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uKnowva is a powerful solution for organisations aiming to optimise their collaborative efforts. Our software has a social intranet that works as a collaborative networking tool and interface. It is also integrating with the core HR functions and features we provide to streamline the user’s journey from hire to retire. The employee collaboration at uKnowva elevates when you have the opportunity to share your ideas with your colleagues, despite the working locations or hours. Your team is always within your reach for suggestions, collaborations, and clearing out doubts to fasten the turnaround time and make it possible to deliver the tasks before deadlines. 

Ultimately, by leveraging its diverse features, companies can create an environment where employees collaborate efficiently, share ideas, and contribute to achieving common goals. Let’s read the power of employee collaboration at uKnowva from the blog copy below. 

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8 Ways To Make the Most of Employee Collaboration at uKnowva

Collaboration is the cornerstone of success in any organisation. With uKnowva's user-friendly interface and robust functionalities, you can elevate collaboration to new heights. Here are some effective strategies to maximise employee collaboration:


  • Embrace Thought Leadership Within Your Network


Post your thoughts on the social intranet with its publishing content feature. Let your peers and colleagues know what you think and what is going on in your mind. It allows the entire team and organisation to head and read your content. You can exercise thought leadership and post regular content in your domain and niche and wait for others to interact on the content with their individual likes and comments. It boosts employee engagement automatically because then people in your department or others will love to interact with you and leave their honest opinion on the post you shared. 

This post can be a text. Otherwise, you can post media like pictures, videos, or gifs. It makes the interaction with the other employees or the staff more lively while operating the intranet on your mobile, irrespective of your current location or working hour. 


  • Create Interesting Polls And Events For Seamless Interactions


Users can also create polls and events on the intranet to take individual and group interaction to the next level. There could be exciting polls related to soliciting suggestions on decisions to take collectively as a department or organisation. 

This strategy makes everyone valued with their votes and presence for the polls and events. Such activities boost and facilitate mutual connection and understanding in the culture. This is a feeling every new and existing employee craves at every stage of their employment.

This connection makes them feel connected to the overall well-being of the organisation and its culture. uKnowva’s social intranet helps bring people closer or together with interactive activities like polls and events, inviting a flow of enthusiasm and zeal within the culture. 

Employees will be waiting to see the results of the polls and check what’s to happen in the upcoming events. 


  • Celebrate Each Other’s Win Collectively


Our social intranet lets you know whose birthday or work anniversary it is today or in the coming days. Then, there are live announcements or notice boards to check what’s happening in the organisation's other departments. 

Users can leave other comments or private messages then for congratulating one another for their smaller wins in their work or personal lives. Such events become one or the other way to break the ice between employees and give them another chance to connect and catch up with each other to build rapport for creating more significant business impact in the times ahead. 


  • Leverage Real-Time Messaging


Utilise uKnowva's real-time messaging capabilities to facilitate instant communication. Whether a quick question or a brainstorming session, real-time messaging enhances collaboration by providing swift responses and reducing communication barriers.

Find who is online or active in the list of your colleagues on the intranet. It gives you the option to send them a private message instantly. The receiver gets an instant notification on their email and registered mobile number if they’re logged into the portal from their mobile. 

It makes communication and collaboration on the go swift and efficient. 


  • Encourage Knowledge Sharing


Create a culture of knowledge sharing by utilising uKnowva's knowledge management features. Employees can share valuable insights, resources, and best practices, fostering continuous learning and collaboration.


  • Foster Cross-Functional Collaboration


Break down silos and encourage cross-functional collaboration through uKnowva's versatile platform. Cross-departmental projects become more manageable, resulting in holistic solutions and innovative ideas.


  • Seek Feedback and Iteration


Utilise uKnowva's feedback mechanisms to gather insights from team members. Embrace iterative processes based on constructive feedback, leading to continuous improvements and enhanced collaboration.


  • Promote Open Dialogue


Create open channels for communication and idea sharing. uKnowva's discussion forums and chat groups enable employees to voice their opinions, contribute innovative ideas, and collectively solve challenges.


Enhancing employee collaboration is a pivotal step towards achieving organisational success. With uKnowva's versatile features, you can foster a collaborative culture that drives innovation, efficiency, and productivity. By embracing the strategies in this article, you can make the most of employee collaboration at uKnowva and propel your organisation towards excellence.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can uKnowva integrate with other collaboration tools we're already using?

A: Yes, uKnowva supports integrations with various third-party collaboration tools, enhancing your existing ecosystem.

Q: Can I customise uKnowva to match our company's branding?

A: Absolutely; uKnowva allows for extensive customisation, enabling you to align the platform with your brand's identity.

Q: What if some of our employees are not tech-savvy? Will they struggle with uKnowva?

A: uKnowva boasts an intuitive interface designed for users of all technical backgrounds, making it user-friendly for everyone.

Q: Is uKnowva's mobile app as feature-rich as the web version?

A: Yes, uKnowva's mobile app offers comprehensive features, ensuring seamless collaboration even while on the go.

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