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Every creature on earth has been created with a need to engage socially with like-minded peers; and your employees are no different. They spend the most important 9 hours of their day working for you and exhausting all their energies leaving none for post work social life. So why not help them meet their socializing needs while at office. Of course, without taking too much of their time or affecting the work.


Here are 5 ways you can engage your employees socially;

  1. Social intranet

    It’s the trendiest thing that most corporate are adapting currently. Social intranet refers to a private digital hangout for your employees. It is a space where they can interact with each other, share updates and photos, chat, or generally remain a spectator of what others are up to. Since this happens digitally the employees won’t even need to leave their desk and this also functions for big organizations which have multiple branches across multi-locations. What’s the better way to build your team without needing to make them travel?

  2. Instant messaging

    Who wouldn’t agree that emails are boring, lengthy and time consuming. Those precious minutes wasted framing each word of your email carefully can be so well utilized for other purposes. Smart companies have realized that and taken a switch on to instant messaging. Employees are provided internal instant messaging services which help them communicate fast and much more easily.

    For a mix of social intranet and instant messaging services try out

  3. Outbound training

    Seriously! No matter how pretty your office looks, it can get monotonous and depressing for your employees after sometime. Give them a break by taking them out and make your investment valuable by turning the break into a training or team building session. You can plan a one day or multi-day trip to a close by resort or hotel and plan activities. Employees from different departments should be grouped together to perform such activities to ensure a good team strength gets developed. A training session by an industry expert can be organized as a part of this trip.

  4. Polls and Opinion Sharing

    Employees feel values when their advice is taken into consideration. Ask them about their thoughts and choices by creating polls. Similarly, keep them updated about market insights and updates by an internal blog or knowledge sharing platform. This ensures that nobody gets left behind and everybody stays at the same page in terms of latest happenings.

    To use polls and create internal blogs, try our

  5. Celebrations at Work

    We Indians take our festivals seriously and love to celebrate them. Give your employees a taste of the festive season even at office. Decorate the office in the festive theme; keep festival related competitions or dress codes, for some special occasions arrange a buffet lunch for the team, etc. Implement these changes and see how the rate of people taking leaves during festivals comes down.

Although socially engaging employees is not the keenest interest of many employers, it has been proved that employees with such social benefits tend to perform better at work. These small factors help improve the overall culture and turn boring workplace into an interesting space for employees.

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