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Employee relations relate to the relationship between an employer and employee. The bonds between these two have to be strong and meaningful to reach the desired results. Today’s organisations are aiming to be agile, flexible, and quicker to decide and achieve milestones cohesively. However, good relations between employees and employers are not easy to maintain. There has to be constant nurturing that employers have to do with their top performers. Now that is possible with the involvement of human resource management software (HRMS), which acts as a smart and collaborative platform to foster meaningful connections. Thus, read the blog post ahead to know the top reasons why these employee relations are important for employers to pay attention to. 

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7 Reasons For Building Stronger Employee Relations At Every Level

Employee Engagement 

Employee engagement boosts when employees and employers share their opinions without hassle. They each have an opinion that defines their individuality. Yet, they come to a common ground with open communication and consistent action upon feedback which are measurable and valuable. 

So employee relations become crucial when we want to scale the engagement with the staff. 

“You must know what your staff is up to and what expectations they have with the organisation going forward. Simply setting KRAs or KPIs for your employees or teams is not enough. Good employers must catch up regularly with the team and individuals to know their experiences so far in the company. With constant open and purposeful communication, employee relations are surely to facilitate better engagement rates on any collaborative platform. Plus, it makes things easier for everyone when working on multiple projects and with diverse teams.”

-       Alan Roshan F (HR Generalist)

Alan Roshan is a dedicated Human Resources professional with a strong interest in recruitment & people, and culture. After completing his Master's with HR, he started his career as an HR IT Recruiter at SolarSys Innovations Pvt. Ltd, where he now is promoted to HR Generalist recently. He has a consistent passion for Talent Acquisition, Performance Appraisal, Training and Development, and others to be a valuable asset to the company. 

Employee Job Satisfaction

It is important to cultivate an honest relationship between employee and employer. When both parties interact regularly using collaborative tools like the social intranet, it makes their bond stronger. 

With a strong bond, employees have a higher level of satisfaction with work. They want to continue to work at the office or in the same job for long tenures. They feel that they can voice their opinion, and it gets acted upon on time. There is no greater satisfaction and source of continuous motivation at work than the feedback, which actually gets converted into action. 

Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is another reason to invest time in employee relations. The better these relations are, the more will be the productivity. When employees stay hyper-focused and use the right HR and AI tools like uKnowva human resource management software, they complete more work in less time. 

Business productivity increases organically when employees become self-reliant. That is one of the most crucial ways to nurture employees. So employers have to be there for their staff and maintain a level of trust, empathy, and coordination. 

Employee Experience

Workplace culture matters the most to new and existing employees. A firm may keep involving and onboarding new people. However, a culture has to be in place. Employees have to adhere to certain guidelines and behave in a generally accepted manner when they are working for the firm. 

To improve this culture and stretch the diversified norms, the employee and employer bond has to be seamless and full of honesty. This improves the overall experience of an employee. When an employee enjoys the best experience at a company, they can recommend the firm further. They are more likely to leave positive reviews on social sites and refer better talent to the firm. 

Also, using or integrating the uKnowva HRMS suite into your firm can be one example of giving a better and more intelligent experience to your employees. 

Employee Retention

When employee relations are strong, and everyone is putting continuous effort into the same, retention of the staff improves. They want to stay for more time in the company. They do not think of leaving when they have good relations and understanding with their colleagues, subordinates, seniors, and the ultimate employer. 

Trust With The Employee

Another factor to harp on is the mutual trust between employee and employer. It will only improve when employee relations are getting better each day. Now, how will that happen? 

For that, employers have to set a schedule to connect, coordinate, and collaborate with their team members. Without doing so, it seems challenging to understand each other’s point of view. 

With uKnowva human resource management software in India, this is no longer a challenge. In fact, there is no need for the employer to micromanage their teams. They can easily set up creative and measurable KRAs for them. Then, it is easy for the employer to know if the team is progressing on time with the performance management, timesheets, leaves, and attendance modules. 

Seamless Succession Planning

For a firm to go from good to great, employers need to create a team of loyalists, evangelists, and eventually their ambassadors. That only happens when they treat employees right from day one. It involves nurturing the right mindset of the new and existing employees. Giving them the right tools, services, and products to complete their work on time. There has to be an active involvement of AI-backed tools like uKnowva HRMS to automate daily work in a snap. 

With such activities, employees hook and engage with the tool and the firm culture. Once that starts to happen, they are in it for the long haul. That is when the employee-employer relationship has to mature and get better or more purposeful. 

At this point, employees need to constantly learn new skills and see what more value they can add to the culture. Similarly, employers have to provide them with the right incentives, feedback, bonuses, and appreciation. That way, they know which employee is worthy of better investments for the long term. 

The Bottom Line

We discussed the top 7 reasons to invest your time and other valuable resources into employee relations above. As an employer, or even a talent manager, it should be one of your core responsibilities to nurture the bond with the staff. If you are ever at a crossroad, refer to the blog post above. You will also realise the importance of smart and collaborative tools like the social intranet, we offer at uKnowva. This makes communication between employees and employers more engaging, business and project oriented – right from the first message!

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