infrastructure of the company? Of course, a lot of it depends on the nature of industry you are dealing with and what works best for you, but when it comes to reaching vendors there are some features you must ask your supplier if they can provide you with.

How open will be the distribution model? Can all the employees of your organization access and add to this social intranet. No matter what rank they hold, they must be capable of contributing so that they can have their voice and value in the company. Social intranet are just social and thus, everyone has the right to contribute, at least, a little bit.

Document Collaboration and Storage

It is the vital part of any social intranet and the workers must be able to access these documents, collaborate with the colleagues just to obtain greater production. Employees must be able to work on multiple projects simultaneously while streamlining the storage of all documents, presentations and related material in one place, rather than being scattered around in different directions and workstations.

Shareable Knowledge

This one forms an essential part of social intranet and could be in the form of wiki, forum or simply knowledge based. You can add to your knowledge and help to spark a debate or discussion, thus bringing fresh ideas to the table. Likewise, it will help the workers to find who has knowledge that might be needed to bring to a project, accurate work and making for better productivity.

Two Way Conversation

Just like any other social media platform, social intranet too, need to be a two way communication in order to be successful. Of course, this can also be done through forums but the power that workers feel when they can comment and provide feedback is essential and crucial for the success of the project. It also helps to bring out of the box ideas.

Employee Profiles

Indeed one of the most important aspects in order to raise the productivity and ensure proper value to your employees is to keep their profiles. It serves as an opportunity to get to know others that they are invaluable and take that stuffy corporate feel that regular offices deal with. Just like in consumer social, people who walk past each other in same building daily will build a relationship with each other, even if it’s virtual in the beginning.

We hope these features and benefits will let you assess the importance of social intranet for your business. Making a choice sounds easier until the final decision is made. Keep this list handy before you purchase or get yours one.

uKnowva is a 360-degree solution for your everyday business requirements like people management, customer servicing, invoicing and corporate collaboration. Built keeping mobility in mind.

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