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Choosing the best tools for teamwork solely depends on what your team is working on. But, while different teams may require different equipment, there are some common things to the framework of conducting any work that every team performs: communication, collaboration, project management, HR management, performance management, etc.

If looked into the HR marketplace, a wide spectrum of tools are available to serve these tasks. But why get into multiple individual software and tools when you can avail of all these features in a unified platform?

uKnowva HRMS features a generous amount of tools needed by HR heads and their teams to streamline their processes. Find the 7 best tools for teamwork for HR teams and their employees that can boost talent engagement at every step of the way.

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7 Best Tools for Teamwork Integrated in Our HRMS 


  • Social intranet for on-time collaboration


uKnowva's social intranet is a core feature of our HRMS software suite designed to improve overall employee engagement within a company by providing a central and interactive online space. 

Here's what features it offers:

Internal Communication: It functions as a private online space exclusively for employees within an organisation. Imagine it as your company's own corner of the internet for communication and collaboration.

Employee Engagement & Social Features: It fosters a sense of community by allowing employees to connect, share information, and interact through features like discussion forums, groups, polls and event creation.

Improved Collaboration: It facilitates teamwork through document sharing, polls, surveys, and group chats which can be private or open to specific teams.

Accessibility & Mobility: Employees can access the social intranet and its features even when working remotely or outside of regular work hours. This gives the flexibility for seamless communication and collaboration regardless of location.

Customisation: The platform can be tailored to fit the specific needs and branding of an organisation.


  • Timesheets module for accuracy on billable hours


uKnowva's timesheet module is designed to help businesses track employee work hours, improve project visibility, optimise resource allocation and improve overall efficiency. Here's a breakdown of its functionalities:

Tracks Productive Work Hours: This allows you to monitor the actual time employees spend working on tasks.

Billable Hour Tracking: Helps with accurate billing to clients by keeping track of time spent on projects.

Project & Task Management: Integrates with project management features to understand time allocation across different tasks within a project.

Reporting & Analysis: Generates reports to analyse employee performance and project profitability, and identify areas for improvement.

Automated Reminders: Sends out automated reminders to ensure timely submission of timesheets.

Mobile Access: Enables employees to submit timesheets and track their work hours on the go through the mobile app.


  • Mobile-enabled PMS for on-time appraisals


Our Performance Management System (PMS) is a comprehensive system designed to streamline performance evaluation, improve employee development, and support strategic workforce planning. 

It includes features like:

Conduct 360-degree reviews and provide feedback: This allows employees to receive performance feedback from colleagues, managers, subordinates, and even clients.

Set OKRs/KRAs and goals: OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and KRAs (Key Result Areas) help define performance expectations and track progress towards achieving them.

Utilise self and manager evaluation scorecards:  These scorecards provide a structured way to evaluate employee performance based on predefined metrics.

Facilitate succession planning: PMS can be used to identify high-potential employees and develop plans for their future career advancement within the organisation.

Mobile-enabled PMS: Like all the other features, the PMS is also accessible through a mobile application.


  • AI Suggest for seamless and AI-driven hiring processes


uKnowva HRMS includes AI capabilities for HR Management as well. Manually curating bespoke JDs for different job roles is a hectic process for HR during mass hiring drives. Leverage our AI Suggest tool to accelerate the JD creation process by creating templates for compelling and inclusive JDs in no time. The templates can be saved for future use and can be modified, in case of high-volume hiring for multiple job roles.


  • HR Calculator to check HR process maturity


uKnowva’s HR Calculator, designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises, is an HR process benchmarking tool that serves as a great mechanism to measure the maturity of the HR functions by aligning HR practices to business needs to improve performance and implement best practices.

The efficacy of your HR processes is highly dependent on the policies and the management teams. 

To understand how efficiently your organisation’s HR function is operating, it is important to analyse the tools and systems used for implementing the HR policies. 

HR calculators can be used to evaluate your organisation’s performance and transform HR and people management strategies.

The following functions are covered in the survey to evaluate your HR process :

- Employee attendance and leave tracking

- Employee Knowledge management

- Employee Grievances & Requests management

- Corporate Communication

- Employee Engagement & Collaboration

- Employee Payroll

- Employee performance management

- Employee Travel & reimbursements

- Employee data management


  • HR chatbots for resolving queries on time


Our HRMS software suite includes a chatbot named Ask uKnowva. This chatbot can answer various employee queries related to using the uKnowva platform, such as:

- How to generate a pay slip

- Where to find specific employee data

- How to configure employee codes

- How to upload content on the social intranet

Ask uKnowva reduces the burden on HR professionals by providing answers to common questions, allowing HR to focus on more complex issues, alongside, improving employee engagement by providing a convenient way to get answers to HR-related questions.


  • Project management system for transparency on assigned projects


The Project Management System by uKnowva helps streamline project execution by offering the following functionalities:

Track project time: Managers can monitor the time invested by employees on various projects, which helps with accurate billing and project evaluation.

Manage project teams:  Add, remove or configure team members for specific projects, including assigning them roles and permissions.

Facilitate communication: Enables smooth internal communication among project team members through direct messaging features.


With uKnowva HRMS, you can benefit from the best tools for teamwork to amplify each individual’s functioning and output efficiently in a cost-effective manner.

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FAQs on Best Tools for Teamwork:

  • Are HR tools easy to use?

The ease of use of the tools can vary depending on the specific tool and the user’s familiarity with it. 

Some HR tools offer a wide range of features and functionalities, which can be overwhelming for users, especially if they do not have experience with those features. 

However, uKnowva’s tools are designed to be user-friendly and are open to customisation, so that businesses can get the best-curated model for their workplace.

  • What type of HR tools must HRs use to enhance team coordination?

To enhance team coordination HRs can opt for tools like:

- project management software to organise tasks, assign responsibilities and track progress.

- an intranet for real-time engagement with the employees.

- conflict resolution and mediation tools for addressing and resolving disputes between team members, thereby improving team dynamics.

- DEI-optimised onboarding and offboarding systems unbiased hiring onboarding and offboarding processes.

  • What tools are the best for on-time performance evaluations?

One can leverage tools like performance dashboards, customer relationship management (CRM) software, employee monitoring systems, task automation tools, etc.

  • Can remote employees access and leverage these HR tools ethically?

Yes, remotely operating employees can access and leverage HR tools ethically as long as they adhere to company policies, guidelines, and applicable laws regarding data privacy and confidentiality.

  • What are the benefits of using HR tools enabled with AI and automation?

AI and automation-powered HR tools benefit HR professionals by optimising recruitment procedures by automating resume screening and matching candidates, boosting employee engagement through tailored feedback and personalised training suggestions, facilitating data-driven decision-making, and freeing up HR professionals from mundane administrative tasks, enabling them to concentrate on strategic endeavours.

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