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CHRO’s role has been much in demand over the past three years. The changes that the COVID-19 pandemic brought led to great resignation and a looming recession. HRs now have a new responsibility to perform to look out for the chief human resource officer (CHRO). First-time CHRO has been tasked with overcoming an increasing set of unprecedented challenges. In 2023, these challenges will be no different; both HRs and CHROs will continue to manage workforce disruption. 

CHRO is needed to improve the overall employee experience, thus retention, by helping a diverse workforce to build a positive work culture that enables all employees to find meaning and interest in their work. 

HRs and CHROs need innovative and great HRMS software to help them in overcoming the challenges. Let’s see what main challenges they encounter and what main roles they have to adapt in the way of success.

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Top 4 Challenges to Face by a First-time CHRO

CHRO Challenge 1: Make remote work work

The pandemic brings a new form of working style that no one has thought was possible. Remote working is here going in full swing, whether fully or in hybrid mode. Organisations are changing their working style and opting for technologies to make remote working possible. 

But the challenges remain after all the things are done carefully. CHROs need to be extremely active as they have to keep their eye on every activity of remote workers. They also have to make sure that everyone remains connected.

CHRO Challenge 2: Developing a productive workforce

The work-from-home (remote employees) and hybrid work models are gaining popularity as the years go by. Employees now want a work-life balance and flexibility in their job roles so that they can perform both personal and professional jobs productively. 

In earlier times, due to increasing workload, employees were facing many mental and physical problems that caused ill health and anxiety, depression, and bad health that lowered productivity. 

This comes up as the next big challenge to CHRO to monitor employees’ productivity and maintain the work culture.

CHRO Challenge 3: Revamping HR systems and processes

Advancements and improvements in technologies go hand in hand. Software that we use today to make our work easier is not fully used as everyone can’t access its complex features. 

Before the pandemic, most of the work was done manually; thus, technology was only used by authorities and HRs. 

Now as the workload has increased and the HRs have many things on their list, they need all their workforce to be tech friendly so that they can be monitored and evaluated easily. 

Employees miss their training sessions at times. Then, there is software that can only run on desktops or laptops. Companies can’t provide so many systems for working from home. 

For this, you need a smart and innovative HRMS that is mobile-friendly and easy to use, making your workforce easily friendly with it. For instance, uKnowva HRMS software makes your mundane tasks automated. Because of this tool, HRs easily sort their work-life balance within minutes.

CHRO Challenge 4: Diversity and inclusion issues

There has always been a long debate on diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace. Many of us have also felt it at some point of time in our working careers. Disproportionated opportunities have been given to women and minorities that, affected the working culture and sometimes productivity too. 

CHROs have to make sure that while evaluating talent and tech-powered solutions, there should be no biases. 

Employees must get selected based on their skill sets and talent rather than their colour, caste, creed, language, and other things.

Top 3 Roles to Adapt by a First-time CHRO

  1. Guides company culture

For this, HRs cum CHRO have to define and develop company culture for the workforce, stakeholders, and executive leadership team. A good hold on employee engagement and productivity comes with equitable compensation packages, defined career paths, and diversity in hiring practices plays a crucial role in human resources functioning.

  1. Establishes credibility

When you deliver opportunities to the employees within the organisation, they become satisfied and happy. It brings more credibility and gets counted by top authorities. CHROs are ready to suggest new and bold ideas. They take the risk, and it demonstrates courage and true leadership qualities. 

Your decision-making power plays a key role here as a first-time CHRO. 

Choose your clients wisely and build strong relationships with them. Your effective leadership skills as an HR help in the establishment of credibility regularly.

  1. Overviews talent recruitment and retention

It is also one of the major cornerstones for HRs and first-time CHROs roles. A well-planned and built strategy is outlined on how to recruit, hire, retain, and develop employees. 

Innovative talent strategies are needed to offer equal opportunities to all employees. To identify the potential leader’s strategy like, succession planning, employee training initiatives, and career development programs are needed.


In the bottom line, HR leaders have to analyse historical data and have to use advanced technologies to enhance the overall productivity of the organisation. With great vision, strategy, and insights, a first-time CHRO gets to serve a talented workforce in the future. uKnowva HRMS helps such CHROs lead the charge in building the organisations of tomorrow.

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What is considered the top CHRO challenge for 2023?

The top CHRO challenge for 2023 is effectively managing a hybrid workforce, balancing the needs and expectations of both remote and in-person employees. This involves fostering collaboration, maintaining employee engagement, and implementing flexible policies and technology to support a seamless work environment.

How does HRMS help CHROs in the whole journey?

HRMS helps CHROs throughout their journey by providing streamlined processes for managing employee data, automating HR tasks, generating insightful analytics, facilitating talent acquisition and management, promoting employee engagement, and ensuring compliance with regulations, ultimately enhancing HR efficiency and effectiveness.

What HR technology will be key to CHROs success in 2023?

The key HR technology for CHROs' success in 2023 will be advanced analytics and AI-powered tools. These technologies enable data-driven decision-making, predictive workforce planning, personalized employee experiences, automation of repetitive tasks, and the identification of emerging trends for strategic HR initiatives.

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